Published on March 10, 2024


Are you looking for a texture that allows you to modify your sidebar if yes, you are in the right place with this package you will be able to modify your score as much as possible both graphically and as components, if you are interested click here,this system makes the most of titleraw.

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  • Add New Logo icon
  • Fix file hud_screen and scoreboards
  • Update user guide with titleraw command
  • Fix minor errors
  • Fix manifest


Installation Guides

hi where can i find other border colors for the scoreboard because it yellow now and i want it a other color
what does it do? like what is modify your sidebar and I'm only 12 so yea Idk what modify your sidebar is please tell me
for those who want to create a scoreboard using the titleraw command you can do it, just run the command with the text inside and add the scoreboard to the sidebar you will see the text there and you can also change the logo and background of the scoreboard
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