Small Bases

Small bases. A world depicting small buildings. From 5x5x5 to 2x2x2. You can use inspiration in your world. In the bases you will find all the necessary things that we managed to put in these bases.

The houses located on the flying islands are more transparent so you can see them from all sides. Even a portal can be found in the largest one.

The smallest base is only 2x2x2 blocks. It is really small, but you can find the most necessary things.

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New main lobby:

  • Lobby (The houses are located on flying islands)
  • Information (All information is now included in the book)



  • Small_Bases.mcworld (418.95 KB)

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I love it....thanks for making the map it gave me ideas on making a little base when I will be in survival mode!?

Keep it Up Mr.AOlekNowak
Love it ?? keep going hope you add more bases!
Thank you very much. A clear idea for new bases and I will improve this map!
Could I make a YT video about this map? I'd make sure to credit you in the video and the description.
I apologize for the delay and write back. I am very pleased of course!
Interesting. Come, you could put more things in this second base