Published on August 23, 2021

Snom Add-On V1.0.0

In The One Planet Of Pokemon...In the year 3000... Many pokemons and peaple passed away... There was a huge problem with legendaries... They were infected by the Team Rocket! There Is 50 peaple and 300 pokemons that still exist... The last 10 of them send all 300 pokemons to the other planet. A few starters to the mars, an bidoof to the moon of life... And the snoms to minecraft! This mod adds "Snom" to minecraft!

Welcome to the page of the "Snom Add-On"! 

Before downloading, please read the whole page :) there is many informations about this add-on!


To spawn a snom, go to your creative menu and go to the nature category, and then find him in the eggs!


Fun fact: a snom can auto-spawn in some winter biomes!


A Snom is a little worm-ice pokemon that looks like a marshmellow in an ice shell!

He is pretty slow... But that makes him very cute! 

And if you were a monster... And killed one of those marshmellows...

You get some ice and snowballs!



Before downloading, make sure your version of minecraft is 1.17 or higher, custom models don't work well in 1.16!

To download, just click the link below, and as soon as you download it, tap the file (and choose "minecraft" if your phone does not auto-open minecraft)


  • 9Snom_Addon_2V1_1629629164044.mcaddon (1.02 MB)

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Can u add Turkey Combat Helmet pls? 🇹🇷
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I love this mod it is so adorable! I have one question though, were you having the issue with mcpedl saying your mod is pending? If you did could you tell me how to solve it?
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If you made the model better, added a powder snow attack and sounds me and probably more people would download this! Keep up ze good work!
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Its all in addon maker, and if i port higher quality models then the model just glitches and shows snom's butt
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