Published on February 14, 2022 (Updated on February 25, 2022)

Spell Tomes

Adds spell tomes to the game, magic books that give you effects! The concept of this addon is pretty much inspired by Terraria's magic books you can obtain, but the books in this addon aren't THAT insane... yet.

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  • Fixed the texture of Tome of Haste
  • Changed name of Tome of Jump Boost to Tome of Leaping
  • Added recipe for Tome of Invisibility



  • Spell_Tomes.mcaddon (16.92 KB)

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hey just wondering im using education and once dowloading it i activated them but it said one or more deoendencys missing does it have any other downloads i need?
Yo dude, check your email, it's about our collaboration.
this is such a cool idea vanilla spells! simple yet still feels like minecraft you should make attack spells that can only be crafted using hard to get items, like a withering spell using the wither skull or wither rose. or lightning spell using a channeling channeling book
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does it use player jsaon file