Published on July 25, 2022 (Updated on July 21, 2022)

Spiked Bamboo (Bambu Runcing) | Trident

Bambu Runcing/Spiked bamboo is a weapon made of sharpened bamboo. This weapon was used by the Indonesian people as a tool to fight the invaders. Now spiked bamboo is in Minecraft bedrock, you just need to download this texture pack and install it in your minecraft!!This texture pack transforms a trident model into a bambu runcing/spiked trident. There are two variants of this texture pack, namely spiked bamboo with an Indonesian flag and one without an Indonesian flag. 

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bakal lebih keren lagi kalo bisa jadi item baru, bukan cuma mereplace texture.
Ada indonesia coy!.
Awokawokawok njir gue pernah bikin trident jadi bambu runcing pas banget modelnya kayak gitu
ha, iya kah?
temen gw minta gw buatin ginian wkwk:v