Published on October 20, 2022 (Updated on January 08, 2023)

๐Ÿ‘ป Spooky Adventure Map ๐ŸŽƒ

Spooky Adventure is a Halloween themed Minecraft bedrock map. Its a small but detailed adventure, where you can find many Jump scares like Ghosts, Pumpkins, Sweetskeletons, Goblins, Magmawizards and Gravestones. All of them a custom Mobs, Entities or Blocks. Explore the dark spooky Mansion and don't get caught by skeletons. Fight annoying Goblins, who defend the Mansion. Build a Bridge by finding Planks on the map. Solve exiting redstone puzzles. Graduate parkour and jump and run areas. Destroy Gravestones and more. Furthermore the game will be harder, because you can only see a few blocks. You had to equip a torch to see more! This map is intended for one player, but can also be played with a maximum of two players, but we recommend choosing the single player mode

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Bug Fix Update 1.0:

  • Fixed and Updated the execute commands for 1.19.51


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