Published on July 27, 2023 (Updated on July 30, 2023)

Stackable Potions (Compatible with 1.20)

This is a simple addon that allows you to change the stack size of potion items! This can be useful for PvP or normal Survival! All without adding custom items!

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None needed for now, will continue to support latest version of the game.



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  • Stackable_potions_64.mcpack (3.96 KB)

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Can you update to 1.21
Lots of bugs, other players in my lan network cant pickup use the potion. Then a lots of wierd is happening in my world after installing this mods
Please update bro ,🤦🏾 on phone all you have to do is click and get the stack but on Xbox when I try to add a potion I have drop and pick it up, and when I try to take half the amount it gets stuck and becomes a infinite potion use which sounds okay but pls fix the issue so it's not infinite and broken 👍
Its a buggy feature right now. There is nothing i can do to fix that. Blame mojang.
I don't know why it doesn't work on my realm. I have a lot of other addons too. All exp enable
Hey, this seems really cool. Although I think the "use_duration" is either too fast or not working. I tried to slow it down, even increasing it to 60, but it remained the same speed.
I timed it against the normal drinking duration and it was roughly half a second faster, (though I only tested it once to see if it was just the animation looking faster vs actually being faster).
Im pretty sure i fixed this issue, Ill go double check. Im pretty sure i mentioned the slightly faster times, as i couldn't get it exactly. Please dm me on discord (@xassassin.) If this is a major issue.
No download link
Where do we download?