Salutations fellow Humans, I have made another Add-on. This brings non-stackable Items and 16 stack items to a stack size of 64! Exciting am I right? The Items are listed below in the description with an image. 

Big Update! 

 Items that can stack to 64: All types of Potions, All types of Splash Potions, All types of Lingering Potions, All types of enchanted booksEnder Pearls, Eggs, Campfires(Idk how but they 3d and animated but I’m not complaining), All types of boats, Snowballs, All types of Signs, Honey Bottles, All types of horse armor, Saddles, All types of banners even custom ones as well!

update 1 and prob the final one lol: Potions, Splash Potions, Lingering Potions, and Enchanted Books are now stackable! I forgot crimson and warped signs and plus the stews! so I added them, enjoy!

WARNING:  Please don’t do this because it will use all of the books and u won’t be able to get them back. So just put 1 not a whole stack okay byeeeee

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Added Enchanted books and potions!(and some stew and signs i forgot about)


Supported Minecraft versions


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39 Responses

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  1. Guest-1517781289 says:

    plz make an update for 1.14 thanks

  2. Guest-2440516795 says:

    Thanks for replying 😊, and yes ican stack upto 64 but my friend (who joins my world), she can only stack upto 16, its working for me but not for her.

  3. SwirlC says:

    Make totems stack bruh

  4. Guest-3976372518 says:

    Hi, amazing mod, but when my friend joins my world she can’t use it to stack more than 16, any solutions?

    • KanadaEh says:

      Does that happen to you too or just ur friend?

      • Guest-5536944973 says:

        Thanks for replying 😊, and yes ican stack upto 64 but my friend (who joins my world), she can only stack upto 16, its working for me but not for her

        • Guest-1653645431 says:

          Also what i have observed is, when she is in my world, she cannot manually merge more than 16 in single stack, but if she has 2 stacks of 16 eggs in her inventory and if she drops 1 stack of 16 eggs, then when she picks them up again the two stacks will be combined in one stack of 32, this is the only way she can stack items more than 16, she cannot Manually merge 16 eggs with other 16 eggs.

  5. KanadaEh says:

    Hey guys i updated the addon go to the mcpecore link and that is the new version! make sure to delete the old one!

  6. Guest-9813213541 says:

    can you make potions stake please

    • Guest-2903298748 says:

      hey kanada here im updating it rn with potions and enchantments! if u want to get it early go to mcpecore because I will upload the files there first!

  7. Guest-4038475112 says:

    Amazing mod for survival and stuff thanks!

    (used the mcpecore link cuz i wanna support you)

  8. Guest-9716757873 says:

    top ten cursed thumbnails

  9. Guest-2965072213 says:

    Could you make a mod that can craft all items at once for android users cuz it’s so annoying crafting 1 by 1 when you need many of it

  10. Guest-6476604409 says:

    Will this Void/Null achievements? Also, will this work on Realms?

  11. Guest-6322756228 says:

    Could you make a mob trading card mod when you kill a mob you will cards

  12. Guest-5377799173 says:

    Can you make stacked potions?

  13. BenJamin9794 says:

    On Java Edition using server plugins I can make totems stack up to 127, and the work fine when stacked. (They cannot be stacked back together if the stack was broken though)

  14. Guest-3056599641 says:

    He literally has no idea lol.

  15. Faizhargaming07 says:


  16. Guest-3083385928 says:

    I think you should add potions if you can, but if not its still alright!

  17. _rickname_ says:

    i’m nore interested on how you got the campfire 3d? Is it 2d and it just looks 3d or it it for some strange reason 3d?

  18. Guest-2329634057 says:

    Could you make a mob trading card s like when you kill a mob you get the card of the

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