Published on August 07, 2023 (Updated on November 09, 2023)

Stay Alive 2 Demo [Survival Horror]

Stay Alive 2 Demo is a survival horror map in Resident Evil style! Waking up to the sounds of the door being kicked in, you realize that you are locked in a mansion with a lot of enemies who want to kill you. Your task is to get out of the mansion, can you get out? Demonstration of the gameplay of the future map Stay Alive 2!

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Update Stay Alive 2 Demo V1.0.3!

1. Remove LinkVertise :)


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The images looks great, I can't what to play & see it. Keep up the great work.
But i am glad such a good horror map is back
Why tf is insare's warfare in it 😂
Pretty fun map, pretty cool concept!