Published on January 01, 2024

Stoneford Metro System

This map is Stoneford Metro System. In this map, there is a railway underground. The entrance leads you to a transit station, Stoneford Connect. The railway itself have 2 routes. Stoneford Connect - Quillstone and Stoneford Connect - Spikestown. It took me 2 days to finish the map (thanks to structure block). This map is my hardest work yet, so I hope you enjoy and appreciate the map I made. This map has 3 Addons from Akihiro Akagi, the Tokyo Metro 6000 series design,  its behaviour pack, and the railway structure. If the Addons isn't there, download the addons from the Addons app.

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-Replaced signal poles made out of wools into real-looking signal poles.



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