Strider Mob Minecraft Nether Update Concept

This plugin is for the new mob that has been implemented, since if it becomes very uninteresting, it takes some time to do it, but here it is. If you want me to improve it or tell me something in the comments, also any errors or ideas, comment NOW! First I want to tell you that this addon has many curiosities, here are some images.

In the new version of this great add-on add

-Now the strider don’t kill the blaze

-Now the strider only kill the iron golem

-Strider now have feathers on their sides

-Baby strider have been added to Strider Minecraft Nether concept!

These Strider can also be tied, and will only attack you if you attack them

Here is a preview that you might like :), Well here you can see the Strider, but let me tell you something before, My concept does not put the fabrics on your head that is bad but I will try to fix it, if I soon solve it and is that if it’s a little difficult

Changelog View more

-Nueva descarga

-Textura strider optimizada

-Updated the strider

-Now the strider can be tempted by red mushrooms

-New Pack Dowload

-New mecanic

-Can now be tamed with red mushrooms

-New Strider Model!

-Updated texture Strider

-News strider baby

-Strider not kill blaze

-More mechanics and features in the strider

-Fixed strider bad generation

Thanks for play it!


Thanks for dowload


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta)

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29 Responses

2.21 / 5 (19 votes)
  1. Guest-4979753479 says:


  2. Guest-9356024573 says:

    To everyone rating it one star— have you ever tried making an addon? You don’t know the limitations that addon creators have, if you think this is bad then try making your own

  3. Guest-3217394342 says:

    This is just a pigman with big head, LOL!!!

  4. BlackPistolG says:

    My Minecraft game freezes on the loading screen after I enabled the Addon in my existing world!! Why?!?! 😠😠😠

  5. Guest-6634157074 says:

    It say’s tempted not tamed.

  6. Guest-5407198811 says:

    it would be interesting that when they come out of the lava it turns blue like in the snapshot

  7. LightningCraft_YT says:

    Hey why am I not on the striders head?
    It’s glitching can you fix it please

  8. Guest-8413238326 says:

    Y’all quit acting like little 5 year olds #1 it’s a concept addon #2 pocket edition is limited on what it can have implemented.

  9. Guest-4852169162 says:

    Striders aren’t neutral mobs…

  10. Guest-4878174557 says:

    its a waste of time because its only a texture back to turn the zombie pigmen back to its old texture

  11. Guest-7182216974 says:

    No point in getting this addon of the update are coming out soon. Also, WHERE IS THE STRIDERS HAIR???

  12. Guest-3366815013 says:

    this isn’t how striders work!

  13. Guest-4231249229 says:

    Thank you for make it. Can I make a Behavior Pack based on your modeling?

  14. Guest-1081935810 says:

    yo it’s so cool how every thing looks

  15. Where is the behaviors Pack?

  16. ThisJobYT says:

    Why does the download text say: ZombiePigm.mcpack? Literally two downloads says the same…? 😲😲

  17. Guest-4575863286 says:

    WHere is the rod of the strider and the lodestone and lodestone compaster. What kinda addon is this. I will gave it 1 star

  18. BoxCatMC says:

    What’s the point in making this if it’s coming out in a couple days?

  19. Guest-9977683237 says:

    It’s a early April fool’s joke I downloaded it it gave me A texture pack for the old zombie pigmen which I dont really like the old texture plus it didn’t make sense how pigs turned to hind legged pig zombies

    • GASTEDROT467 says:

      Yes, it’s silly but it took me a long time to find a suitable mob for foot animation and head animation, in addition to the feathers on its sides if they take a little time to be created, well, even so I implemented some how many improvements like being tamed by red mushrooms and whatnot

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