Suburban Neighborhood V1 (Creation)

The Suburban Neighborhood V1 Includes almost everything you need for a roleplay server, 45+ Houses, A highschool, restaurants, and many more! Every house has built landscapes with some trees and a front yard, but there is one downside, there are no interiors. Overall, I think that this map would be very fun and inspiring to others! (Note: This map is still in progress)


You have no authorization to create different links for this world, must use the original mediafire link! (this one) 

If you are making a video, make sure to give credit!

You must need permission to post on different links/websites. If so, contact me on email: [email protected] or on IG: @bollomcpe

Creator: BolloMC

The neighborhood from a upside-view

More pictures of the neighborhood/houses

Some restaurants to dine in

The school

The hospital and police station

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Changelog View more

•Removed link (since most of you didn’t like it)

•Fixed .zip link

•Fixed Link for .zip (The zip file link works now)


•Click on the .mcworld/.zip link

(After you will be redirected to the mediafire website)

•Click on download (Suburban Neighborhood V1)

•After that click on share and share it to mcpe addons/documents

•than click import/share again and click minecraft

(contact me if you need help)

IG: @bollomcpe

Email: [email protected]


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16

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26 Responses

5 / 5 (1 vote)
  1. Guest-5265035162 says:

    Can you add Wattersons house please?

  2. Guest-9694397469 says:

    1.14.60 is not supported 😐Why?

  3. Omenzy says:

    I think this map is great! can you please add backyard pools and more restaurants! thanks ❤️

    • BolloMC says:

      I will try my best to add what all you guys are requesting on my next update (suburban neighborhood v2)
      Adding more stores, restaurants, interiors, backayards, etc.

  4. Guest-7959065854 says:

    Cmon guys share this more he’s adding interiors at 1000 shares

  5. Guest-4577469611 says:

    It only says please allow to continue

    • Guest-1604580489 says:

      Hello, I would just like to say, when I click on either the .mcworld or the zip link it takes me to for those of you who don’t know what this is. It’s pretty much the CEO of scam. In the end I got the map downloaded, (amazing map!) But, when I was younger my auntie got scammed $1,500 dollars from fiahram. It pulls you in with the encouragement of using fraud sites like Spark. Don’t get pulled in by it. Also It’s one of the best maps I have every seen. It’s not to busy like the Chicago maps and it has everything a suburban town needs. Good work man! keep it up.

    • BolloMC says:

      Dm me on IG: @bollomcpe and I will send you download link 😉

    • Guest-6562063876 says:

      click dismiss than click skip than if it asks you the second time click allow. hope that helped you

  6. Guest-2097372249 says:

    Hi there I like the map and all but can you add Ikea? Love to see an Ikea on this map, and pls add small industrial buildings, BTW I love the map

    • BolloMC says:

      Hi! I am glad you like the map! I will try my best to add stores in my next update. (Ikea, Walmart, Target, etc.)
      And small industrial buildings sound like a good idea too! I will try my best to add these on my next update! (Suburban Neighborhood V2)

  7. Guest-8950753298 says:

    Worst map ever! Absolutely hate it… i could build a better map, WHY DIDNT YOU BUILD INTERIORS!! WHY POST WHEN ITS NOT COMPLETELY FINISHED!

    • BolloMC says:

      I am really really sorry to hear that sir… instead of hating why did you waste your time writing this. This is a FREE map! I don’t understand why you gotta hate on my content for no reason. And btw this map is in PROGRESS.

  8. Guest-5873764455 says:

    I love this map

  9. Guest-7432870157 says:

    This is Super cool map.
    Thx for amazing city bro

  10. Guest-9931007964 says:

    fix the link

  11. BolloMC says:

    1k shares and I will add interiors (and more)

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