Suenden-Hund’s Awful Anime Eyes Pack

Have you ever wanted your mobs to be more anime-ish? Well, I guess u/Suenden-Hund from Reddit did! With this resource pack (almost) all the mobs now have anime eyes! go have a battle with zombie-chan, or build a snow fortress with golem-san, or just put it on your realm and mess with your friends! 

I didn’t make this I just ported it from java edition, the real credit goes to u/Suenden-Hund (proof of permission here)

 So thanks bro!

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sorry, i forgot to add his permission in the screenshots


this should work for all versions, have fun! 


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29 Responses

4.64 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. Guest-6173100473 says:

    Thanks, i hate it

  2. Guest-6807562259 says:

    I would really like to use this texture pack but it says something about missing a zip file or something please fix this

  3. Nitro The Minecrafter Fox says:

    Hello Can You Add 1.16 mobs please

  4. Guest-7249921763 says:

    Can you fix it no longer works?!

  5. Guest-1884340795 says:

    i think something is wrong, i download the resource pack and it looks just fine, but there is an import fail in mcpe, also the mcpack is 0KB so i think the download link is broken or something, please help

  6. Alisu_Shimada says:

    This is the best disgusting texture pack I’ve ever came across on MCPEDL-

    “Best disgusting”, yes I know- It’s just too beautiful of a disgusting texture pack that I love-hate it so much XD

    Weebs approve this message

  7. senzawa says:

    Now this is epic

  8. Guest-3068139108 says:

    i installed it on my world with my friend and he got mad so it works.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I like so much this addon, but Fix the other textures, im waiting the update.

  10. loler says:

    sheep eyes are normak

  11. Yes, I know, some mobs don’t have anime eyes, textures were corrupt, I’ll add them soon!

  12. lizzie says:

    It works. And it is so much more cursed than I thought it was gonna be. 10/10

  13. Ye old Man says:

    Minecraft Daddy Edition

  14. A Minecraft Player says:

    *I fear no man, but the iron golem’s ahegao eyes… They scare me…

  15. A Minecraft Player says:

    I scare no man, but the iron golem’s ahegao eyes… They scare me…

  16. SmurfySameh says:

    Beautifully Cursed.
    Works perfectly fine
    And a NORMAL LINK ( 5 Stars for that part )

  17. The Spanish Inquisition says:

    I finally have a reason to kill those harmless animals

  18. RainCraftGamer says:

    Can u add Dio eye

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