Published on November 09, 2020 (Updated on November 15, 2023)

Super Smash Craft: Magic

Battle your friends in this versus arena. Choose between the lightning potion, telepearls, speed hook, grass killer, and many more. There's two maps to pick from so there's plenty of variety.

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  • Players will now die instantly upon entering the void
  • Added some small polish here and there.
  • Fixed a major bug caused by a recent minecraft update.
  • Fixed some other bugs, most of which are related to chaos mode.



  • SuperSmashCraftMagicUpdate3.mcworld (556.44 KB)

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This is a preeetttyyy sick map dude!
The idea is great and the execution of it is really getting there.
If you ever need help with making more arenas or more, just contact me.
I have many tools that could be used to turn his into one hell of a game :)
This would be cooler if you can recreate the knockback from smash bros on this map. More damage, more further you get sent flying.
I would love to add that, but at the moment it's not possible with commands. If it does become possible then I will definitely add it!
it's awesome I don't know people didn't see this
noice-its smashbros