Published on October 05, 2023 (Updated on January 27, 2024)


Ever wanted to build a ski resort? Bored of fake blocky cable cars that need thousands of command blocks to work and use a boring teleport command instead? Want to flex on your friends about the cool mountain base you built? Well you have come to the right place!

This is a mod that adds a cable car, an aerial tramway, ropeway, cableway..... It has a capacity of 8 players per cabin and has 5 colors in total       red, blue, green, yellow and purple. Unlike some java mods, it is very simple to set up and works at a realistic speed (real life cableways go up to 10 m/s, minecarts in minecraft go 8 m/s).

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-New G12 Series model! Inspired by "telecabina capra neagra" cable car in romania


  • Cable_car_T12_Beh_2.0.mcaddon (9.18 KB)
  • Cable_car_T12_Res_2.0.mcaddon (249.02 KB)

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Hope you guys like the add-on. Good luck building your ski resort!
why cant it go around corners i really wanna put this along the walls of my base
there is no way to forcefully make an entity face the way a minecart does without heavy scripting and command blocks. when players ride a minecart and go around corners, they don't get automaticially turned around. its the same for entities. (the cable car behaves like an armor stand but with seats)