Published on June 27, 2021 (Updated on July 16, 2021)


Have you ever got stuck in the nether, want to come home from the end, or wanted to escape a trap? This addon is for you! This addon adds in the teleporter item. Whenever you right-click with it, you will be teleported to the coordinates 0, 10, 0.

— How it works:

You can first craft the item with eight iron ingots and an ender pearl.

Once you craft the item, right-click until you are teleported to the coordinates 0, 10, 0. (on mobile you can hold down on the screen, and on console, you can hold down on with the use button). In creative mode, you can then re-direct players to other locations with command blocks, or just build a base at those coordinates. This addon can be used universally, as long as "Holiday Creator Features" are enabled. Also keep in mind that the behavior pack should be placed above all other behavior packs.


— This addon works great on maps and survival worlds alike! Just give players the teleporter item, and they will have a quick and easy way to teleport to the spawn or hub of the map. In survival worlds, this addon serves as an effective way to escape death or to get home quicker. 

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— Created by:

Chrome Villager

Select version for changelog:

  • Cleaned up the backend files
  • Changed the crafting recipe to include less iron and an ender pearl


To use the addon:

  1. Download the pack above
  2. Install the behavior pack onto any world
  3. Ensure that "Holiday Creator Features" are enabled on the world


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No se puede crear la brújula con los bloques
Breezy The Axolotl July 07, 2021 at 9:57 pm
Try turning on experimantle
Have you tried to use the crafting book on the left of the crafting table UI to automatically fill the recipe in? I have found that sometimes that can help.