Text+ (Colors)

Text+ changes some names of some items and even gives colors. It gives colors to names such as Yellow Hardened Clay, Silver Wool, Diamond Sword, Golden Boots, etc.! It includes 3 different settings.

Changes things like Cooked Beef to Steak and Terracotta to Hardened Clay and adds Colors. Settings:

Full: Colors, Changed Names

Metal: Colors Golden, Stone, and Diamond Gear, Changed Names

Just Names: Changed Names


Above shows Colored Gear (Setting Metal or Full)

Above Shows Name Change And Color (Setting Full)

Above Shows Name Change and Color (Setting Full)

Above Quick Video (No video is really needed for this but I want views)

Changelog View more

Changed thumbnail, and added more colors and bug fixes (ik its just a .lang im sorry i screwed up shovel names)


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. AshStudiosYT says:

    Can You Make for all the tools and armor because u only seem to do it to some of it only can you put durability

  2. If you have downloaded this pack, did it work for you? I can’t seem to get thus to work on iOS. Please reply if you can.

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