Published on May 02, 2023 (Updated on May 07, 2023)

The Abandon (Horror)

[The Abandon] is a Minecraft Horror Map that does not hesitate on giving you the horror experience with flashing lights, jump scares, and many other horror attributes. (You have been warned!)

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(Version: 1.0.4)

  • Added better navigation tips for certain areas
  • Fixed gameplay issues
  • Changed ZIP Folder into .mcworld file
  • Leave a comment if you experience any problems and I will try to answer all of your questions.



  • The_Abandon.mcworld (7.39 MB)

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I like your map, cant waith to see the full map
Hey, Creator, Do you have a Youtube Channel? or some other way I can credit you?
Or is it only mcpedl?

My video Releases tomorrow, But Im trying to finish the Description tonight
I do not have a channel. My username on mcpedl is enough for credentials.
This was a good map. Especially for a first-time horror Map Builder.
Here's a small list of issues tho

1) You don't have a .mcworld File Option, Especially on a website that gets a lot of mobile players
This Seems like an oversite since it's very easy to make a .mcworld file. All you need to do Is do into your world folder, select everything, and compress it into a .zip file, then rename the .zip to .mcworld.

2) I felt the build itself was lacking in texture. for a mine/cave, I saw nothing but stone or coal.

3)It was not very clear what we needed to do, to keep going in the map. After the "Ugh it's just more coal" I wasn't sure how to keep going, or where to go. I eventually just guessed and found the mine

4) You need to fix the map spawn location. So, when you have made a map and released it for download, you need to make sure you log out of the game, where people are supposed to spawn
Instead, I spawned in front of the mine and missed the entire cave area my first time playing.

5) It's a good map, But short. I had Hoped for more content.

To end it off, This is a decent map, but short. Don't expect more than.. 15-30 min of content if you record. I recorded and will credit everything once the video is up.

Note: I played this on I think the 4th or 5th of May, and since there's been an update, some of this comment is outdated. Still good tho.
Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate your help and honesty. I’ll make sure those problems are resolved.
nao da nem pra estalar