The City of Greendale Alpha v0.3.2

Welcome to the City of Greendale! Greendale is a City in which It will have a bunch of Shops, Services, Homes, and Much More! But all those things will come in future updates, but there are still some there for you to see now! The city will be very diverse, as there will be everything from beaches to forests, and small wooden houses to gigantic skyscrapers! 

NOTE: This City was a will be heavily inspired by the City of Newisle and the city of Blue Topia! 

Many things will come to live and rest in Greendale, but here are some of the things that exist in Greendale at the Moment:

The Coal Mountain Memorial Tunnel:

Finished New Business called “Quin’s Mountain Tours”

A Cemetery called “Windhow Cemetery”

A Drive Way that goes into the Tunnel Access:

A Wooden House that was added in the Alpha 0.2.0 update:

Some other Pictures:

When You spawn there will be a brick wall with signs make sure you read it as there is important information

Changelog View more
  1. Expanded Beach Road
  2. Extended Main St.
  3. Finished Quin's Mountain Tours

See you in vAlpha o.4.o

  1. Finished Coal Mountain Memorial Tunnel
  2. Worked More on Quinn's Mountain Tours
  3. Removed the Toll Both for the tunnel and made it into a Construction Access Point
  4. Extended Dark Oak Road

See you in Alpha v0.3.2!

  1. Extended Hwy 1 to the Coal Mountain Memorial Tunnel
  2. Started Work on the Coal Mountain Memorial Tunnel
  3. Added a Road called Dark Oak Road
  4. Started Work on Quin's Mountain Tours
  5. Added Windhow Cemetery

See You in Alpha v0.3.1!

Some new Features added in The City of Greendale Alpha v0.2.0: The Miscellaneous Update:

  1. - Added lanterns in a Bunch of places
  2. - Added Road Signs
  3. - Added Main Street for Woodstock
  4. - Added a Big House with a Swing Set and a Garden
  5. -Lit up the Bridge Connecting the Parking lot with the Beach

See you in Alpha v0.3.0!


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  1. Lau20020 says:

    You did an amazing job, i love it

  2. Updates will be returning to the City of Greendale, as the project I was working on I have abandoned. vAlpha 0.4.0 should be coming soon! 🙂

  3. leafybugs says:

    This must’ve taken ages, good job💞

  4. Hey, Everybody! I will be taking a short break from the City because I am working on a new map that will be up in a few days!

  5. Prisonedchair41 says:

    New city to blow up, yaaaay!!!!!! Been a while

  6. Lolsz says:

    Great builds, I’d like to help to build, I really appreciate the effort

    P.D: I also griefed it

  7. Herobrine 100x says:

    Greendale is seen in two shows, the community(I think), and the chilling adventures of sabrina.

  8. Hey, Everybody. This is supposed to Alpha v0.3.0. The Road Update. I just forgot rename the title to the updated name! Sorry for any confusion!

  9. Guest-8714977226 says:

    make a community college

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