Published on October 03, 2022 (Updated on April 02, 2023)

Challenges of Life | >Preview< | v1.0.4

We present to you, with the best world map , this one interesting game for all mankind! This game provides a lot of games, even we always provide the best games for you, we hope you download this map, as it always provides interesting challenges to face. 


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wait for us to change and overhaul this best map!

View Updates v1.0.4 

-this is just a preview test, so it's not final!!

  • 3 new level in the parkour

What's developed in PREVIEW MODE?

-that's right, the progress mode preview in update 1.0.4 is not final and complete, we will add it to Original Update 1.0.5, how to get the preview mode, above!! 

-hence from that what is done in the preview, will be added in original world 1.0.5

  • revamped gacha (in progress)
  • transferring information & trainingcamp to "start"
  • 4 new item to pick up certain prizes, which are sure to be of use to you
  • add story place at the lobby (development)
  • add 10 new ranks every level (maybe not yet)
  • add  THE PREVIEW MODE  already explained above!
  • fix bug

-the warden will die after the player fails to pass the level (worked at level 3) 

-players don't die when they fall into the lava 

-each level the player will rank up and will get 2 special items from that level 

-players cannot change the world's important settings 

-players will be in adventure gamemode forever in the world, unless they have special items for this 

-players can do gacha according to the rank and items that are owned

-new item can be exchanged for other items, one of which you can editor mode on this world

-at certain levels the player will receive a lucky item 

what the parties are doing and developing? v1.0.5  soon!

  • optimize gameplay in the game
  • level has a hard challenges soon!
  • improved various "rank" and "function" to be more useful in the next time
  • everything that's was done in preview 1.0.4, will be added in the origin update 1.0.5

Thanks, If you downloaded this world 

updates are held every 2 months

wait for the next update from this website. maybe 25/04/23 soon! 


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The links are worse now. It takes me to child porn sites now. Both links!
I downloaded this world and it downloaded just fine; except, when I go to click on it in Minecraft I get a message that says "A newer version of this game has saved this world. It cannot be loaded. Unable to connect to world." This looks like a really fun map to play with friends but I am unable to try it; hope for an update that fixes but I will still give 5 stars because it looks promising.