Published on August 21, 2023 (Updated on November 06, 2023)

The Lost Horror Map: Spookier Update

Are you a big fan of Horror Maps? Well, this Minecraft Horror Map Is For You!!This Minecraft Horror Map Is One The Unique Horror Maps You Will Ever Play!! Because it added a lot of challenges for you to play!

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Added A Mctemplate File!

Added More Bloody Textures to blocks such as doors, decorated pots, redstone blocks, barrels and tnt!



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there's a bug that the texture doesn't work when I downloaded,
This map is fantastic!

quite the map, containing cameos from random characters such as Baldi, all coming together in a single, funny, quick, unforgettable adventure!

The map gives off the same vibes that older java maps used too with its sewed in sense of humor making the map entertaining with replayability.

creativity 8/10
replayability 8/10
aesthetic 7/10
fun 10/10
tough? 5/10

For sure check this one out if youre looking for a fun quick map to play thats funny, unique, and enjoyable!
I can tell a lot of effort went into this map make sure to give it a play!