Published on October 22, 2020 (Updated on October 22, 2020)

The Quest for Pie

You’re tired and hungry. All you need is some pumpkin pie to cheer you up. Collect the three ingredients in pumpkin pie and craft them together to complete this map.


  • The_Quest_for_Pie_1603317129.mcworld

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Great map! 5/5
I know that the map is currently impossible due to an extra iron bar in the sugar section. I have fixed it but the MCPEDL website works about as well as a donkey in a minecart, so I can’t upload it right now.
Good map, you can update it and add a link to mediafire, where you can upload new version of this map
I don't use Mediafire as it has too many ads for my liking and I have seen inappropriate or misleading ads multiple times on Mediafire. I usually put a link to my website, but I made this map quickly so I haven't had a chance to upload it to my website, as most of my viewers find me on MCPEDL anyway.