Published on March 08, 2022

The Veggie Way PE

The Veggie Way - A vanilla friendly way to get higher quality food without killing.I love playing Minecraft, but killing cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens for food always leaves me feeling a little guilty.  Why doesn't Minecraft give you a way to craft high nutrition foods without resorting to eating cooked animal flesh?The Veggie Way solves that problem!

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Minecraft: Vegan Edition
Hey! Just letting you know that all your food mods are slightly broken on Realms. They work perfectly fine on single-player worlds, but on Realms, they act as though they aren't getting enough light (popping out and breaking the ground immediately after being planted). This has happened to me with this mod and the XL food mod so I think you might have some kind of error in your food code in general that makes them not work on Realms. I really appreciate the work you've done on all these mods! It's hard to find good food mods for Bedrock and yours are awesome, I just wish I could use them on Realms so all my friends could see how awesome they are.
Yes, they have complained that in realms or in single player, when leaving and re-entering the world the plantains are destroyed and the farmland becomes dirt, I am doing tests to see what it could be, maybe it is a mojang error Let that happen, I'll try to fix it