Thorpe Park (Theme Park) [Creation]

Thorpe PE is a near 1:1 recreation of Thorpe Park Resort in England, UK, and is Minecraft: Bedrock Edition! It features 7 roller coasters, 3 water rides and a large selection of immersive attractions!

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- Ended Fright Nights 2020

- Discontinued the map: Thorpe PE will no longer receive any updates.

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I love this map so much, Please bring back the Fright Nights, it was so awesome! It's been Years since I played this map..
Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible for me to get the download link for 1.1.5(The one with Fright Nights) as I do enjoy horror mazes and downloaded it the version of the map without it. Thanks!
Very Very Cool, 5 Star
Cant wait to see the updates for 2020!
Woah woah it’s past Christmas and you forgot to ad the Christmas to the thrope park! why I want to see the Christmas update but you forgot the Christmas to the theme park noob you forgot oh my god!
How to download the map. on the download button the bottom of your screen press the “or continue to website” the 3 dots on the top right of your screen and press the “direct download” the green button and if it shows you a add just wait 5-15secs (Do it twice if necessary) the button that says “open in” and press on the Minecraft logo. (It will automatically open up Minecraft so do not close the window)
The texture pack is not showing up for some reason.
Same it says it is missing??
How can I download it on IPad? It says file can’t be viewed in Dropbox ;-; someone please help me
In Dropbox, you click 3 vertical points in the upper right. You click Export and “copy in Minecraft”. That’s it =)
In Dropbox, you click 3 vertical points in the upper right corner. You click Export and “Copy to Minecraft”. That’s it =)
Its So Amazing :O Great Job! (And It Works On 1.13)
I love it, it’s amazing! But I don’t understand the money and getting a digipass and souvenirs
Put a freaking mediafire link
Why, mediafire is rubbish, it has ads and is slower. Dropbox is free and much better.
Dropbox doesn`t do mc.worlds anymore.
This is really cool! It especially looks good in a shader addon.
Where is GameFX? The map didn’t even help me and doesn’t make sense.
In real life gamefx finished and the map maker removed it but never got the maps updated