Published on January 25, 2022 (Updated on March 29, 2023)


Have you ever wanted to lob Fireballs? Or maybe Waterballs? Or maybe even vanish into a puff of purple smoke? If so, then this add-on is for you.Tomemancy adds a total of 90+ Tomes that cast spells of all varieties. There are also Blood Sigils that make for perfect magical traps.

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Removed a few Tomes [Blizzard, Forward Time, Rewind Time & Lightning Storm]

Updated the addon to work on 1.19.60+

Fixed the blood sigils and now they function again.

Reduced the spawn rate of wizards

Wizards no longer have names

An attempt was made to make trades make more sense🥲




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Una pregunta porque no me funciona la hematurgia/magia de sangre?

One question, why doesn't hematurgy/blood magic work for me?
Heres a idea: u can make powers like graivty earth tnt spider Idk lol
just a few recommendations: a discord server for players ; a sacrifice table (for more stuff related with blood-magic) where you sacrifice a mob for something ; perhaps a way to bargain with ‘higher beings’ for some powerful tomes.
Please update !! I love this addon some suggestions all spells can be crafted into orbs and staffs it'd. Possibly fix with wizard tower(command block) or ditch the idea since you have loot tables in for vanilla structures which is amazing. Maybe add a book the highest tier wizard sells as as last trade. It's a book of all sigils. Possibly add other magic items like something to do with better flight,building,mining,saturation, also i got trolled a little in my survival by using a dirt sigil near my nether portal rip
a great idea would be the ability to mix spells like fire and necromancy to make fire zombie
You should make a tome like sculko Or magmo IDK im not as good with names but i have ideas for powers like you can make it have sculk tomes magma tome time tome wither tome blindness tome like whole books out of these powers sorry im not as good with this :(
Where can I find the discord link to the addon?
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i have 2 suggestion for the mod if possible 1 could you add a chronomancy (time) class of magic and also could you add like higher than mage in magical proficiency example for necromancy a litch where you have way stronger things to summon not in vanilla like ghosts and frost reapers (essentially frost ghosts with robes) and blazeborns (essentially fire ghosts) which you can summon using the book of shadows and for a litch you have to craft a phylactery lantern where you store souls when lit you will be able to use your magical abilities (a new item which is a low drop when you become a litch for some neutral/hostile mobs) and the litches special ability is imbuing where you can imbue a weapon or armour with a soul i would pick warden, wither, dragon, elder guardian, endermen and evoker as available imbuement souls for exsample a bow with a warden soul will shoot a sonically charged shreiking arrow and with an endermen soul on armour you will teleport when hit by an arrow oh and for ecomancy a druid which can photosynthesise instead of sleeping and eating and they can summon ents and pre tamed wolves and stuff and for fullmancy a jinx which can perform powerfull curses like voodoo (when you damage the doll they take that damage) and vampiric (when they take damage you heal) and the jinx,s special ability is death swap when they are about to die if they have a sample of someones blood you can swap places to cause potential death. and so on for each class except chronomancy and storm because chronomancy is quite overpowerd and above storm is storm god there,s no real thing for it as far as i know
if you like dont feel the need to add it in one update split it across multible
Can someone tell me where each of the tomes spawn like what structures
this mod sounds absolutely incredible! It's amazing that it adds so many new spells and magical elements to the game, and the fact that it's split into different categories of magic makes it even more diverse and exciting to use. I love how it includes a guidebook for players to learn more about the different tiers and elements, and the addition of wizards as neutral mobs is a really cool touch.
could you make the time they last for in necromancy be so until they are killed by an entity or player and then have the waiting time come up that would be very usefull because right now if your fighting any thing more than a creeper or zombie type of thing it is kinda useless oh and also could you make it so there's a tome that can summon a skeleton and/or zombie horse
When I went inside a tower, there was no Wizards, and when I looked at the function, it said that This function does not exist. Can you fix that please?
estaba revisando los archivos internos del addon y encontre algo interesante referente a los sigilos, descubri las texturas de algo llamado warp, lo cual se ve como un sigilo pero segun parece se podria cambiar el tipo de magia aplicada al warp, ademas de que tiene dos versiones, una de entrada y otra de salida, segun parece se trataria de un sigilo de teletransporte controlado, el cual es completamente diferente a usar un sigilo con perla de ender, en este caso parece que este "warp" permitiria establecer un teletransporte entre dos warps, uno actua como la "entrada" y el otro como la "salida" tambien encontre la textura de una entidad llamada "tiburon de vacio" el cual se ve en colores morados, una vez explicado lo que encontre, voy a pasar a explicar mi opinion de cada una de estas cosas:

1. Sigilos "warp" :
No se si actualmente esta implementado y funcional, pero en cualquier caso esto es una idea bastante interesante, ya que con esta funcion se podrian hacer cosas como una mazmorra clasica de tipo laberinto subterraneo con varios pisos cada uno mas dificil, y que para pasar al siguiente tengas que buscar el "warp" oculto en ese piso,
o tambien para siplemente un tp entre lugares, el hecho de que se podria llegar a cambiar el tipo de magia del "warp" me lleva a pensar que se podria hacer un "warp" que solo funcione con magos que tengan el tipo de magia del cual sea el "warp".
En caso de que esto sea algo que no se vaya a agregar es una pena porque esta funcion es muy interesante. Me gustaria felicitar al quien se le ocurrio esta idea, sinceramente seria una funcion muy util.
esta es la segunda parte del comentario, ya que no me dejo ponerlo completo debido al tamaño:

2. El tiburon de vacio:

No se como podria funcionar esto, o si apareceria naturalmente, pero esto podria ser una buena idea, para implementar una magia exclusiva de invocaciones, algo que por ejemplo el tomo basico de esta magia seria una especie de enlace, algo que te permitiría guardar una entidad para poder invocarla, pero que por ejemplo dependiendo del nivel que tengas solo podras invocar entidades cercanas a tu nivel, por ejemplo en niveles basicos una de las invocaciones podria ser un slime, por poner un ejemplo.

sinceramente solo hay 3 tipos de magia que en algun momento permitan invocar, la nigromancia, la ecomancia, y la hydromancia, la nigromancia se centra sobretodo en invocar no muertos, la ecomancia tiene la invocacion de arañas, y la hydromancia tinene la invocacion de golems de nieve, sinceramente estaria genial un tipo de magia exclusiva para invocaciones.

Sinceramente lo que mas me interesa ver en el addon es lo del warp, pero aun asi, las dos son muy buenas ideas, el warp es algo que de hecho encaja bastante bien con la tematica y las caracteristicas actuales del addon.

Felicidades a los que tuvieron la idea, y felicidades tambien al creador del addon, sinceramente has logrado crear un addon de calidad, en minecraft bedrock casi no hay addons que sean la mitad de buenos que este, sinceramente es mi addon favorito, y eso es por todo tu trabajo y esfuerzo en este addon. De verdad muchas gracias por crear este maravilloso contenido.
Omg i Love this addon :D it would be cool to see more tome magic with like evokers or wardens or slimes or maybe even lava powers becuz there is water tome rn so whole tomes that have powers simliar to the warden or evoker or slime or lava theres so much cool mobs i think it would be cool tho if u added stuff like it