Trick or Treat!

Halloween is finally upon us! At least, at the time of this upload it is. With this addon, you can live out Halloween night every night! (In Minecraft, of course.) The concept is simple – just grab a basket, find a village, wait until night, then get your tasty rewards! (Also, make sure you download the right version.) 

You’ll want to get started by crafting a basket. The easiest one you’ll be able to get is the pumpkin basket. You can craft it with 3 string and a pumpkin. Once you get this, you can start trick-or-treating! Keep in mind that you don’t need to be in a village to do this, but then it ruins the feel. Just go up to a villager at night, and while you’re holding your basket, either click the button that says trick or treat (Mobile), right-click, (Windows 10), or right trigger (Xbox). Do this, and you’ll get some candy. There are 5 different candies you can get: A gummy worm, slimepop, chocolate emerald, candy corn carrot, or harvest candy. Each candy restores one point of hunger when eaten, except for the harvest candy which has not yet been implemented, and will not be used for eating.

The second basket you can get is the cauldron basket. This has a rare chance to drop from witches, and is used the same way as the pumpkin basket, but with different candy results. The first seven candies give you the following potion effects for 10 seconds when eaten: Absorption, Fire Resistance, Jump Boost, Levitation, Night Vision, Regeneration, and Speed. The last candy, however, does something else. Eating this candy will summon a new mob, the Friendly Cauldron. In order to tame it, feed it either glowstone dust or sugar. It won’t attack mobs, but it will follow you around, and you can interact with it with an empty bottle to get a mystery brew. Drinking this has a 50/50 chance to either give you 30 seconds of Strength, or 30 seconds of Weakness, so drink it at your own risk!

If you look in the creative inventory, you will find the last basket, the chest basket. Instead of giving you candy when you trick or treat, it will fill with candy, up to 5. Eating from it will deplete the candy amount by 1. As of now you can only get this in creative mode until I balance it.

Known issues: Right now, you can trick or treat with a villager an infinite amount of times. You’re only supposed to be able to do it once, but there’s a bug.

You can show this off in videos, just don’t claim it as your own. Also, if you’re going to post a link to this addon, link it to this website, don’t use your own. You can parts of the code in this addon, just don’t take any of the models or textures.

If you’ve got suggestions or anything, post them in the comments or contact me on Discord. ShowdownMan#3810

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Created  a downgraded version so non-beta players can play it.


Make sure you download the correct one for your Minecraft version, and enable experimental gameplay.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16 (beta)

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16 Responses

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  1. The Cauldron Pet Looks An Awful Lot Like The Minecraft Dungeons Corrupted Cauldron.

  2. PrinceMJ says:

    Awesome Add-on Man! This Is Super Exciting Considering Halloween Is Now Would Love To See This One Improve And Have More Candies And More Pets!!!, Good Luck ShowdownMan This Was A Great Add-on To Showcase Thank You 😀

  3. Haze says:

    I love the idea and it looks great however I’m not in beta so I sadly can’t try it.

  4. Caesar Zeppeli says:

    Great addon! I love the cauldron pet.

  5. RedTron3007 says:

    i tied it and it blanked the candy plz fix

  6. Kirby420 says:

    Looks pretty similar to another add-on boss but ok.

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