Published on January 01, 2020 (Updated on December 18, 2021)

True Colors Texture Pack

A simplistic texture pack well adapted for the fast paced action of PvP! There's no texture that you wouldn't be able to recognize! It also makes a great pack for vanilla survival as well! ( beta is not supported for stability reasons )

This was a great texture pack to work on, my reason for making it was to end inconsistencies with pvp packs since most pvp packs claim to be 32x32, but only the items are in 32x32 while the blocks are in 16! I also wanted to make vanilla minecraft's colors shine even brighter with my simplistic designs ( as an added bonus it improves FPS! ) so there's something for everyone to love! Some items still need to be added but I'm working it! 

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*added even lower fire ( old version is in the alt folder )

*re-worked sandstone and it's variants

*re-worked netherrack, nylium sides, and nether ores

*tweaked tuff

*tweaked pumpkin face

*redesigned the high res armor


In case an error message saying "duplicate file detected" appears. just delete the old version first before importing the latest version.

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4.71 / 5 (21 votes)
The Pink Glazed Terracotta texture has no arrows, which might be confusing when playing a puzzle map that uses it. Though this looks like a PvP pack, so it's not really a necessary fix. It looks really good even outside PvP too.
Plss add gui thank
This is amazing Who every made this is GOOD!
I've updated your package for personal use only (Even I created a RTX version), because I thought you would no longer update the package.
But if you upgrade to the latest version, there is no need for me to upgrade separately.
Thank you very much.
he updated pog
When it works for Minecraft 1.16 or higher I'll use it, I remember using it back in the 1.14 days. But if you only going to keep it at 1.14 or later well thats just lame.
Dude im in a hype to play with ur texture pack. Hope one day u do the updated version. Just a true fact just you have done a minimalistic texture pack!
Hay un error con el adoquín, tiene la textura del minecraft por defecto estoy en la versión 1.16.221,
De ahí me parece un textura muy hermosa 🤩
Creo que ese "adoquín" es de los nuevos bloques de la 1.17, por ende, no está actualizado xD.
Uhm dont read the version compability sometimes bc it may work on 1.16
it says supported, of course it can run 1.16+
cool reminds me of the old plastic texture pack
Favourite simplistic pack so far
There's a bug with smooth quartz stairs, may be due to an error in blocks.json. (I'm playing 1.14.1 on Android and Win10.)
Hello! Can I reprint your shader to a website in China?
Update to 1.16 this texture is very good.