UltraClass – Vibrant and Darker Nights

UltraClass is a derivative work based upon UltraMax by Genghar. It allows for darker nights, more vibrant visuals, stronger colors, and a new comfortable atmosphere. Caves may be too dark if you’re a wimp!

No waving leaves, grass, or water! This shader pack should be treated as a sort of enhanced vanilla! 

Try whatever texture pack you enjoy, and be sure to show us at our server!

https://discord.gg/qKFKUAV – Official UltraClass Discord Server

-I have explicit permission from the original creator, as seen in this certificate of fair use. https://files.catbox.moe/mvrwkv.pdf

(Also, no annoying adware link extenders, direct download from this website! Enjoy!)

Changelog View more

Fixed downloads, updated Logo

Here's some extra keystrokes and words for ya!

Fixed broken banners! 

Removed waving water.

Other stability changes.

Thanks for the bug reports!



It should be a simple double click to install the MCPACK file!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta) 1.16

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24 Responses

4.67 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. joe847802 says:

    anyway to make it work for switch?

  2. Guest-4026828088 says:

    Why Are There 2 Downloads?

  3. KevinPlayZ287 says:


  4. Guest-9244732014 says:

    Using this with my device at 0% brightness and in game settings brightness at 0%. SOOO DARK

  5. Guest-7562537059 says:

    Looks nice but can the day time a bit brighter it’s feels weird in day times

  6. Guest-4605311661 says:

    Work on xbox???

  7. Marshyy says:

    Does it work on Xbox?

  8. Guest-6477233874 says:

    Hey Nice Sharders but there’s a bug that makes banner invisible. I’ll be happy if you could fix this and thanks for you.

  9. ShadowXX says:

    would be better if the water didn’t move

  10. Guest-1997061689 says:

    Make even more DARKER so dark that it would be impossible to see in the night

  11. Guest-9175381237 says:

    Would be nice for a horror map

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