Published on October 10, 2021 (Updated on March 11, 2022)

Undertale Map

Undertale Minecraft Map: Do you want to Experience the game Undertale in your Minecraft Bedrock World? Do you want to enjoy Toriels Cozy home. Or do you want to do something else or check something because you're bored?! Well lucky you I just have the right map for you!


The Ruins

Take note: do not break stuff or youll probably break the map.

It comes in with working puzzles (well some of them)

Mostly Accurate! But with a bit more detail!

Try to figure out on how to get out in the ruins!. And try to come back outside in the light!

You can either explore the ruins! (of course)

Or just stay in Toriels Cozy home


Welcome to Snowdin!. a area filled with snow. where did it come from?? i dont know. but its filled with tons of trees and snows and a cave Surrounding it as it should be!. because the ruins is literaly underground!.

 Snowdin Town filled with structures to explore just like in the game!.  But we added more to make it look more lively!. feel free to go to Grillby's or in warm confines of the Hotel!.

The Waterfalls

The Beauty of the Waterfalls. The sounds of the stream of the water gives you determination. As you go through the hurdles of this ruins. Be careful not fall of in the sides. For there is no going back.

Echo Flowers

Echo Flowers are a type of flora found in Waterfall. They are named after their ability to repeat the last sounds they have been exposed to, similar to echoes. Very eerie yet beautiful.

The waterfall area is not fully done yet

Make sure to credit me. As always have fun we are still currently building Waterfall but thatll come in soon. credit me if youre showcasing it, Using it for something else or else

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Added waterfall area                                                                            


Added wat


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Next is Hotlands, The Core, and The Castle.
i am going to have a bad time if this doesn't get updated
Man this is an amazing job, I really enjoyed playing it with my friends.
I wish hotland was in the map too.
I'd love you help you with this if you'd allow, because this map is incredible and seeing it finished sooner would be great for everyone
Finally, a map I can vibe to... although, when can we expect the other areas from Undertale to be Implemented? (Waterfall, Undyne's rock, the waterfall houses, the Garbage dump, Hotland, Alphys's lab, CORE, new home, judgement hall, Asgore's throne room, the soul coffin room, and finally the barrier.)

not trying to rush you, but I'm just very eager to see those in the future.
Awesome man!
THIS IS SO GOOD! i love undertale and this is just what i've been looking for!