Fantasy Vanilla Shader Renewed V1.4 - Bug Fixed! (Android/iOS)

Fantasy Vanilla Renewed is a shader that's meant to keep Minecraft's vanilla aesthetic, but it also gives it some cool twists. Something very important that should be noted is its performance that can run on low-end devices from 1 Gb of ram - 2 GB of ram Only for (Android / iOS) so I recommend using this shader, I assure you that you will not regret.


- Color day and night

 - Realistic waters

 - Sunrise and sunset 

- Cave

- Nether


  • Sunbeams (sunset / sunrise)
  • Coloring to the world
  • Realistic shadows
  • player shadow
  • Beautiful skies
  • Volumetric clouds
  • Realistic waters
  • Caustic in the water and its depths
  • Movement in leaves and plants
  • Beautiful lighting
  • Rain effect
  • Fog
  • Etc...


Check out the official trailer to learn more about this shader. Also by watching this video you are helping me:


  • Use this mcpedl link if you want to share this shader.
  • Please do not create another link for this shader.
  • Please ask me for permission first, if you want to use any code from this shader.
  • This shader may not be supported on some devices, if so tell me about the error on my Discord
  • A special thanks to TheDoubleAP (Creator RUSPE shader) for helping me with the sunburst code and to Eve 4640_ for allowing me to use her sky color ?lt;3
  • This shader has its performance version (Performance) for low-resource devices with water changes and movement in the plants since these characteristics are the ones that consume the most resources

Fixed bugs

  • Errors have been fixed in all entities since they were crashed on some iOS devices




Select version for changelog:


Fixed bugs!!!

  • Errors have been fixed in all entities since they were crashed on some iOS devices
  • Removed some textures implemented in the shader.
  • Optimization improvements


'' For the best gaming experience I recommend the brightness to 50-80 ''

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3.96 / 5 (24 votes)
pls make this for windows 10
Its nice but why the shadow can't do the same thing we do like we break block or place and turn and please improve it like java and gaps between legs and arms like when we turn our head or gaps between arms or when we sit .The shader is nice keep going 👍🏻
if your talking about dynamic shadows then.... that doesn't exist in bedrock edition
( i think )
search tdpe shader doesnt work on windows 10 3d shadow not shure about dynamic.
I havent download the shader yet but whats the difference between Quality and performance?
The difference is that the quality version has realistic water,wavy plants,and sunrays meanwhile the performance version hasn't any features that i mentioned
Same question
The lighting of the torches look
It just looks like vanilla (when I use it), although that might just be me
Can ya shut gamer boy you don’t have to snitch on everything now you look like a mommy boy LOL and she even didn’t copy their never going to a sunset kind if your going to snich shes trying make a differences rite now so respect it moma boy!
interesting argument. btw... i dont give a fuck.
you and your "master" have lost the argument. have a good day 😊
hi there, great shader by the way. just needed to tell you that there's this user on mcpedl called "zephyx" who stole your shader code (specifically from this shader) and published it in his own name, titling it "zephyx shader". check the code of their shader and you'll find that they've stolen all of your code without your permission. just wanted to let you know since i take code thieves very seriously.
its on mcpedl
zephyx continuously denies stealing your code and even claims that their friends made the water and shadow code when they stole yours
Hi, a minecraft gamer!
My Shaders was made by me and my friends,
I checked the codes from this shader and my shaders. There are almost similar but not the same! I compared the features and there not the same!

Features that is not similar to Fantasy Vannila Shaders:
-Sun & Moon Rotation
-Sun Flare
-Water Texture
-Exposure and Contrast

I learned Player Shadows and Waving Plants & Water from Youtube!

That's the proof i dont steal this Shaders! :)
seems like you're going for the "look i don't argue facts here" strategy. you aren't proving anything lmao, facts are facts and if they say you stole shader code... you stole shader code. easy logic, right? yet you don't seem to understand what i'm getting at here. think about it and when you're done, think about why you would do something like that to another content creator and earn easy cash off his content.
as always, just a reminder that you're arguing using "evidence" u can't even show, while i'm supporting what i say with actual code that everyone who downloads your shader can see and instantly know, without a doubt, who's in the wrong here :)

i believe i've raised some pretty good points huh? try better next time, if you still have the balls to steal code :)
Hello friend, thanks for informing me about this, I have already verified the codes and it is literally my shader, also it did not ask my permission or those who helped me in this shader. Greetings and thanks for your report, we need more people like you ❤️
always happy to help!
i've reported to mcpedl :)
Which shader did you made
Hola me gustaría hacer una petición si puedes hacer una versión más Lite, me refiero a que le quites cosas ya que yo tengo la update 1.2 y en esa no hay sombra del jugador y ni rayos del sol, y me va sin tanto lag, ahora con esta update y si le puedes quitar el movimiento del pasto y hojas de los árboles y por lo que he visto con la 1.4 ya sea la versión Performance o Quality las linternas al colocarlas estás se ponen muy naranjas incluso como tengo un generador de lava con las estalactitas y el caldero al llenarse de lava este cambia a un color naranja y es muy incómodo así, también me di cuenta o puede que me equivoqué en la nueva update ya no está el atardecer de color morado cuando vez al sol mientras tanto en la 1.2 si está, espero que hagas una versión más ligera y mejor optimizada ya que este shader es mi favorito que incluso lo comparto en comunidades de Amino “claro poniendo el link mcpedl” muchas gracias por leér.
I know that its very hard to do a awesome shader like that when the surface at night looks so beautiful. Well done
great but make it for pc pls
Sunrays look a bit odd but looks good afterall
Linkvertise doesn't work, this looks gorgeous though
The water looks like too contrasted/solid, can you make it more transparent/see-through?
Linkvertise doesn't work.