Vanilla RTX (Windows 10 Only)

Have you ever wanted to use raytracing in every Minecraft world? Then this texture pack could be something for you! Vanilla RTX is a vanilla based RTX texture pack with PBR support.

Version 1.1 release trailer:

Sorry for the lag spikes in some of the clips but my graphics card was overwhelmed with the big amount of raytracing sometimes.

The release 1.1 is out!

Known issues:

  • The side of the grass block does not work
  • PBR of animated textures doesn’t work
  • The composter is glowing for some reason…
  • The shulker box texture isn’t working

I would really like to read your feedback about this pack! If you have any suggestions, please comment them below.

Changelog View more

Metalness increased slightly for all types of iron (including anvil, hopper, rails, ...)

  • Cake added
  • Conduit added
  • Dried kelp added
  • Flower pot added
  • Snow added
  • Daylight sensor added
  • Podzol added
  • Hay block added
  • Honey block added
  • Honeycomb added
  • Melon added
  • Mob spawner added
  • Mushroom blocks added
  • Lectern added
  • Mycelium added
  • Noteblock added
  • Pumpkin added
  • Jack O’Lantern added
  • Smoker added
  • Turtle egg added
  • Iron bars added
  • Stripped log added
  • Beacon added
  • Normal map for red nether brick and bone block improved
  • Release trailer added
  • Comparator added
  • Dispenser added
  • Dropper added
  • Pistons added
  • Redstone dust added
  • Redstone lamp added
  • Redstone torch added
  • Repeater added
  • Observer added
  • Loom added
  • End stone bricks added
  • Bedrock added
  • Purpur block added
  • Purpur pillar added
  • Dragon egg added
  • Fixed buggy grass top
  • Chorus plant added
  • End rod added
  • Glowstone added
  • All prismarine blocks added
  • Sea lantern added
  • Bone block added
  • Coarse dirt added
  • Grindstone added
  • Jukebox added
  • Scaffolding added
  • Slime block added
  • Sponge added
  • Wet sponge added
  • Stonecutter added
  • TNT added
  • Stone slab added 
  • Hardened clay added (all colors) 
  • Glazed terracotta added (all types) 
  • Secret added 
  • Ladder added 
  • Vines added 
  • Hopper added 
  • Magma block added 
  • Composter added 
  • Rails added 
  • Cauldron added 
  • Nether wart block added 
  • Red nether bricks added
  • All trapdoors added 
  • All sandstone types added 
  • Barrel added 
  • All types of ice added 
  • Bee nest added 
  • Campfire added 
  • All glass panes added 
  • Coal block added 
  • Diamond block added 
  • Emerald block added 
  • Gold block added 
  • Lapis block added 
  • Redstone block added (it's glowing red!) 
  • Coal ore is now more rough 
  • Crafting table added 
  • Cartography table added 
  • Fletcher table added 
  • Smithing table added
  • Description updated
  • Fixed the featured image to show correctly instead of distorted.


System requirements:

  • Device: PC (no mobile phone or console!)
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Supported graphics cards: RTX 2060, RTX 2060 S, RTX 2070, RTX 2070 S, RTX 2080, RTX 2080 S, RTX 2080-Ti, TITAN RTX
  • Minecraft version: 1.15 (beta)

How to install:

  • Download "Vanilla-RTX-v1.1.mcpack" from this page
  • Run the file
  • Minecraft will import the file automatically
  • Select "Vanilla RTX" inside the global resources settings
  • Have fun ;-)

Note: This is NOT a shader pack! It ONLY works on Windows 10 with an RTX graphics card in the RTX beta!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta) RTX Beta



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279 Responses

4.55 / 5 (29 votes)
  1. Guest-8707146471 says:

    I’m on 1.16 is there any way to downgrade so I can use this

    • Nicinator says:

      Yes, there is a way to do this:
      1. Open the Xbox Insider Hub app.
      2. Click the Insider content tab on the left-hand menu.
      3. Click the Minecraft for Windows 10 tile.
      4. Click Manage.
      5. Select the Minecraft for Windows 10 RTX Beta.
      6. Click Done. Minecraft will automatically install the RTX Beta build via the Microsoft Store.

      Note: You should backup your worlds because you may have to reinstall the game if it doesn’t do it automatically.

  2. Guest-8774985161 says:

    Does this work with GTX cards? (NVIDIA has RTX support for them)

  3. Guest-7147769602 says:

    BEFORE YOU START SCREAMING, READ THE DESCRIPTION! This is a pack that is made for people who use rtx, since it requires you to use a pack. It is not some magical creation the ported RTX to mobile, since that is impossible. Any device other than windows 10 that runs bedrock is not powerful enough, and it’s not the creators fault.

  4. Guest-2181931508 says:

    Its only mcbe windows 10 rtx card should be needed. BUT ALSO MOBILE PLAYERS PLEASE USE ESBE 2G INSTEAD

  5. Guest-7628106495 says:

    Pls fix this RTX for 1.16

  6. Guest-9699920507 says:

    Lot of people are being angry cuz they on mobile.Idk why there is sooo many mobile players

  7. Guest-2996579221 says:

    Do you think you could just port ove the shiny iron block to mobile or does that also require the rtx thing?

  8. Guest-9594019045 says:

    Can you make a version of this for mobile? Now before people start screaming at me for being stupid I know that I would need a Windows 10 computer with an nvidia GeForce graphics card to run it but I just want a shader with a fake form of ray tracing like using a pre made light beam coming from the sky.

  9. mnwilliamn says:

    These comments are giving me a headache.

    The 5 year olds: tHeSe dOnT wOrK oN mObiLe

    The mature people: Did you even bother to read the description?

    The 5 year olds: uHHHHH nO.

    The mature people: Thats probably why it doesn’t work.


    -WINDOWS 10
    -RTX 2060 GPU

    And NO this is not ONLY for Pocket Edition, it’s for BEDROCK.

  10. Guest-3579408840 says:

    I have windows 10 mcpe but for some reason the graphics don’t work some blocks are affected by the addon but everything else like light and graphics doesn’t work

  11. FlaviusFire says:

    Dude. This looks SO much better than the Razzleberries default pack. I love the amount of detail you’ve put into the way the textures interact with the path-tracer. I shall continue to follow, outstanding work!

    6/5 stars

  12. FlaviusFire says:

    Sorry for the abuse comments mate. I’m gonna try this now, are all the textures pretty much done?

  13. Guest-2139168899 says:

    WiLl ThIs WoRk FoR 1gB rAm.

    • Guest-4710722668 says:

      Oh My GoSh tHiS iS cLickBaIt. It doesn’t loOk lIkE tHiS. lol. I don’t have a gaming PC so I can’t use this but either way from the looks of it good job.

    • PowderedBreak20 says:

      NO It WoNt bc i have a pc with 2gb and minecraft doesent run smoothly with fancy graphics turned off

  14. Guest-6587516166 says:

    My pc would never meet the requirements, but I applaud you for your patience and hard work. Not only patience for making this outstanding pack, but for listening and replying to all of those who don’t rly understand what a graphics card is 🤣. The video was superb and I can’t wait to see what u make next!

  15. Guest-5402765837 says:


    • Guest-1454698780 says:


      • Guest-7489680236 says:

        That’s not what I’m saying. I’m telling the stupid people why it doesn’t work on mobile so THEY don’t scream

  16. Guest-5291278574 says:

    The shader is excellent. But pumpkin lamp is still dark and glasses are much too clear.

  17. Guest-6127657411 says:

    why mine doesn’t work

  18. Guest-3498404058 says:

    Can you make a iOS version plz because I am using iphone

  19. Guest-3526595897 says:

    This graphics card is suitable for these Intel® HD Graphics 4400 textures?

  20. Guest-8294949208 says:

    what if you dont have the system requirements make one for radeon and intel bro

    • Nicinator says:

      If you don’t have the system requirements, this pack will not work. I can’t make it for other graphics cards than NVIDIA RTX cards, because Mojang and NVIDIA decided to make the ray tracing exclusively for the RTX cards. (I wish I could make this pack for everyone but there is nothing I can do about that)

  21. Guest-1573303355 says:

    when import it it just says failed to import pls help

  22. Guest-6387239911 says:

    When will be a mobile version?

  23. Guest-2532079356 says:

    Listen kids, this texture don’t support mcpe 🙂

  24. Guest-8238714626 says:

    wow, just wow I didn’t download it or anything since i play on console but wow, your patience is really big and how you reply to all of these dumb people that can’t read how this is only on windows 10, whining about this is only a “Minecraft bedrock and pe” how dumb can you be to say that, anyways have a good time, and to those who are reading the comments just stop,you can’t withstand their dumb brain

  25. Guest-1140420657 says:

    We need a subreddit called: “r/youngpeoplemcpedl”

  26. CherokeeNative says:

    Sorry not use Beta !

    • Guest-5916224595 says:

      its not possible to do this stuff in regular mine craft (not beta) so the creator is restricted. its not their fault. no need for a bad review.

  27. Hamox says:

    Dude my brain hurts after reading the comments my iq was 120 i think it is only 20 after reading comments lmak

  28. Guest-1068051200 says:

    What’s the difference between this pack with rtx and default with rtx (I dont have an rtx graphics card so I can’t figure this out on my own)

    • Nicinator says:

      The difference is that without this pack, every block is completely flat at the surface and every block looks like plastic. With the Vanilla RTX pack, the blocks will have many different properties that they wouldn’t have otherwise. (Like the 3D-effect and the reflecting iron block)

  29. Guest-5901654245 says:

    do you mind making one for 1.14.60

  30. Guest-2429749998 says:

    Try Combining the Parallax Shaders Soundtrack with this RTX

    I think it would be great!

  31. Guest-2290298858 says:

    I reccomend listening to the device instructions. My phone started sizzling and popping. Dont download this on a mobile device.

  32. Mr Caterson says:

    This is really amazing!!!! 😀 but is it possible to implement only the textures to non rtx devices to give this 3d but not exact vibe

  33. DXTG Josh says:

    I love it!
    + Reading the comments will make you lose braincells

  34. Guest-9673237841 says:

    …This comment section made me lose brain cells.

  35. Guest-4471936207 says:

    Can you pls make this or something close to this for console I’m dying for good shaders that work

  36. Guest-5306325767 says:

    if you can, please make this work on 1.14.6

  37. Guest-9939152780 says:

    it’s a shame this wasn’t here to begin with, amazing pack!

  38. Guest-1607589907 says:

    Im sad since I only have NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650. But this pack looks really cool.

  39. Guest-6915578023 says:

    Please make one for ios

    • BliX5 says:

      RTX is only for Windows 10. Apple devices don’t have graphics cards, let alone NVIDIA RTX cards. It’s impossible for Mojang or the creator to implement a feature that large for mobile devices.

  40. Guest-2599919417 says:

    Dude some of these comments… THIS ONLY WORKS ON WINDOWS 10 COMPUTERS. NO IT DOESN’T WORK ON MOBILE AND CONSOLES. YOU KNOW WHY? BECAUSE THOSE DONT HAVE RTX TECHNOLOGY BUILT INTO THEM… you also need the 1.15 beta and a RTX 2060, 2070, or a 2080. And no it doesnt work on any other graphics card out there. Some people are just so stupid.

  41. Guest-9128961507 says:

    these comments make me go mama mia

  42. Tiny Dragon says:

    Can you please make it for 1.14 I really love this but mine is not on 1.15

    • Nicinator says:

      Raytracing hasn’t been implemented in other versions than 1.15. When raytracing isn’t in the beta any more, it will automatically work in the newest version of Minecraft. (If you have an RTX graphics card)

      • Tiny Dragon says:

        I’m not sure what raytracing is but I have radeon vega graphics card well it still work if I put my Minecraft in beta?

        • TryHardJibs says:

          To answer the first part of your question, ray tracing is a computer graphics techique that allows graphical softwares that support it (e.g. Minecraft, Battlefield V, etc.) to have reflective surfaces on some objects, rays of light, and global illumination that allows light to be more emissive and perhaps more vivid. As a result, computer-generated scenes can look more realistic and gorgeous in lighting and shade.
          To answer the second part of your question, your current GPU, the Radeon Vega, does not support ray tracing or this texture pack at all because it lacks the RT cores that are needed to run software with ray tracing. I know that what I am saying will upset you, but for now you can either wait until you are able to buy a GPU with RT cores or you can wait for the full release 1.16 to access beautiful shaders that may serve as substitutions for ray tracing in Minecraft.

      • Guest-1804109398 says:

        Made my water invisible

      • Simongamer15 says:

        it’s 1.15 now so how come the texture pack doesn’t work?

      • Guest-7735783860 says:

        So will it work on 1.16?

    • mnwilliamn says:

      You get the 1.15 in the Xbox Insider Hub

  43. Guest-3954559135 says:

    Hi can you create this in be/pe…pls… I’d really like to try this

  44. Anonymous says:

    OK, so I’ve already done some ranting on here, but it seems it wasn’t enough.

    The comments seemed divided into two groups, for the most part: the first being those who think this is some kind of fancy shader pack and are confused that it can’t run on their phone, or whatnot, and the others are people who understand what’s going on and are just making fun of them.

    I’m gonna say this right now, and in all caps so it’s hard to miss if you’re going to the comments to complain:


    It is only a texture pack for the RTX beta (version 1.15, Bedrock Edition) that gives the default textures RTX support, which is required. There are other packs you can get that will do the same thing, but this guy is making his own, and its looking pretty good so far. I’ll give it a try when it’s completed/discontinued.

    Nicinator, to avoid confusion, may I suggest you put a message on each screenshot that says “only on the Windows 10 RTX Beta”? This may alleviate some of the confusion for people who only look at the screenshots, and not the description.

  45. Its me again says:

    The texture pack works with the graphic card GTX 1050 ???

  46. Guest-8178009727 says:

    dude make it for 1.14 as well, bc a majority of us are on 1.14.6

  47. Guest-9923311905 says:

    people who think the creator is stupid, it’s you. your phone has no rtx card and is for windows only.

  48. Guest-9207430898 says:

    What’s with the hate comments? If it doesn’t work, deal with it. Especially those who think it works with their mobile device. It won’t work, your mobile phone is not a powerful computer.

  49. Guest-4658120434 says:

    I agree. These ppl have to look at the title and requirements ‘windows 10 only’.

  50. Guest-1021459436 says:

    so many ppl are a bunch of 5 year old idiots or don’t know why it works. It only works on windows with the graphics card and as well as that, ppl say it’s for phones not just for windows. look at the title and requirements. bruh

  51. Guest-5153130569 says:

    Can You Try Making A Non RTX Version Of The Texture Pack Thanks 😉 Best Regards-mikegaven

    • Nicinator says:

      If you want to use a non RTX version of this pack you can just use the vanilla textures. Without any resource pack it looks exactly the same than my pack without RTX.

  52. Guest-3262535693 says:

    whether they have low intellect points or just straight up offensive stupid trolls who you’ll one day see going to hell because of their sin of not understanding a simple concept of programming.

  53. Guest-4905580564 says:

    i don’t want to download this but if i do… then my potato pc is gonna burn because i don’t have one of these brick things [PC]

  54. zeyverOps17 says:

    Yah right!

  55. Guest-8469226615 says:

    Hey I want to tell you that this page is just for mcpe and bedrock edtiton. NO WINDOW!

  56. Guest-9029441494 says:

    so i thought that MOJANG updated the thing (sorry i domt know what its called) on Xbox that makes the shaders work. could you make something simmalar for Xbox. if they didn’t then never minde.

  57. littlexavier gaming says:

    wonder if you could change the light in the nether?

  58. Guest-7808472956 says:

    Hello, im in Windows 10 but when i finish downloading, it say “Exportation Fail”, couls someone help me? thank you

    • mnwilliamn says:

      You need to have the 1.15 beta.

      • Guest-2690673493 says:

        rtx is on 1.16 beta! you idiots! the nether update and the rtx update are both coming in 1.16! you scumbag! right now there both different versions of 1.16 beta.


        • Guest-6215499174 says:

          Wrong. RTX is only on the RTX BETA. It hasn’t been implemented yet.

          • Mr Caterson says:

            Actually render dragon has now been implemented on all minecraft betas starting from 1.15 I believe I know for a fact It’s no in beta. Before start saying it isn’t get your facts check and research before you rat it out to someone they’re wrong when you don’t have evidence to conclude your statement

          • Nicinator says:

            @Mr Caterson
            I tried it out in the 1.16 beta and it didn’t work. It currently only works in the 1.15 beta.

        • mnwilliamn says:

          I know what I am talking about. Be quiet.

        • mnwilliamn says:

          If you didn’t know, 1.15 was “skipped”, and only exclusive to Xbox Insider Hub. 1.15 is the RTX beta, 1.16 is the Nether Update.

  59. Guest-9014863470 says:

    I hope you can make rtx for MCPE to

    • Guest-5792614393 says:

      windows 10 is mcpe you idiot. its mcpe for laptops and desktops.
      by “MCPE” if you meant android then you cant get it. to play rtx you need at least one of these or better:https: //
      do you think one of those realy expensive things are going to fit into a phone or tablet. they don’t even fit in most laptops you idiot! PLUS minecraft is only releasing rtx for windows 10.

      YOU ARE SO SO SOOOOO DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!
      you idiot go F yourself

  60. Guest-8249796046 says:

    Works perfectly on my phone Great!!!

  61. Guest-9439875087 says:

    not working my minecraft is not rtx :/

  62. zeyverOps17 says:


  63. Guest-8156850463 says:

    I put it in (I’m on windows 10) and it says “failed to download read output log for more details”

  64. Guest-7942005747 says:

    I’ve gotten things to work on my iPad so this is my next goal!!!

    Also I don’t like the new feature where you have to log in to rate things

  65. FlaviusFire says:

    (1) First of all, try reading the description. Or in this case, even the title.

  66. FlaviusFire says:

    (2) This is simply a texture pack giving the vanilla textures RTX support IN THE RTX BETA. This beta can only be run on Windows 10, the only current OS supporting the technology used in the beta, and an NVIDIA RTX graphics card, the only current graphics card series currently supporting the technology used in the beta.

  67. FlaviusFire says:


    1. The coding does not exist to support those devices.

    2. None of those devices are powerful enough to run this even if the code was compatible.

    And you know, always read the description. That can save you a lot of time sometimes.


  68. TryHardJibs says:

    This beautiful texture pack gets so many low ratings. People need to understand that it’s only for Windows 10 and not for Mobile. ),:

  69. Guest-7803275971 says:

    He called me dumb. Why should I stop?

    Btw: I am P1xe1at3d.

  70. Guest-6237874124 says:

    Does this texture pack works for 1.16 beta?

  71. CherokeeNative says:

    Fail to upload on windows 10 >.<

  72. LilBoiBoi69420 says:

    “You will also need at least an RTX 2060 GPU to use this pack.”

    Bruh who needs a rtx crad wehn you have a GTX 106-

  73. VALVᴱ says:

    Pc exploded and dad died, thanks Mann

  74. Orestisgames07 says:

    I’m going to try it on my phone when 1.16 or 1.15(prob 1.16)is out. but of course in my pc it’s going to be nice!

  75. Guest-9419908673 says:

    hay are you going to make it for low devies

  76. Guest-2462357521 says:

    Absolutely amazing even though I’m on mobile

  77. Guest-8606026139 says:

    Me:cries in android

  78. Guest-8343492392 says:

    This is for MCPE its sad to see stuff only for windows 10 thats why i came here i came here for mcpe shaders not windows 10

    • Guest-4760041208 says:

      The website is for Bedrock Edition though. It was named before Bedrock Edition was even called Bedrock Edition.

  79. kingofdrago123 says:

    cries in RTX fire (pc on fire) jkjk my pc is fine… coz i havent used it yet

  80. Guest-7355281905 says:

    Why u click bate bro

  81. XDPlayz4517 says:

    Why u dont make for Android just Win10?

  82. D4vian says:

    Rated 5 Stars because of comments

  83. Guest-1986352525 says:

    This texture pack tells me I’m broke in 10 different languages

  84. Guest-3307819533 says:

    I like when people publish an rtx support texture pack because i can see the comments

  85. Guest-8429808251 says:


  86. Guest-4924456073 says:

    so many little kids think this will work on mobile and giving it 1 stars can you guys read!

  87. Guest-6653085473 says:

    I am on windows 10 Minecraft and whenever I download it says to me to check the output log And I don’t understand how to fix it, please fix

  88. Guest-7564223225 says:

    Man,this pack just for windows10 player who have rtx and join beta rtx,if you can’t import,maybe you are on phone,xbox or pc but not have rtx,and if you want to try this but you don’t have it,then it’s useless

  89. Guest-9866681513 says:

    i have a rtx card but its not working plz help me

  90. P1xe1at3d says:

    I cant download it.

  91. ArcStudios05 says:

    Imagine this for iOS…

  92. Guest-7438518952 says:

    im going to ignore the fact that this takes a 2060 GPU and cause my computer to explode. wish me luck

  93. Guest-8361247329 says:

    mobile phones dont support rtx

  94. Guest-1468264265 says:

    Maybe you guys should read the description before giving a 1 to 2 star rating because its not meant to be for mobile or xbox, only RTX for Windows 10.

  95. FlaviusFire says:

    So this is being developed by you? Because Razzlecore RTX, a pack available from NVIDIA’s website is the vanilla textures with RTX support. How is this different?

  96. Ajkray29 says:


  97. Bryan36 says:

    For me he Won’t import !

  98. Guest-9354904592 says:

    It’s doesn’t download

  99. Guest-7534644247 says:

    ya’ll ever wish you could even afford a rtx card

  100. Al rules says:

    Does this work for Xbox?

  101. BlackPistolG says:

    Does it work for mobile devices? Please tell me, now!

  102. yacama says:

    My android is now a nuclear reactor xd
    When I have a powerful pc I will use this pack thanks owo

    • BlackPistolG says:

      Dude… This texture doesn’t work on mobile devices! 😭😭😭😭

      • Guest-2595296676 says:

        Yeah cause it is only for windows 10 and RTX

          • Guest-6382120894 says:

            The reason why it only works for windows 10 is that
            an Xbox and a phone physically can not do ray tracing and only certain computers can do ray reaching as it is a fairly new and advanced technology.

          • Guest-5455544011 says:

            You are so stupid… BlackPistol
            Can you flipping understand that if mobile devices or xbox devices got this they would explode/be unable to play the game due to limitations in an instant? They dont have the graphic card that it’s requiered for this to work you void head

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