Vanilla RTX

Have you ever wanted to use raytracing with the vanilla textures? Then this texture pack could be something for you! Vanilla RTX is a vanilla based RTX texture pack with PBR support.

Release Trailer:

Nether Update Trailer:

More gameplay:

Minecraft Vanilla RTX Survival Series

Note: The trailers have been recorded in old beta versions of Minecraft RTX. There are some small differences compared to the current version.


3D Stone Addon

Smooth Quartz Addon

Clear Glass Addon


Clear Glass

The release 2.5 is out!

Known issues:

  • The shulker box texture isn’t working
  • The soul torch is glowing blue and red at the same time

I would really like to read your feedback about this pack! If you have any suggestions, please comment them below.

Special thanks to Madlad3718 for converting all heightmaps to the new format!

Note: Do not copy any _mer or _normal files I made unless I give you the permission to do so!

Changelog View more
  • Roughness of wood increased
  • Sugar Cane PBR fixed (it doesn't look like plastic anymore)
  • Clear Glass Addon added
  • 3D Stone Addon picture added
  • Smooth Quartz Addon added
  • Description updated
  • Glass is now easier to see (I added the borders of the vanilla textures)
  • Light strength reduced for glowstone and torch
  • Description updated
  • Nether sprouts texture fixed
  • Description updated because the newest AMD graphics cards also support Minecraft RTX

Changed all texture set JSON files and height maps to work in the newest beta.

Fixed bug that caused the new fog to be set to the default values of the rendering engine.

  • Fog customized for all biomes and weather conditions
  • Description updated
  • Roughness of warped and crimson blocks increased
  • Added a JSON file for every single block texture because of the new update
  • Brightness of the nether log blocks reduced
  • 3D Stone Addon added
  • Redstone block brightness changed
  • Eye of ender brightness changed
  • Description updated

Description updated:

  • Changed "Xbox one X" to "Xbox series X" (Xbox one X doesn't exist)
  • Added Vanilla RTX Survival Series playlist
  • Red Sand texture added
  • Redstone brightness increased
  • Animated textures fixed
  • Side of grass block fixed
  • Beehive added
  • All nether update blocks added
  • Brightness of some light sources changed
  • Roughness for logs and stripped logs increased
  • Hopper normal map changed

I figured out what caused a lot of blocks to glow. Now I fixed that and following textures got added:

  • Cactus
  • Bamboo
  • Beetroots
  • Carrots
  • Coral fans
  • Coral plants
  • Deadbush
  • Double plants
  • Fern
  • Flowers
  • Lever
  • Melon stem
  • Mushrooms
  • Nether wart
  • Potatoes
  • Pumpkin stem
  • Saplings
  • Sea pickle
  • Sweet berry bush
  • Tall grass
  • Trip wire
  • Cobweb
  • Wheat
  • Stonecutter normal map fixed
  • Weird glowing effect removed
  • All types of coral added (I missed them somehow)
  • Description updated because MrFishyGotFacts stole my normal maps in SuprecuraCraft ULTRA

Metalness increased slightly for all types of iron (including anvil, hopper, rails, ...)

  • Cake added
  • Conduit added
  • Dried kelp added
  • Flower pot added
  • Snow added
  • Daylight sensor added
  • Podzol added
  • Hay block added
  • Honey block added
  • Honeycomb added
  • Melon added
  • Mob spawner added
  • Mushroom blocks added
  • Lectern added
  • Mycelium added
  • Noteblock added
  • Pumpkin added
  • Jack O’Lantern added
  • Smoker added
  • Turtle egg added
  • Iron bars added
  • Stripped log added
  • Beacon added
  • Normal map for red nether brick and bone block improved
  • Release trailer added
  • Comparator added
  • Dispenser added
  • Dropper added
  • Pistons added
  • Redstone dust added
  • Redstone lamp added
  • Redstone torch added
  • Repeater added
  • Observer added
  • Loom added
  • End stone bricks added
  • Bedrock added
  • Purpur block added
  • Purpur pillar added
  • Dragon egg added
  • Fixed buggy grass top
  • Chorus plant added
  • End rod added
  • Glowstone added
  • All prismarine blocks added
  • Sea lantern added
  • Bone block added
  • Coarse dirt added
  • Grindstone added
  • Jukebox added
  • Scaffolding added
  • Slime block added
  • Sponge added
  • Wet sponge added
  • Stonecutter added
  • TNT added
  • Stone slab added 
  • Hardened clay added (all colors) 
  • Glazed terracotta added (all types) 
  • Secret added 
  • Ladder added 
  • Vines added 
  • Hopper added 
  • Magma block added 
  • Composter added 
  • Rails added 
  • Cauldron added 
  • Nether wart block added 
  • Red nether bricks added
  • All trapdoors added 
  • All sandstone types added 
  • Barrel added 
  • All types of ice added 
  • Bee nest added 
  • Campfire added 
  • All glass panes added 
  • Coal block added 
  • Diamond block added 
  • Emerald block added 
  • Gold block added 
  • Lapis block added 
  • Redstone block added (it's glowing red!) 
  • Coal ore is now more rough 
  • Crafting table added 
  • Cartography table added 
  • Fletcher table added 
  • Smithing table added
  • Description updated
  • Fixed the featured image to show correctly instead of distorted.


System requirements:

  • Device: PC
  • Supported graphics cards: NVIDIA RTX 20xx, NVIDIA RTX 30xx, AMD Radeon RX 60xx

How to install:

Vanilla RTX:

  • Download "Vanilla-RTX-v2.5.mcpack" from this page
  • Run the file
  • Minecraft will import the file automatically
  • Select "Vanilla RTX" inside the global resources settings
  • Have fun ;-)

Any Addon:

  • Install Vanilla RTX
  • Download an addon from this page
  • Run the file
  • Minecraft will import the file automatically
  • Select the addon inside the global resources settings (it needs to be on top of "Vanilla RTX")
  • Have fun ;-)

Note: This is NOT a shader pack! It ONLY works with an RTX capable graphics card!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.200 1.16.201 RTX Beta



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611 Responses

4.71 / 5 (104 votes)
  1. GokuT43 says:

    I have a PS5 and it doesn’t work, I even tried to go to settings and enable Ray Tracing but it was still grayed out and wouldn’t let me select it.

  2. Pancake99 says:

    Absolute masterpiece, this is my default pack since the release of rtx, i love all the detail you put in here, but i have some suggestions: the grass path texture is a little heavy to me, maybe lower the normal/height map a bit or the density of the variations of altitude, i like the medieval rtx pack version more of this block as it looks a bit cleaner, also it looks a bit tiled at some points bc the sides are kinda less dense and creates a noticeable grid pattern in some buildings. The water is so realistic but it makes it a bit difficult to distinguish between water and non-water areas, it is not a big deal. Also i was wondering if you could release an addon with glowing ores, i really like them in some custom caves i do so it would be a nice touch. thanks for reading and keep up the awesome work! cheers :))

  3. torsten85 says:

    Love this pack!
    Here you get some feedback / bug report
    1. banner does not work, everyone is just completely blank.
    2. When you have a high FOV, the shield and for example pixaxe floats very strangely in front of you.

    keep up the good work

  4. Kamu says:

    Can i have the 3D stone texture?
    Beacuse i didnt have rtx card

  5. momokobo says:

    This should have been part of the official RTX support release. Demo maps are nice and impressive but who really plays on them? Pack works fine and with the addon glass it’s looking amazing.

  6. Blackkingquad says:

    I love this texture pack. I have encountered a few non major issues though. Regarding the Illager Banner, they only show up as a white banner, and banners made on a loom with a pattern only show the base color and are semi transparent. These in no means makes it unplayable and I am thrilled to use this pack because it’s low impact and looks beautiful. Thank you so much for providing it for us.

  7. Llamaduckx says:

    I’m a huge fan on this pack but there is one thing that bothers me and its that when stacking glass panes the bottom of the pane is visible through the glass. I’m not sure if this is just Minecraft being broken or if it’s fixable in the pack but if you can pleeeeease can you fix it?

  8. Casey708 says:

    Will this rtx work on a old Xbox one or do I need to get the new Xbox SX

  9. m4sterpwner says:

    Great pack – looks really awesome on RTX GPUs, and the ongoing updates are much appreciated. Funny request, are you able to put your previous, more reflective wood block textures back as an add-on? Thanks!

  10. verix says:

    As always, thank you for keeping update on this marvalous texturepack!
    Just a small question, I just found the torch light in the Nether to be very dim. Is this made on purpouse

    • Nicinator says:

      The torch light is always very dark in the nether. This is something that can’t be changed. I hope they add a way to change the brightness of torches in the nether. A good alternative to torches would be fire or glowstone.
      The torches in Minecraft RTX are always a bit strange. They have a hard coded light that can’t be changed in color or brightness (even if the torch should be off it’s still glowing) and they have additional light from the resource pack. This is the only thing I can change. But even when I set it to the highest possible level, it’s still way too dark because the hard coded light is missing in the nether.

      • verix says:

        Really hope they make it more flexible. So many issues they didn’t and probably aren’t going to patch soon, yet they don’t allow other developers to look into it.

  11. Rougecrayfish15 says:

    It is a good vanilla shader, however, I have three problems with it. When you turn the RTX off, the water disappears. It is not enough to stop me from giving it 5 stars regardless though. I’m not sure if you can do anything about that, as changing it might make the water look worse with RTX on or something of the sort, but if you could see if you can, that would be most appreciated.

    My second issue is that smooth quartz isn’t smooth with RTX on, it has a blocky texture on it, I am not sure if this is to do with the 3D stone or not, but it can really ruin a build if the smooth quartz isn’t smooth. I haven’t played around with the RTX to pick up any other problems than these two. Again, this isn’t enough to stop me from giving this 5 stars, but I would like to see this issue fixed to some extent.

    My third problem, which makes me give this otherwise excellent RTX shader the 4 stars is that a lot of the wooden blocks seem incredibly plastic, particularly when it is lit up in an otherwise dark area, such as by a lantern, fire, or torch. It has a mild amount of reflection that doesn’t look very nice, and again, makes it look like it is made of plastic. I’d recommend fixing this issue the most, though if it cannot be done for whatever reason (I have no idea how to make these things, I’m just a shlub on the internet with opinions, what else is new?) it won’t be enough for me to entirely hate this pack.

    Overall, it is a good RTX shader, and definitely worth getting, as there aren’t many Vanilla RTX packs around at the moment. If you fixed the issues I highlighted above, this pack could definitely become one of the best around. On a side note, maps in item frames can be seen through nether portals and glass blocks in a strange way. I’m not sure if that is fixable, I have seen it before on another RTX pack, but if you could try to solve it, I would be grateful. Otherwise, 4/5, 5/5 with improvements, would recommend.

    • Nicinator says:

      The issue with the water can’t be fixed without making the water worse with RTX on. If I add a water texture, it looks like plastic if RTX is enabled. I already tried to fix this but I couldn’t find a way to change the roughness of the water surface. The only solution I found was to remove the water texture. This makes the surface very reflective like it is right now.

      The problem with the quartz you mentioned can be fixed. I just have to change the height map for that. But because I think it looks good how it is right now I will make an addon to my pack called “smooth quartz” that makes the surface completely flat. Then you can choose if you want to have smooth quartz or not.

      The wooden planks I made were originally designed to look like the wooden floor I have at home. It is very reflective like plastic. But if you want to have a less reflective version of that I could change the roughness of wood in the next update.

      The rendering issues of maps through transparent blocks is a known issue of the render dragon (the new rendering engine). There is nothing I can do about that. I hope Microsoft fixes this as soon as possible.

      Thanks for your honest feedback.

      • Rougecrayfish15 says:

        The new wood and smooth quartz textures look great. However, as I have played with this RTX pack, I have picked up on another problem. With RTX off, nether portals become so faint that they become invisible. I assume this may be a similar issue as with the water, but I shall tell you nonetheless. Also, the Void in the End looks like T.V static with RTX off. Otherwise, the RTX pack is positively flawless.

        • Nicinator says:

          The problem with the nether portal is exactly the same like the problem with the water. When I change it to the default texture it looks worse with RTX on. But I can try to make it less transparent.
          Sadly there is nothing I can do about the end with RTX off.

    • Flypig says:

      First of all, congratulations on the texture, it’s incredible. But I saw that these times you put borders on the glass, before it was transparent. I went to update the texture and my transparent constructions were strange, can I go back to the old version that had transparent glass? it was really incredible. thanks.

  12. zomgitschu says:

    I’m a little confused. I downloaded the pack that ISN’T the 3D stone addon but everything still looks like it has some 3D texture on it. Is this intentional?

  13. cAptive says:

    I have a question, it’s maybe a stupid question but what happening if you connect an eGPU like Razer Core with an RTX card inside on a phone via USB C. It will work ?

  14. omg why it dont work on my phone on broke and cant read the description cuz im blind :(((((((

  15. It seems awesome but when I load it the only thing it does is make water black and invisible. I’m pretty sure it’s something I’m doing but can you give any advice?

  16. verix says:

    Very happy to see you updating your shader frequently. I’ll keep following!



  18. Dragomfite565 says:

    can you include a subpacks for clear glass and clearwater, classic glass and classic water, clear glass and classic water, classic glass and clear water so we can choose what combination we want? that’s the only reason this pack isn’t a five stars from me, i love the rest of the textures better than kellys RTX and all the other ones

  19. verix says:

    My my, this pack looks soooooo amazing I love it. Throughout my last 10 years I’ve played more minecraft then I’d like to admit, then I got a 3080 thought I gave minecraft another try. You RTX pack makes me want to start a new world and play more.
    ps. I think it’s a shame all the rtx packs don’t do anything about the surfaces in rains. Is it some technical limitation? Also the caverns are unrealistically foggy during rains too, you might wanted to know.

    • Nicinator says:

      Sadly there is nothing I can do about the fog and the surfaces of blocks during rain. There is no way to change material properties depending on the weather. And the fog is broken in caves for some reason I don’t exactly know.

  20. 81k8 says:

    Upgrading to RTX2060 soon, will this work in global resources? I’d like to try it out on realms/servers.


  21. casualkev says:

    Loving this pack! Love the bump to the materials in rtx mode!
    Only one issue. Friend of mine plays with a non rtx card and if i switch to no rtx mode… glass is invisible.

  22. Zork772 says:

    el paquete de texturas RTX es una locura es increíble y me encanta, pero e notado errorcitos como atraso para que la luz desaparezca como el caso de la linterna marina, quizá se deba a que Minecraft with RTX, ya es oficial, espero con ansias la próxima actualización de este paquete, gracias por hacer el Ray Tracing una realidad :3

  23. Complainant says:

    Ok. I thought this website is for mcpe and yet i saw this for console and pc only.
    This is something.
    This ain’t for mobile version or “Pocket edition” and why is it here?

  24. MrBroncus says:

    Hey Nicinator, realy love your TP 🙂 I always recommend it during my Livestreams. I was just wondering, if it’s possible, to provide an extra file to ad the “standart glass” with lines/boundaries? And another extra file for the water which is not so clear. Both files same as in Kelly’s one. (yeah i could use this, but i like yours more). I would even pay/donate in advance for it 🙂 let me know if this is a opportunity 😀 best regards, Dave aka MrBroncus

    • Nicinator says:

      Hi MrBroncus
      Yes, I can make the extra files for my pack. Sadly I don’t have enough time this week to make it. But next week there will be an update for the pack that includes the additional files.
      You don’t have to pay for the update or the pack itself because I want this pack to be free. But if you want to donate, feel free to do it. 🙂
      The only problem is that I don’t know how you could donate. Do you know an easy way how to set something up for that?

    • JaeSucksAtLife says:

      YES! I love your pack but to be honest the water kind of hurts my eyes. A lot of RTX packs have this supper reflective water witch is great for photos but playing the game at least for me it hurts my eyes.

  25. Long Drong says:

    Thank god this resource pack exists. They should put this for free on the marketplace. (And pay the author)

  26. bullipatty says:

    RTX is finally out of Beta and I’m very happy to see that the newest version of your Resourcepack still works there too

  27. BorgWarner says:

    Could the light output of torches etc be reduced a bit? I get quite a bit of ray-trace noise (little dots of light for a split second) on semi-reflective surfaces (eg planks), I’ve tried other packs without super bright torches and the noise is way less

  28. Kcmata101 says:

    When I got my PC and bought an RTX graphics card I will try this out (I will not deactivate it 😉 also, can i modify this? I want to make the parts of the nether vines and other specific ores glow, can i modify it?

    • Nicinator says:

      You don’t have to modify it. If you use Kelly’s RTX pack you will have glowing nether vines and many different tweaks that my pack doesn’t include. But if you want to modify my pack, feel free to do it. But you are not allowed to upload the modified version yourself. Unless you modify every single texture.

  29. Nincinator, what’s the exact difference between the normal and 3D stone versions

  30. XxG3TR3KTxX591 says:

    the nether_sprounts are glitched out in the nether

  31. bullipatty says:

    very good

  32. Steeeeve says:

    My Low-end RTX pack is going to be accepted on MCPEDL soon, it’ll probably be accepted tomorrow or today, don’t forget to check it out when it’s here!

  33. Sleekman says:

    Hey, really do like this pack, however, I’m having an issue where the fungus grass in the nether is a purple and black texture for me. Ive tried installing via the texture pack folder placed into the resource pack folder, and also running the mcpack file, and while it successfully applies every other texture and it runs fine, the grass is the only thing im having an actual issue with. However i havent been to the End so im not sure if there are any issues there. Im running an RTX 3090 on the latest NVIDIA drivers for reference.

    • Nicinator says:

      The problem is that I forgot to change the heightmap of this texture to the new format. This makes the texture break. It will be fixed in the next update.

      • Sleekman says:

        Oh okay cool, I thought i was going crazy since nobody else mentioned it and i had assumed it got fixed in a previous update and i was having some kind of one of a kind error. Thank you for help. Love the resource pack by the way. In my opinion yours has the best looking lighting out of all of them.

  34. GrayEliteWolf says:

    Hey, everyone, my computer has an RTX 2060 but when I equip this thing it doesn’t do anything how do I enable it?

  35. Dragomfite565 says:

    Awesome pack, its the main one I use for RTX, sorry for all the morons saying “WhY cAnT tHiS rUn On My IpAd”

  36. Perronel says:

    Hello creator, the package is very great but I installed it, but it told me a warning that I have to delay the tracing of stripes but it says that my device is not compatible I am playing from PC WINDOWS 10

    • Perronel says:

      how can i fix it i can’t play with this texture pack

    • Nicinator says:

      If it says that the device is not compatible, it is exactly like that. You need to buy an NVIDIA RTX graphics card for your device or it won’t work.

      • Doodoo123 says:

        Than don’t say it works for Series X and S and PS5 because it doesn’t. They have AMD chips you fool.

        • Nicinator says:

          I know that they have different graphics cards. But because Perronel said that he has Windows 10 I knew that it only worked on NVIDIA RTX graphics cards. Now I know that the newest generation AMD cards on PC also work. Therefore I will update the description for that.
          Btw. it works on Xbox Series X/S and PS5. There is already gameplay of a demo version available on youtube.

          • Doodoo123 says:

            Yes Raytracing works on Series X and S.

            We know that!

            But a pack like this that is for Nvidia will not work with the Series S and X.

            That demo you saw was an old Dev build that isn’t being close to ready.

            The Xbox Series X and S can’t see your pack because it’s for Nvidia RTX only.

            Xbox and PS5 do not use RTX. RTX is a word for Nvidia Ractracing. AMd on consoles is vasley different and not called RTX.

        • Gamershy says:

          Reply button gone on your last comment, so I’m replying here.
          You’re entirely wrong lmfao… RTX does refer to nVidia’s side, but Series S and X, as well as PS5 do, in fact, support ray tracing as you already stated, but when resource packs add support for such a feature, it is NOT based on whether it’s AMD or nVidia. The resoruce pack simply provides assets to add bump mapping, reflection mapping, height maps, etc to textures for the ray tracing to interact with. It doesn’t lock the pack to AMD or nVidia in any way. Do some research before you spout incorrect nonsense lmao.

  37. Steeeeve says:

    Wait, I meant we can’t use the _mer and _normal textures, sorry, I was thinking about it in Java Edition code

  38. Steeeeve says:

    So here’s what we’ve got to do, we can’t use the _s and _n textures because they won’t work on GTX and that’s for displaying PBR on the textures, so that means we need to remake them into an accurate PBR look that doesn’t use _s and _n textures. We also need to give the sun and the moon a blooming look as well as retexture the sky to match the RTX sky from the RTX Beta gameplay. The good thing is that it’s less harder to do so we’ve got this under control. I’m going to try this right now and I’ll tell you all how it’s going and what’s left to do.

  39. Steeeeve says:

    I think I might have a solution to convert some RTX features for GTX, we use the current block textures, remake the block textures to be 3D just as similar as the PBR for RTX and then we test them with other shaders. We also need to make the environment look like RTX, for example, the sun, moon and much more. I know it sounds retarded, but some things need to be tested first to prove that it works or not then you can say what you think about it.

    • Nicinator says:

      It is possible to make your own 3D models in the future. Mojang announced it on the last livestream. The colors of the sky can also be changed. But it’s not possible to make shadows based on the position of light sources or reflections.

  40. Madlad3718 says:

    Are you aware of the new heightmap formatting introduced in You can use the new documentation to make your resource pack work again.

    • Nicinator says:

      Yes, I realized it yesterday. In a few days it will be fixed.

    • Nicinator says:

      I tried to fix the issue with the heightmap but I wasn’t able to fix a single texture. Every time I wrote “heightmap” instead of “normal” in a JSON file the texture changes to a purple and black texture. I even copied the entire code from the texture set documentation and it wasn’t working. I tried to rename the _normal files to _heightmap and it still didn’t work. I honestly think that the documentation is wrong or it’s a bug with the new heightmaps. For the moment I can’t fix this problem.

  41. frying_pan says:

    I think the latest update in the beta may have broke some textures, like glass and quartz blocks and a bunch of others. Thanks for the incredible RTX pack!

  42. houseuhtred says:

    Hello! This pack brings a breath of fresh air into Minecraft, and it’s inspired me to create some of my own addons for the game.

    I have created an addon which add 16 varieties of colored glowstone. Do I have your permission to use your mer and normal textures if I were to publish this addon? (I will credit you)

    • Nicinator says:

      You can use my _mer and _normal files as a template if you want to but you are not allowed to just copy them. This means you have to modify the textures that you copied from Vanilla RTX. If you do this please credit me.
      Alternatively you could make a pack that can be used with every RTX pack combined. Then you only have to make the glowstone textures and nothing else.

  43. Tristan7046 says:

    I do not have an windows 10 lol. Btw this is the great RTX packs

  44. TheAcrobat says:

    This looks great mate! cant wait to finally get everything for my rtx build and start using this!

  45. Sk92300 says:

    Don’t look at comments. You’ll get cognitive deterioration followed by a minor case of serious brain injury.

    Seriously tho, why does these people think it would work on mobile? Are they just little kids or gravely retarded?

    Anyway this resourcepack is great.

  46. DJ muffin says:

    I got a question to ask will this work for xbox series X/S and PlayStation 5?

  47. I love this pack! I use it so much to take screenshots for my addons. Thank you so much for making this amazing pack!

  48. AdventureKing123 says:

    I won’t work for me =(

    • Mr Caterson says:

      Wdym by won’t work if you’re talking about the rtx then it won’t this is an rtx supported texture pack and you need some requirements to get rtx in the rtx beta

  49. Steeeeve says:

    Don’t worry about getting scammed from this, just give it a try, there’s no pressure 🙂

  50. basil says:

    kids are annoying

  51. basil says:

    kids always suck
    just idiots

  52. KnowledgeWhale says:

    Absolutely love this texture pack, me and my friend played with it all the time and we’re really happy that you were so quick to add that JSON file. The only problem now is that it no longer gets pitch black when there are no light sources nearby. So when we go into caves, we no longer have to use torches to see and there isn’t nearly as much thrill of venturing into caves as there was. I was just wondering if there is any way to fix that, and if so, are you working on it? If there isn’t a way to fix it, it’s whatever, we’re both going to use the texture pack regardless because it’s simply the best one out there to us. Great job and we can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us. 🙂

  53. Herogamer340 says:

    I don’t get it just made the water transparent

  54. LegendGamer11065 says:

    This worked very well for my Series X it looked so amazing everything just looked so much better and was very different from what shaders i had before the Render Dragon Update, hopefully it will look even better when it gets fully optimized for the Series X 11/10

  55. PhantomX says:

    you don’t need RTX card for this
    you only need a graphics card that supports ray-tracing

  56. Unknown Boi says:

    Its just nice thats all

  57. Steeeeve says:

    RTX packs are about to change thanks to my idea, RTX with GTX. Every single RTX Pack creator will try the best they can to get RTX to work with GTX. Get ready to be hyped GTX players, RTX is coming to GTX soon all from a new pack!

    • Nicinator says:

      I won’t try my best to make RTX for GTX cards because I only make textures. How should a simple texture pack be able to speed up GTX cards while enabling a feature that only RTX cards have? That is literally impossible to do. GTX cards don’t have any RT cores that are specifically made for path tracing / ray tracing. Theoretically it is possible to do path tracing without a specific hardware. You only need a processor. But the results will be terrible. If a CPU calculates the path tracing at the same quality as Minecraft RTX does right now, it will probably stay below 5 FPS even with a high end processor. The only way to improve the FPS would be to reduce the quality by a LOT. Which means every reflection will only show one or two pixels upscaled to an entire block. Every light source would only send out about 100 rays which would look bad after a distance of a few blocks. And the normal maps would need to have a lower quality as well.
      In my opinion it is really not worth to try high quality path tracing on a GTX card because of the reasons I listed above.
      For all GTX users: RTX for GTX will probably never come out. The only alternative is to “fake” the path tracing. Minecraft: Java Edition shaders look almost as good as Minecraft RTX even without path tracing because they only show reflections of blocks that are already visible on the screen and the sun is the only light source that casts shadows (this is not true for PTGI shaders).

      • PythonLover123 says:

        Thank you for sharing this information with us.

        But could you try to create a shader that fakes the lighting like the java edition shader, but works for win10 bedrock edition pls?

        i have been searching for one for so long and the only good one that I found was esbe, but that doesn’t have well defined shadows, so if you could make one that works then that would be awesome.

      • SalamUchiha says:

        Don’t even look at this Nicinator, these comments are just from people who are filled with jealousy and entitlement due to their inability to afford RTX Gpus. They are pitiful, pathetic people that are meant to be ignored.

  58. LAgamer says:

    heres a much better way to get minecraft rtx like graphics on a windows 10 computer without an rtx graphic card:

    1: download minecraft java edition
    2:download and install optifine 1.14.4
    3:download BSL shaders
    4:download hardtop vanillaccurate texture pack for minecraft java
    5: apply both the shader and texture pack
    6: use

    going through this whole process is better then having to buy a new pc with rtx grahics card and getting minecraft rtx beta.

    • Nicinator says:

      I know that the Java Edition shaders are really good (most of the times even better than Minecraft RTX, especially the water and the sky). But you shouldn’t rate 1 star on my pack in my opinion because you aren’t rating my pack. You are instead rating the fact that you need an RTX graphics card for this.
      I would also rather use the Java Edition shaders instead of buying a new PC. But I already had the graphics card. Therefore I decided to use Minecraft RTX.

      Btw. all shaders of the Java Edition work in 1.16.3 as well.

    • FlossingWig250 says:

      Yeah why are you rating one star. What did the creator of this pack do?

    • BliX5 says:

      1. A lot of people don’t have java.
      2. RTX has much better graphics than BSL.
      3. This website is for bedrock, not java.
      why tf are you on this website if you hate bedrock



  60. basil says:

    fix the ratings everyone
    make mulitple comments that give 5 stars
    so we can fix the rating that kids messed up

  61. Oh yeah! also.. I’ll credit your pack, with a link!! and some info, since I AM using this to help

  62. Hey!! I was wondering if I could use this for like.. I guess a base-line for an attempt to create a vanilla RTX pack on my own? I will be sure to make sure ALL of the textures are different from yours.. But I wanna kinda use this as a sort of help, or guidance to help me create my very first Minecraft texture pack! This is hands-down my favorite resource pack, and I praise ya for it! Plus you’ve inspired me to wanna do this, so thank you so much!! 😀

  63. 2rc3mijehtgcryjehawe says:

    I don’t like this vanilla rtx i also use windows 10

  64. 2rc3mijehtgcryjehawe says:

    This thing cannot work for me. my version is 1.16.40

  65. MazeWave says:

    Very Unique RTX resource pack, you should try it now !

  66. There Is No THJ says:

    bruh why on earth would rtx come to mobile ugh people these days btw love how aesthetic pictures are with rtx keep up the good work

  67. basil says:

    hey can you increase the res to higher values? like 128 or 256 or maybe even 512
    i like my game have extra detail

  68. RichyWasHere says:

    Looks really cool! Although I don’t have an RTX graphics card, ray tracing looks really cool. Just making a 5 star review to fix the rating, otherwise the 5 year olds who say that it doesn’t work for mobile and take down the rating of this amazing pack! Anyways amazing pack!

  69. HydroxxOfficial says:

    What happens if i load this texture pack on my high-end phone?

  70. SKA says:

    I tested it on android and it did something strange, like.
    1. Where is the water?
    2. On xbox and PS4, it has only 60 FPS and not RTX for them.
    3. What RTX support for xbox series x and PS5.
    4. The ray tracing is so nice for stronger device.
    5. Can you plz do it for android if you know how?
    I m so sad??????

    • SKA says:

      Missing RTX:
      1. Why aren’t there MOBS and players shadows, it will be better.
      2. When we put the addons, it must read the lincese to do their shadow
      3. I m not sure if it has 3D blocks or not

    • Nicinator says:

      I don’t own a big graphics card company like NVIDIA. It is impossible for me to make my own RTX. This pack is not RTX. It only enables it for RTX capable devices. And it adds a lot of different material properties for every block in the game (if RTX is enabled).

  71. Joesph858 says:

    Funny for you to think the PS5 will support this pack XDDDD the ps4 didn’t even have a way to get mods, you had to plug stuff into it lmfao yet again, they weren’t even able to run most packs or mods! they are so limited that minecraft shortened their file for minecraft so then the game can run “smoother” but ye Xbox has full edition with FULL pack capabilities and running engines within it self, my xbox has 34 mods installed for minecraft including packs skins and minecraft better stuff, so congrats playstation you suck lmfaoooo

  72. SverdHerre says:

    Does this work for Windows 10? I tried it and it didn’t do anything. I could just be being stupid though lol.

  73. Larry Bobs says:

    Will this overheat My computer?

  74. CubeMaster says:

    Yay My RTX 2070 super arrived today!

  75. UcklirTheGamer says:

    80% of the comment

  76. MinecraftMaster99 says:

    plss make this supported with gtx cards.

    • GTX cards aren’t capable of Ray Tracing for a reason, that reason being an obvious one; frequently crashing

    • That’s not how it works mate. Even RTX cards struggle to run the RTX beta super super well, and that’s with DLSS enabled. A powerful GTX card might be able to run this, but to keep from literally breaking your GPU they’ve limited it to RTX cards only.

      If you’re interested in getting an RTX card, they just announced a new, upcoming line the other day, with a lot of power for the price. I recommend you wait until those come out if you want to upgrade!

    • ScroopyNoopers says:

      The creator of this pack cannot decide whether its on gtx cards, dumba

  77. Hi, this is simply the best RTX pack. I really enjoy playing Minecraft with your texture pack for Minecraft RTX Beta (even though my RTX 2060 super is tortured by that ?)
    Can you please fix that bug with grass?

  78. Looks like I was beat to asking, but the RTX beta got a big update yesterday, most notably the Nether Update features. Are these textures done already, and if not will they be out soon?

  79. CoolName says:

    Hey! I really love your texture pack for RTX Beta! Since it got updated recently, the sides of a grass block emit light for some reason and features from new nether (soul fire, soul lantern, etc.) don’t also emit light. If you will update it sometime me and others who use it will be happy! Thanks!

  80. ImOhaMED1234 says:

    I rated 5 because it worked on my alt pc that has rtx 2080ti, but does it work on non rtx pc??
    Because my own pc is gtx and something its just isn rtx graphics card.

  81. Epic AdiGamerBoy says:

    I know it’s a PBR Ressource Pack for RTX, but can I test it on my phone??I hope it will not burn LOL

    • Nicinator says:

      If you use this on your phone the only thing that happens is that some textures are changed.

    • Call Of Nothing says:

      You Stupid Moron,You Dumb Fuck,You Absolute Buffon RTX İs Not A Shader.İt İs A Technology That İs Aimed At Making Light Simulation More Realistic.You Need A Nvidia Graphics Card For RTX But İt İs Super Laggy İf You Are Not Using Nvidia RTX Line Of Graphics Cards. So Microsoft(The Owner Of Minecraft)And Mojang(Developer Of Minecraft) Made Minecraft RTX Beta Only For Nvidia RTX Line Of Graphics Cards.You Cannot Put A Graphics Card İn A Phone Or Tablet Because They Need So Much Cooling. Even İf You Put A Nvidia RTX Graphics Card İn A Phone İt Would Be Very Hot You Couldnt Hold Your Phone Or Tablet Because A Graphics Cards Reach Tempretures Of 60-70-80 Celcius With Pc Cooling. That Temperatures Can Burn Your Hands İf You Hold İt For Even 10 Seconds.Thats Why You Cant Use RTX On İOS And Android Even İf You Get RTX Beta Running On A Phone İt Would Probably Explode Because Of Overheating.But I Dont Think You Understand This Because You Are Probably A Five Year Old Looking At Your Logic That Makes You A Stupid Moron,Dumb Fuck And An Absolute Buffon.I Think No One Needs To Write Another Comment Here Because He Will Probably Dont Understand.

      -Call Of Nothing

  82. CyberTerf says:

    I know its for win10 only but i tried in my phone only invisible water lol?

    • Epic AdiGamerBoy says:

      the invisibildy glass or water is in the texture, because it should be reflected from rtx. try it with shader that are reflecting glass and water lol

  83. Rispyif says:

    Why does this look better than actual Minecraft RTX?

    • Because this one’s done better. The Razzleberries one is OK but this takes up a notch. I did a YouTube video featuring this texture pack if anyone’s interested, the channel link is on my profile.

  84. lexieseneran01 says:

    I wish this shader compatible in android 3 year i wait and then i dissapointed yeah im a poor guy i dont have pc i hope creator read this i really dissapointed im so sad thanks???

  85. G8b8m8ir8outofa8 says:

    I did this on my iPhone yeah it kinda worked but then stopped running

  86. So this afternoon I reinstalled the RTX version of Minecraft and ported over the map “ihou” (one of the ones that was reviewed on from Java Edition and just wandered in it for probably half an hour with your resource pack. I still cannot believe how amazingly good the technology in the RTX beta looks, and how much your texture pack enhances it. To everyone else I fully recommend doing the same thing, it’s incredible to experience.

    Your resource pack is amazing and has my full support. Keep it up mate!

  87. EddyAftermath says:

    Its not working in game…

  88. Looks like it’s coming along well! I wish I could try it but my game auto-updated past the RTX beta version.

    I’m sorry you had your textures stolen. Hopefully no one else does either.

  89. Guest-6599664017 says:

    WOW It looks awesome but I only have mobile :/

  90. SuprecuraCraft Ultra had your textures while I was working on mine but the next update replaces them with the ones that I’ve finished, Sorry bout that

  91. Guest-9223571786 says:

    The fact on how children that have their mom’s look at minion memes on Facebook all day don’t know how a pc works. Lmao.

  92. Guest-9978961850 says:

    Could you plz make something for Android??PE

  93. Guest-2271343096 says:

    mine doesn’t work, its windows 10, but it doesn’t work

  94. Nicinator says:

    E-Mail adress for mediafire copyright infringement: [email protected]

  95. Guest-2564652023 says:

    The comment section makes me get angry as hell. :I

    Btw it looks very good! I cannot wait to the rtx update to be release and try this texture pack (I also need to buy a good PC xD), thank’s for making this content for the bedrock community! n.n

  96. Madlad3718 says:

    The normals and mers in this pack are really stylized and likable. Unlike any other RTX resource pack made so far! Keep up the good work, and thank you for persevering through all of this stupidity and toxicity.

    Hope you are able to deal justice to all of the people stealing your content 🙁

  97. OK, two things real quick.

    1. Bug Report: In version 1.0 of this pack (two updates ago, I haven’t tried the latest version yet) scaffolding was glowing, rather brightly. I think it still could be a bug, as I haven’t seen it mentioned as fixed in the changelog.

    2. You all may ignore this, but this resource pack has nothing to do with the good shading in the pictures. The RTX beta is what makes that appear. But to turn it on, you have to use one of these texture packs. That’s pretty much all this is; the vanilla textures with RTX beta support. USING THIS PACK WILL NOT GIVE YOU RTX.

    And yes, I know that there’s more to this pack then that, I’m just dumbing it down a little.

  98. HNM says:

    can you pls make a bedrock rtx for android pls.

  99. CubeMaster says:

    Ok I think I’m gonna upgrade to RTX, is RTX 2060 enough? (1080p)

    • That’s what I have in my machine, and it’s totally playable in an average world and looks gorgeous. I will say if you have a lot of built structures around you that your framerate may drop below 60 or even 50, but even then it’s still very playable. Make sure that you have upscaling turned on as well if you do, it raises the performance by a lot.

    • Nicinator says:

      If you are like me and you want to have 60 FPS with 24 chunks render distance and with a lot of reflecting blocks nearby you will need an RTX 2080 or better.

      • Guest-8016679616 says:

        well, I enjoy 8 chunks thanks LMAO. RTX 2080 is really expensive maybe a 2070 i’m not sure yet. but yep Nvidia was success they forced me to throw away my GTX. ;-;

    • Guest-3617266209 says:


  100. Guest-2831617081 says:

    Will this be available for future versions?

  101. Guest-7866299933 says:

    Would this run on my late 2019 Razer blade Stealth? it has a 10th gen 4 core i7, and a gtx 1650 inside. soooooo, im pretty sure that gtx cards can run rtx with nvidia rtx support. idk.

  102. Killabell2 says:

    Idk why so many mobile players are complaining I’ve been waiting soo long to get a good pack on win 10 and most of the shader packs on this site are for mobile.

  103. Anonymatum says:

    Mmhhh,i think what happens if i put it in my phone haha

  104. Guest-4537306904 says:

    Apparently people are confused on what this is, so to be clear:
    – RTX is a specific type of graphics card. You can NOT get it on mobile. It’s not an OS or piece of software. One of these suckers is probably bigger than your phone.
    – The Minecraft RTX Beta was made by NVidia to let Minecraft use the power of RTX cards.
    – This is not a shader. This is a texture pack for the Minecraft RTX Beta. It only works with that beta.
    – If you have an RTX graphics card, you can use this pack by getting the Minecraft RTX Beta from the XBox insider hub app. You will lose your world data.

    Hope that clarifies a few things.

  105. Guest-2024946072 says:

    Ahhh… I love this comment section.
    Who else feeling the same?

  106. MajorExperiments says:


    just wish it worked with the latest versions

    because i dont want to downgrade

    good job tho!

    • Nicinator says:

      It doesn’t work in 1.16 because it uses ray tracing that only works in the 1.15 RTX beta. When RTX releases it will automatically work in the newest version. But I have no idea when this will be.

  107. Guest-7314470879 says:

    Can you do the android version

  108. Guest-3722929247 says:

    If I dual booted a version of android that was ported to non arm PCs on a laptop that has rtx would it work?

  109. Guest-8707146471 says:

    I’m on 1.16 is there any way to downgrade so I can use this

    • Nicinator says:

      Yes, there is a way to do this:
      1. Open the Xbox Insider Hub app.
      2. Click the Insider content tab on the left-hand menu.
      3. Click the Minecraft for Windows 10 tile.
      4. Click Manage.
      5. Select the Minecraft for Windows 10 RTX Beta.
      6. Click Done. Minecraft will automatically install the RTX Beta build via the Microsoft Store.

      Note: You should backup your worlds because you may have to reinstall the game if it doesn’t do it automatically.

    • Guest-9011407041 says:

      I was asking the same question too

  110. Guest-8774985161 says:

    Does this work with GTX cards? (NVIDIA has RTX support for them)

  111. Guest-7147769602 says:

    BEFORE YOU START SCREAMING, READ THE DESCRIPTION! This is a pack that is made for people who use rtx, since it requires you to use a pack. It is not some magical creation the ported RTX to mobile, since that is impossible. Any device other than windows 10 that runs bedrock is not powerful enough, and it’s not the creators fault.

  112. Guest-2181931508 says:

    Its only mcbe windows 10 rtx card should be needed. BUT ALSO MOBILE PLAYERS PLEASE USE ESBE 2G INSTEAD

  113. Guest-7628106495 says:

    Pls fix this RTX for 1.16

  114. Guest-9699920507 says:

    Lot of people are being angry cuz they on mobile.Idk why there is sooo many mobile players

    • Guest-8389261159 says:


      • naahsiiopp says:

        an rtx 2060 is like 300 bucks and you are screaming about “nasa monster pcs”, take a moment and take step back. these are children that don’t know how computers work and you saying this isn’t making things any better, so calm down and think before you speak.

  115. Guest-2996579221 says:

    Do you think you could just port ove the shiny iron block to mobile or does that also require the rtx thing?

  116. Guest-9594019045 says:

    Can you make a version of this for mobile? Now before people start screaming at me for being stupid I know that I would need a Windows 10 computer with an nvidia GeForce graphics card to run it but I just want a shader with a fake form of ray tracing like using a pre made light beam coming from the sky.

  117. mnwilliamn says:

    These comments are giving me a headache.

    The 5 year olds: tHeSe dOnT wOrK oN mObiLe

    The mature people: Did you even bother to read the description?

    The 5 year olds: uHHHHH nO.

    The mature people: Thats probably why it doesn’t work.


    -WINDOWS 10
    -RTX 2060 GPU

    And NO this is not ONLY for Pocket Edition, it’s for BEDROCK.

  118. Guest-3579408840 says:

    I have windows 10 mcpe but for some reason the graphics don’t work some blocks are affected by the addon but everything else like light and graphics doesn’t work

  119. Dude. This looks SO much better than the Razzleberries default pack. I love the amount of detail you’ve put into the way the textures interact with the path-tracer. I shall continue to follow, outstanding work!

    6/5 stars

  120. Sorry for the abuse comments mate. I’m gonna try this now, are all the textures pretty much done?

  121. Guest-2139168899 says:

    WiLl ThIs WoRk FoR 1gB rAm.

  122. Guest-6587516166 says:

    My pc would never meet the requirements, but I applaud you for your patience and hard work. Not only patience for making this outstanding pack, but for listening and replying to all of those who don’t rly understand what a graphics card is ?. The video was superb and I can’t wait to see what u make next!

  123. Guest-5402765837 says:


    • Guest-1454698780 says:


  124. Guest-5291278574 says:

    The shader is excellent. But pumpkin lamp is still dark and glasses are much too clear.

  125. Guest-6127657411 says:

    why mine doesn’t work

  126. Guest-3498404058 says:

    Can you make a iOS version plz because I am using iphone

  127. Guest-3526595897 says:

    This graphics card is suitable for these Intel® HD Graphics 4400 textures?

  128. Guest-8294949208 says:

    what if you dont have the system requirements make one for radeon and intel bro

    • Nicinator says:

      If you don’t have the system requirements, this pack will not work. I can’t make it for other graphics cards than NVIDIA RTX cards, because Mojang and NVIDIA decided to make the ray tracing exclusively for the RTX cards. (I wish I could make this pack for everyone but there is nothing I can do about that)

  129. Guest-1573303355 says:

    when import it it just says failed to import pls help

  130. Guest-6387239911 says:

    When will be a mobile version?

  131. Guest-2532079356 says:

    Listen kids, this texture don’t support mcpe 🙂

  132. Guest-8238714626 says:

    wow, just wow I didn’t download it or anything since i play on console but wow, your patience is really big and how you reply to all of these dumb people that can’t read how this is only on windows 10, whining about this is only a “Minecraft bedrock and pe” how dumb can you be to say that, anyways have a good time, and to those who are reading the comments just stop,you can’t withstand their dumb brain

  133. Guest-1140420657 says:

    We need a subreddit called: “r/youngpeoplemcpedl”

  134. Hamox says:

    Dude my brain hurts after reading the comments my iq was 120 i think it is only 20 after reading comments lmak

  135. Guest-1068051200 says:

    What’s the difference between this pack with rtx and default with rtx (I dont have an rtx graphics card so I can’t figure this out on my own)

    • Nicinator says:

      The difference is that without this pack, every block is completely flat at the surface and every block looks like plastic. With the Vanilla RTX pack, the blocks will have many different properties that they wouldn’t have otherwise. (Like the 3D-effect and the reflecting iron block)

  136. Guest-5901654245 says:

    do you mind making one for 1.14.60

  137. Guest-2429749998 says:

    Try Combining the Parallax Shaders Soundtrack with this RTX

    I think it would be great!

  138. Guest-2290298858 says:

    I reccomend listening to the device instructions. My phone started sizzling and popping. Dont download this on a mobile device.

  139. Mr Caterson says:

    This is really amazing!!!! 😀 but is it possible to implement only the textures to non rtx devices to give this 3d but not exact vibe

  140. DXTG Josh says:

    I love it!
    + Reading the comments will make you lose braincells

  141. Guest-9673237841 says:

    …This comment section made me lose brain cells.

  142. Guest-4471936207 says:

    Can you pls make this or something close to this for console I’m dying for good shaders that work

  143. Guest-5306325767 says:

    if you can, please make this work on 1.14.6

  144. Guest-9939152780 says:

    it’s a shame this wasn’t here to begin with, amazing pack!

  145. Guest-1607589907 says:

    Im sad since I only have NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650. But this pack looks really cool.

  146. Guest-6915578023 says:

    Please make one for ios

    • BliX5 says:

      RTX is only for Windows 10. Apple devices don’t have graphics cards, let alone NVIDIA RTX cards. It’s impossible for Mojang or the creator to implement a feature that large for mobile devices.

  147. Guest-2599919417 says:

    Dude some of these comments… THIS ONLY WORKS ON WINDOWS 10 COMPUTERS. NO IT DOESN’T WORK ON MOBILE AND CONSOLES. YOU KNOW WHY? BECAUSE THOSE DONT HAVE RTX TECHNOLOGY BUILT INTO THEM… you also need the 1.15 beta and a RTX 2060, 2070, or a 2080. And no it doesnt work on any other graphics card out there. Some people are just so stupid.

  148. Guest-9128961507 says:

    these comments make me go mama mia

  149. Tiny Dragon says:

    Can you please make it for 1.14 I really love this but mine is not on 1.15

    • Nicinator says:

      Raytracing hasn’t been implemented in other versions than 1.15. When raytracing isn’t in the beta any more, it will automatically work in the newest version of Minecraft. (If you have an RTX graphics card)

      • Tiny Dragon says:

        I’m not sure what raytracing is but I have radeon vega graphics card well it still work if I put my Minecraft in beta?

        • TryHardJibs says:

          To answer the first part of your question, ray tracing is a computer graphics techique that allows graphical softwares that support it (e.g. Minecraft, Battlefield V, etc.) to have reflective surfaces on some objects, rays of light, and global illumination that allows light to be more emissive and perhaps more vivid. As a result, computer-generated scenes can look more realistic and gorgeous in lighting and shade.
          To answer the second part of your question, your current GPU, the Radeon Vega, does not support ray tracing or this texture pack at all because it lacks the RT cores that are needed to run software with ray tracing. I know that what I am saying will upset you, but for now you can either wait until you are able to buy a GPU with RT cores or you can wait for the full release 1.16 to access beautiful shaders that may serve as substitutions for ray tracing in Minecraft.

      • Guest-1804109398 says:

        Made my water invisible

      • Simongamer15 says:

        it’s 1.15 now so how come the texture pack doesn’t work?

      • Guest-7735783860 says:

        So will it work on 1.16?

    • mnwilliamn says:

      You get the 1.15 in the Xbox Insider Hub

    • Guest-7023930147 says:

      Not working it isn’t working for me not working I download it it’s not working I don’t know why it’s not working for me but I hate you mod and want to give it 1 * for this

  150. Guest-1660548691 says:

    It’s also the companies that make the low-devices/phones’s faults, they wont let RTX get in.

  151. Guest-3954559135 says:

    Hi can you create this in be/pe…pls… I’d really like to try this

  152. Anonymous says:

    OK, so I’ve already done some ranting on here, but it seems it wasn’t enough.

    The comments seemed divided into two groups, for the most part: the first being those who think this is some kind of fancy shader pack and are confused that it can’t run on their phone, or whatnot, and the others are people who understand what’s going on and are just making fun of them.

    I’m gonna say this right now, and in all caps so it’s hard to miss if you’re going to the comments to complain:


    It is only a texture pack for the RTX beta (version 1.15, Bedrock Edition) that gives the default textures RTX support, which is required. There are other packs you can get that will do the same thing, but this guy is making his own, and its looking pretty good so far. I’ll give it a try when it’s completed/discontinued.

    Nicinator, to avoid confusion, may I suggest you put a message on each screenshot that says “only on the Windows 10 RTX Beta”? This may alleviate some of the confusion for people who only look at the screenshots, and not the description.

  153. That’s got to be the best roast I’ve ever seen on here.

  154. The texture pack works with the graphic card GTX 1050 ???

  155. Guest-8178009727 says:

    dude make it for 1.14 as well, bc a majority of us are on 1.14.6

  156. Guest-9923311905 says:

    people who think the creator is stupid, it’s you. your phone has no rtx card and is for windows only.

  157. Guest-9207430898 says:

    What’s with the hate comments? If it doesn’t work, deal with it. Especially those who think it works with their mobile device. It won’t work, your mobile phone is not a powerful computer.

  158. Guest-4658120434 says:

    I agree. These ppl have to look at the title and requirements ‘windows 10 only’.

  159. Guest-1021459436 says:

    so many ppl are a bunch of 5 year old idiots or don’t know why it works. It only works on windows with the graphics card and as well as that, ppl say it’s for phones not just for windows. look at the title and requirements. bruh

  160. Guest-5153130569 says:

    Can You Try Making A Non RTX Version Of The Texture Pack Thanks 😉 Best Regards-mikegaven

  161. Guest-3262535693 says:

    whether they have low intellect points or just straight up offensive stupid trolls who you’ll one day see going to hell because of their sin of not understanding a simple concept of programming.

  162. Guest-4905580564 says:

    i don’t want to download this but if i do… then my potato pc is gonna burn because i don’t have one of these brick things [PC]

  163. zeyverOps17 says:

    Yah right!

  164. Guest-6538599903 says:

    You need a NVIDA RTX Graphics card to support this texture pack, and mobile devices dont use RTX graphic cards, so go yell at the owners of the companies that make your Mobile devices.

  165. Guest-8469226615 says:

    Hey I want to tell you that this page is just for mcpe and bedrock edtiton. NO WINDOW!

  166. Guest-4361363603 says:

    This is a texture stop crying babies you guys are idiots rtx is only on computer and this is just a texture so it runs better

  167. Guest-1934826460 says:

    RTX isn’t on phones/low end devices. It’s not the creator’s job to do that. It’s their resource pack so stfu.

  168. Nicinator says:

    This texture pack only works with raytracing. And this requires an RTX graphics card that mobile phones will probably never have in the next 10 years. So I can’t make it for android.

    • Guest-3182503408 says:

      Are You kidding Me This Place Is Dedicated to the Better Together devices Or more commonly known as bedrock edition(other names Xbox One Edition Pocket Edition Nintendo Switch Edition Pocket Edition Etc.)
      .what about those other windows 10 content here in this website.its also not a page its a Website Get Your Words right

  169. Guest-4842561879 says:

    to fix it you must use a file explorer app, like google files, to manually delete the texture pack.
    go to: games > com.mojang > resource packs
    in that folder you can delete the resource pack.
    i dont know the exact location for mobile minecraft, i know its very similar to windows.

  170. Guest-9029441494 says:

    so i thought that MOJANG updated the thing (sorry i domt know what its called) on Xbox that makes the shaders work. could you make something simmalar for Xbox. if they didn’t then never minde.

  171. wonder if you could change the light in the nether?

  172. Guest-7808472956 says:

    Hello, im in Windows 10 but when i finish downloading, it say “Exportation Fail”, couls someone help me? thank you

    • mnwilliamn says:

      You need to have the 1.15 beta.

      • Guest-2690673493 says:

        rtx is on 1.16 beta! you idiots! the nether update and the rtx update are both coming in 1.16! you scumbag! right now there both different versions of 1.16 beta.


        • Guest-6215499174 says:

          Wrong. RTX is only on the RTX BETA. It hasn’t been implemented yet.

          • Mr Caterson says:

            Actually render dragon has now been implemented on all minecraft betas starting from 1.15 I believe I know for a fact It’s no in beta. Before start saying it isn’t get your facts check and research before you rat it out to someone they’re wrong when you don’t have evidence to conclude your statement

          • Nicinator says:

            @Mr Caterson
            I tried it out in the 1.16 beta and it didn’t work. It currently only works in the 1.15 beta.

        • mnwilliamn says:

          I know what I am talking about. Be quiet.

        • mnwilliamn says:

          If you didn’t know, 1.15 was “skipped”, and only exclusive to Xbox Insider Hub. 1.15 is the RTX beta, 1.16 is the Nether Update.

  173. Guest-9014863470 says:

    I hope you can make rtx for MCPE to

    • Guest-5792614393 says:

      windows 10 is mcpe you idiot. its mcpe for laptops and desktops.
      by “MCPE” if you meant android then you cant get it. to play rtx you need at least one of these or better:https: //
      do you think one of those realy expensive things are going to fit into a phone or tablet. they don’t even fit in most laptops you idiot! PLUS minecraft is only releasing rtx for windows 10.

      YOU ARE SO SO SOOOOO DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!
      you idiot go F yourself

  174. Guest-5255735550 says:

    a pretty illiterate 18 year old…

  175. Guest-8249796046 says:

    Works perfectly on my phone Great!!!

  176. Guest-9439875087 says:

    not working my minecraft is not rtx :/

  177. Guest-9154249922 says:


  178. Nicinator says:

    This doesn’t work on any phone. It only works on a windows 10 PC with an RTX graphics card.

    • Guest-3629849667 says:

      I don’t think you realise, they literally can’t. Mojang has only put RTX on Windows 10 so far so it is literally impossible for them to. Try not being so rude next time you request something.

    • Guest-3668408278 says:

      This only works with an RTX graphics card, no mobile device in existence has this currently, I don’t think they have graphics cards anyway, If he owned all mobile phone companies, MAYBE HE COULD GET RTX GRAPHICS ON MOBILE, but there is no way he owns all mobile phone companies, and this isnt his problem, this is a problem on the phone companies (And NVIDIA’s) fault, so don’t yell at Nicinator.

  179. Nicinator says:

    This does only work in the 1.15 beta. So I can’t make it for 1.14

  180. zeyverOps17 says:


  181. Guest-8156850463 says:

    I put it in (I’m on windows 10) and it says “failed to download read output log for more details”

  182. Guest-7942005747 says:

    I’ve gotten things to work on my iPad so this is my next goal!!!

    Also I don’t like the new feature where you have to log in to rate things

  183. (1) First of all, try reading the description. Or in this case, even the title.

  184. (2) This is simply a texture pack giving the vanilla textures RTX support IN THE RTX BETA. This beta can only be run on Windows 10, the only current OS supporting the technology used in the beta, and an NVIDIA RTX graphics card, the only current graphics card series currently supporting the technology used in the beta.


    1. The coding does not exist to support those devices.

    2. None of those devices are powerful enough to run this even if the code was compatible.

    And you know, always read the description. That can save you a lot of time sometimes.


    • No, they quite literally aren’t. RTX graphics cards have special hardware cores called tensor cores, which are the only things fast enough to process ray-tracing in real time. As RTX graphics cards are the only devices with those cores, nothing else is capable of processing it.

      A very poweful non-RTX card, like the GTX 1080, might be capable to emulate it through software, but it would super super laggy. As a result, NVIDIA has limited it to just RTX cards so it doesn’t break anyone’s computers.

      Perhaps in the future Mojang’s Render Dragon system will support like some fancy shadows and stuff on other devices, but for the forseeable future the only devices capable of running the full-on path tracer are computers with an RTX graphics card.

  186. TryHardJibs says:

    This beautiful texture pack gets so many low ratings. People need to understand that it’s only for Windows 10 and not for Mobile. ),:

  187. Guest-7803275971 says:

    He called me dumb. Why should I stop?

    Btw: I am P1xe1at3d.

  188. Guest-6237874124 says:

    Does this texture pack works for 1.16 beta?

  189. Wait just an Enterprise taming second…. HOW IN THE BELFAST HECK DID YOU MAKE THIS TEXTURE PACK WORK ON YOYR DEVICE, GUEST9700882225?!?!

    • TryHardJibs says:

      Hmmm… he probably connected his iPad to a computer with an RTX card inside so that his Mobile device would serve as a screen for his PC. However, his battery drained out probably because the iPad could not handle non-native devices. Hence, it’s possible to use this texture pack for Mobile, but your device has to be tethered to an RTX computer system, yet its battery’s power would be depleted.

  190. CherokeeNative says:

    Fail to upload on windows 10 >.<

  191. LilBoiBoi69420 says:

    “You will also need at least an RTX 2060 GPU to use this pack.”

    Bruh who needs a rtx crad wehn you have a GTX 106-

  192. VALVᴱ says:

    Pc exploded and dad died, thanks Mann

  193. Orestisgames07 says:

    I’m going to try it on my phone when 1.16 or 1.15(prob 1.16)is out. but of course in my pc it’s going to be nice!

  194. Guest-9419908673 says:

    hay are you going to make it for low devies

  195. Guest-2847793194 says:

    this is for computer and not for any other platform this is RAYTRACING

  196. Guest-2462357521 says:

    Absolutely amazing even though I’m on mobile

  197. Guest-8606026139 says:

    Me:cries in android

  198. Guest-8343492392 says:

    This is for MCPE its sad to see stuff only for windows 10 thats why i came here i came here for mcpe shaders not windows 10

  199. kingofdrago123 says:

    cries in RTX fire (pc on fire) jkjk my pc is fine… coz i havent used it yet

  200. Guest-7355281905 says:

    Why u click bate bro

  201. D4vian says:

    Rated 5 Stars because of comments

  202. Guest-1986352525 says:

    This texture pack tells me I’m broke in 10 different languages

  203. Guest-3307819533 says:

    I like when people publish an rtx support texture pack because i can see the comments

  204. Guest-8429808251 says:


  205. Guest-4924456073 says:

    so many little kids think this will work on mobile and giving it 1 stars can you guys read!

  206. Guest-6653085473 says:

    I am on windows 10 Minecraft and whenever I download it says to me to check the output log And I don’t understand how to fix it, please fix

  207. Guest-7564223225 says:

    Man,this pack just for windows10 player who have rtx and join beta rtx,if you can’t import,maybe you are on phone,xbox or pc but not have rtx,and if you want to try this but you don’t have it,then it’s useless

  208. Guest-9866681513 says:

    i have a rtx card but its not working plz help me

  209. P1xe1at3d says:

    I cant download it.

  210. Guest-7438518952 says:

    im going to ignore the fact that this takes a 2060 GPU and cause my computer to explode. wish me luck

  211. Guest-8361247329 says:

    mobile phones dont support rtx

  212. Guest-1468264265 says:

    Maybe you guys should read the description before giving a 1 to 2 star rating because its not meant to be for mobile or xbox, only RTX for Windows 10.

  213. So this is being developed by you? Because Razzlecore RTX, a pack available from NVIDIA’s website is the vanilla textures with RTX support. How is this different?

  214. Ajkray29 says:


  215. Bryan36 says:

    For me he Won’t import !

  216. Guest-9354904592 says:

    It’s doesn’t download

  217. Guest-7534644247 says:

    ya’ll ever wish you could even afford a rtx card

  218. Al rules says:

    Does this work for Xbox?

  219. Does it work for mobile devices? Please tell me, now!

  220. yacama says:

    My android is now a nuclear reactor xd
    When I have a powerful pc I will use this pack thanks owo

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