Vanilla Twilight Addon

This addon strives to replicate the Minecraft aesthetic and tries not stray too far from its roots. 

Available in Español, Português, and 日本語. 

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  • better textures and models.
  • has variants. (Japanese, British, and Norse)
  • now has auras.
  • kind of op, but pretty balanced to say the least.


  • better texture and model.
  • few fixes.

Villager Mage:

  • Now has AoE knockback blast when target is too close. (Doesn't effect Villagers)
  • Goblins will now target Summoner's target.



  • Changed shortener from adfly to linkvertise.
  • Mobs now despawn.
  • And some other fixes that I forgot. (I promise)


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

You haven't shown what features need to be turned on for this, does this need additional modding capabilities because that feature doesn't exist now ???
Me gusta tiene mucho pontencial podraias actualizar a 1.19 y arreglar errores
Update for 1.18.2 support and bug fixes! Great mod with much potential
Oh and by the way Mimics STILL don’t attack players
Bugs I found In the game:
If you have more than one tamed ogre and you hit one of them then the other will start attacking that ogre
Goblins don’t stay together as a pack
Tamed Ogres don’t fight back when something is attacking it
Orc’s don’t have walking animations(everything else works fine)
Normal Nymphs don’t have any sounds
Goblin Spirits don’t have any sounds
Giant Spiders aren’t immune to poison
Orcs Don’t help fight when one of them is attacked
Nymphs don’t help fight when one of them is attacked
Trolls don’t help when one of them is attacked
NONE of the Village Guards help fight when one of them is attacked
(All of these I am meaning they don’t aid for their help like a zombie pigman like they should)
Those are all of the bugs I found so far I hope you will attend to these soon Please And Thanks
what happened to kobold? nice update tho
Keep working on 1.17.41, very nice mod, my little sister loves the goblins
ah yes, my favorite addon is finnaly come back 😀
lol. the mushrooms 😂
You ever seen a shroom that walks👀?
one last thing i would like to ask can you make it possible for witches to become hagbats?
maybe like if a witch got struck by lighting or if one was killed by a hagbat or if witches could drink something that would turn it into a hagbat?
I try to not change vanilla mobs much, since I plan for the addon to be compatible with other addons on this site.
I have a few suggestions to make that I hope you add(and maybe credit me)
Ogre’s Cobblestone
Orc’s Claws
Hagbat’s Wings
Saytr’s horns
Goblin armor
Troll Armor
Coakctrice’s wings
Minotaur’s Axe
And I would like it if you added these mobs:
The Original Ogre Model
The Original Goblin Model
The Original Hag Bat Model
The Previous Hag Bat Model
The Previous Kobold Model
Oh and can you add the original ogre’s stone bat thing?
I am VERY sorry this is so long and I hope you will add all of these features into this Addon
Pls and thx
-From Your Biggest and oldest fan HaydenCraft2008
Those would be such good items and would fit Vanilla Twilight well!
I'll give it a try, no promises tho. ;P

I have lost all the previous models of the mobs since my PC broke, that's mostly why I stopped updating the addon for a while.
And those models wouldn't fit what I have in mind, I plan to recreate the mobs as it would fit Minecraft. Like, you'd look at a Hagbat and you would think "this creature seems like its from Minecraft and not Hytale."
I'm really sorry if that disappoints.
I liked those models R.I.P ._.
(and the new ones)
I just realized your the same guy who worked on the medieval mobs Addon XD
I knew there was something familiar
(I wish you could add most of those mobs into this Addon)
I think I mostly ported all of it :)
Can u add all badlions client emote to this addon?
can you please put just a media fire link?
You’re back wow
Dude, I'm really really surprised people still remember this addon.
It was one of the better and nice addons. We're glad we can play using it again.