Published on September 29, 2021

Vindicator Master Chef

This add-on adds a new chef to your game, his name is: Vindicator Master Chef, beware that his food may be good, but he doesn't like intruders. Come and have a new adventure in the dark forests.

This add-on adds 4 new mobs, future updates may add more.

Vindicator Master Chef

It has 5 types of attack ready to kill you

  • Melle Attack: 5 Damage
  • Casting Attack: Able to summon 3 Vindicator Cooker, 2 Illager Waiter, 1 Illager Bartender
  • Stomp Attack: Throws Player away, deals 6 damage.
  • Ground Attack: It is only available if the player is out of range, stones go to the player.
  • Rotate Attack: Deals 7 damage, makes an area attack, can be stopped if blocked.
  • Stunned: It stays in this state right after the "Rotate Attack" is blocked, duration 3 to 6 seconds
  • It can be found in the chef's mansion.
  • Drop your hat.


Vindicator Cooker

  • Melle Attack: Causes 9 damage

Illager Waiter

  • Melle Attack: Causes 12 damage
  • Out Range Attack: Throw cutlery if the player is out of range

Illager Bartender

  • Covers to throw damage drinks.
  • I had a problem when making him, unfortunately he doesn't have a potion animation, I couldn't find a way for the game to recognize when he throws a potion, I'm sorry.


Chef Hate

  • It is capable of leaving the Player without hunger
  • It is dropped from VIndicator Master Chef


Chef Mansion

  • It can be found in the Dark Forest.

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5 / 5 (7 votes)
I like it it’s so cool thank you !
What if i name him johnny?
And they join in a raid?
Nop, raids are something I will test later.
I removed the possibility of him getting aggressive with everything if named Johnny, so nothing happens.
I lowkey want to see your take on a Dungeons addon with extra content like this.
hope to see more illager addons from you!
Hay manera de generar la estructura, manualmente?
Por comando?

Is there a way to generate the structure, manually?
By command?
Yes, you can put the command: /give @s vc:mansion_chef, place the ninth block on the floor and wait 6 seconds, the structure will appear there
Can't wait to rip and tear this guy
its hat, not hate, sorry
CosmicCraftersBuildTeam September 29, 2021 at 6:22 pm
Awesome! Feels like something straight out of Minecraft! Wouldn't it be better to create a new room in the mansion though, instead of a whole new structure?
Thanks for the compliment, for now there is no way to change the structures of Minecraft Vanilla.
Ufff gran complemento
Adoro los complementos pequeños pero bien hechos eres un grande
Savanna expansión también es uno muy bueno