Published on February 21, 2021 (Updated on February 21, 2021)

Void Dimension Addon

This addon is supposed to add a new dimension called the void dimension, with new blocks, plants, and items. This add-on currently only adds the blocks, plants, and items to the game but the new dimension will be added in the future.

Turn on all experimental gameplay options for the addon to work


This addon adds about 8 new blocks. Some of the blocks are for decoration, and some blocks have functions.

Void Log

The void log is like a Minecraft log for a tree. It is mostly used for decoration. The void log looks like this

Void Leaves

The void leaves are like Minecraft leaves for trees. This block is also mostly used for decoration. Here is what the void leaves looks like

Void Plank

The void plank is a building block like Minecraft planks. The block does not give off light. It is mostly used for decoration. Here is what the void plank looks like.

Void Stone

The void stone is like Minecraft stone, but if you use a pickaxe it will not change the mining speed. This block is also used for decoration. Here is what the void stone looks like.

Void Grass

The void grass is like Minecraft grass. This block is used for decoration and for the ground. you can get the block using /function void or a command. Here is what the void grass looks like.

Blue Mushroom

The blue mushroom is also a decorational block. The mushroom does give off light, but it cant be used any recipies. There is also an item. They both don't have function yet and are used for decoration. Here is what they look like.

DarK Flower

The dark flower is like a Minecraft flower. The dark grass does not give off light and it cant be used in a crafting recipy. This block also used as decoration. Here is what the dark flower block looks like.

Void Berry Plant

The void berrry plant is a plant with function. The void barry plant is like a Minecraft berry bush. It can grow void berries. And it also gives off light. Here is how the void berry and void berry plant look like.

This is the void berry.

If you do /function void it will give you all the blocks and items

I am planing to update this addon a lot so almost all blocks will have a function in the future.


You cannot repost this addon

You cannot take the code of this addon

You cannot take credit for the addon

You can make a youtube video about it but credit me.


Turn on all experimental gameplay options for the addon to work!

For mcaddon or mcpack download

Click on the file and it will open it in Minecraft

Put the addon in your Minecraft world.

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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4.5 / 5 (6 votes)
I need this addon
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I thought it would be better than that
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why is everything called decoration
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Kind of unrelated to this add-on but i wanted to say something.
1: you seem like a pretty talented creator. I wish i could make add-ons this good!
2: you should try to update your space add-on as it is the best one in terms of content on this website I’ve found minus the no new planets, which you can add now that you(based on THIS add-on) know how to add new dimensions.
3: obviously i cant control what you do but just know it would add a little bit more happiness to the world finishing that space add-on for me and anyone else who wants it. Good luck with whatever you want to do!
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A suggestion is that you could try contacting the add-on creators who have made custom dimensions for help or watch this video to see the code:
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Noice, I see a lot of potential in your addon
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Incredible but can you add transparence to leave (it's possible since 1.16.100)
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Yes this mod has potential and i really hope that you make the dimension and the portal work correctly
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This has good potential. I was wondering if maybe I could contribute or help out as I know a way for this custom dimension to work.
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