Wand of Death Addon

This add-on gives the player fun relatively op abilities to play with, these abilities include the ability to kill all monsters and common animals such as sheep, cows, pigs, and chickens in a 32-block radius. And the ability to summon a minion for 20 seconds which can aid with fights. However, this is balanced by the decrease in durability when the abilities are used and a 1-second cooldown period between uses. Along with passive abilities that don't use durability these include fire resistance and night vision for as long as the wand is held. This addon also adds a disguise pearl that allows the player to hide themselves from mobs. 

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Added feedback for player when using the disguise pearl to show that players disguised added feedback to not allow creative players to use the disguised pearl 

Added required item to unlock locked books added the ability to unlock locked books for free in creative mode for testing purposes and review purposes added the ability to activate the disguise pearl and distract entities from chasing player subsequently turning off player targeting for the disguise

------ Bug Fix -----

fixed a bug where players couldn't use the following potions

Night Vision and Fire resistance

Passive Ability effects now time out after 15 seconds of the wand not being held 


  • Added Upgradeable Abilities 


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Those are some cool looking void blocks. :-)