Published on April 08, 2021 (Updated on June 25, 2023)

Dungeon Raiders v1.0.2 New Dungeon Update

Dungeon Raiders adds 59 new structures and dungeons for you to explore and loot! These will generate naturally in your worlds and will have randomized chest loot, crates, and pots for even more loot! 

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- Improved Mineshaft

- Improved Basic Dungeon  

- New Dungeon, Gallows Of Fallen Heroes

- 4 New Weapons

- 3 New Potions

- Added 5 New Coins, 3 Found in Dungeons

- Added Dungeon Shop, accepts coins only

- Improved Loot from crates

- Improved Loot from chests

- Slight Changes to loot pots

- Added 6 New Books that can be redeemed for random enchantments

- Added 2 New Items used to get loot

- Added end reward for Gallows Of Fallen Heroes, Includes a loot room and exclusive item from that dungeon

- Added Item Rarity Colors to all Dungeon Raider Items

- Added Item Rarity Colors to Vanilla items ONLY found in dungeons

- Added Slightly Modified Vanilla Mobs found only in Dungeons

- Added 3 Minibosses that can spawn only in dungeons

- Spread out structures more

- Removed a few structures due to a mojang bug

- Fixed Generation Problem with Mineshaft

- Fixed Generation Problem with Basic Dungeon

- Revamped Every Structure 


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Actualización para minecraft 1.20.51? Pls
actualización plis
Do i have to enable custom biomes in expirimental features?
En las estructuras salen bloques de comando que hago para que aparezcan los cofres? :'(
Where are the seperate packs? I want the old weapons badly, there's no other weapons pack like the old one. Please reply with the mod(s) name.
I think this mod adds a lot of really cool and fun concepts. 👍
The only issue I have is that I wish the loot was just sightly better. Nothing OP, but should be better than leather and basic enchantments. It’s just a lot of work for little in return, when dealing with the big dungeons.

Edit: Also dungeons need to spawn more. In some worlds there’s just like none around, even when flying around in spectator mode for an hour.
plsdontstealmytoast July 01, 2023 at 9:50 am
CheeseMonkeyThePirate June 29, 2023 at 4:39 pm
The Mod isn't working on pc. Structures are spawning but not the huge and basic dungeons. I went into spectator and was looking for an hour no dungeons.
Edit: my experimental gameplay is on!
Can you add artifacts at the end of the dungeon and and rankings to the dungeons that spawn the higher the ranking the more dangerous but the better the artifact
does it use player.jason file?
installed the latest update and structures still arent spawning in on xbox series x :/
Tried it both on survival and creative.
HEY creator can YOU PlzPlsPls Make a MULTY WOOL PACK
Any news of an update?
I went away from spawn 3000 blocks away from spawn in order to find a structure/dungeon and I did not find a single dungeon or structure.