When Pigs Take Over (

A Minecraft adventure map in which pigs take over the world and kill the villagers to steal their emeralds. Pigs don’t kill humans because they are not materials. They only want the villagers  to steal their emeralds so they can make an emerald block which they can use to power the PCS2000.


  • Be in gamemode 2
  • No cheating
  • Follow the instructions
  • Don’t kill the mob that is not moving

Hope you enjoy the map. If there are problems with the map, tell me in a comment and I will answer.

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I delete the zip link so I create a new zip link


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35 Responses

4.74 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    XD I surrender sequel pls

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi um…. when I press start nothing happen only lapis block just disappear
    Can you fix it or can you you tell me why please

  3. dethnimja says:

    it says it cant be reached.

  4. Cinthooran says:

    I have a problem that when I fell down the hole and I was given a sword,cheapskate,and a shield and nothing happened.What is wrong

  5. JellyPaladin says:

    A suggestion for the mobs that do not move:
    Give them all a tag (I suggest ‘NPC’ but you can use anything you want.)
    After that put in a repeating command block with the command: /effect @e[tag=”NPC”] instant_health 999999 256 true

  6. h0000 says:

    Nice Job

  7. HANIC says:

    When Pigs take Over 2 have resource pack.
    Like Custom heads

  8. Pillager says:

    When you make when pigs take over 2 can you add custom heads in it

  9. HANIC says:

    When Pigs Take Over 2
    Releasing: Unknown

    The command are so hard. Comment if you want me to change the story

    • ProGamer5000 says:

      If you died, you are revived by a cool scientist that works against the pigs. If you surrendered, you are still revived in a way by the epic scientist, Doctor Not-Oinks. He is a villager, but he took out his emerald core and replaced it with iron.

  10. HANIC says:

    Upcoming Map: The Toy Maker
    Releasing: Unknown

  11. Nickle says:

    hi can you make part 2 and 3 please?

  12. HANIC says:

    The Original mp was made my Sockmonster007

  13. HANIC says:

    Make sure your render distance is 13 so the command block will work

  14. Anonymous says:

    This was copied from the PC map

  15. CustomCraft says:

    When you release the part 2?

  16. Syndicate says:

    This is a java map great job on making this a pe map

  17. Demented_Auror says:

    No offense, but at least link the original map in the description


  18. Kalel says:

    Great game but it is very short thou

  19. LuisPlayz24 says:

    Hi! Um… I have a problem when I throw the apple to the villager, nothing happened, Please Fix it!

  20. Kepli says:

    Finally… mcpc map on mcpe

  21. Jacob says:

    Why do pigs take over???? Hanic Why!!!!!!

  22. Aester says:

    Great work

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