WITS – What Is That Stuff

This add-on is a recreation of a popular Java Edition mod that introduces a small window which tells you all the information on the block you are currently looking at. 


Ever wanted to see all the information about the block you are currently looking at? This add-on is for you! Whenever you point at a block, a small pop-up window will appear telling you what block it is, all of its blockstates, and what add-on it is from.

For Addon Creators

If you want WITS to display icons of your custom blocks, you have to follow these steps:

1. Add this snippet to your resource pack’s manifest file: 

“capabilities”: [“experimental_custom_ui”]

2. Create a folder named experimental_ui, and inside it, create a folder named blocks.

3. Take any picture you want of your block (recommended resolution: 32×32) and drop it into experimental_ui/blocks


Block icons by Destruc7i0n

Changelog View more

-Added credit to Destruc7i0n for all of the block icons


Before you download this addon, make sure you are on Windows 10 or on an Android with BlockLauncher installed.

1. Download the .mcaddon file

2. Open it

3. The add-on should start importing


Supported Minecraft versions


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41 Responses

4.09 / 5 (23 votes)
  1. MOMD says:

    Can this addons run on the server?

  2. Demonio says:

    Eh muy buen addon script, Podriais hacer que sea un poco mas grande?

  3. Feargan says:

    Windows 10 Installation Instructions
    1. “Download the .mcaddon file”
    2. “Open it” by double-clicking the file you just downloaded
    3. Minecraft should launch and “the add-on should start importing”
    4. Once the import is complete, select Play (At the Main Menu)
    5. Either create a new world or edit an existing world.
    6. On the left under Add-Ons, select Resource Packs
    7. On the right under Available Resource Packs, select “What Is That Stuff” and then click the “+” icon beneath it.
    8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for “Behavior Packs”
    9. On the left under “Edit Settings”, select “Game”
    10. On the right under “World Options”, enable “Use Experimental Gameplay”
    11. Click Play or Create to complete.

  4. The1Corgi says:

    There is a bug it does not register when looking at the top of blocks

  5. Modbutitsnot says:

    I tried opening my modded world (my version is 1.12 and i’m On iOS) with this addon but it said that my version dosen’t support scripts please tell me how to use this!

    • The1Corgi says:

      minecraft 1.12 for android and ios currently is unable to run scripts mojang are trying to implement this in 1.13 but it is in beta and this addon doesnot work in 1.13 although windows and xbox are able to run scripts at this time because its easy to implement into those versions

    • SLMEPIC19 says:

      Dude me too but ur suppose to be on android wich is stupid cuz Apple is safe!

  6. DiamonC says:

    For some reason it’s not working. I entered the behavior pack and rescource pack and it didn’t work. I have experimental gameplay in and everything. Do you think the 1.13 beta messed it up?

    • sektret says:

      1.13 is currently broken as minecraft:load_ui is completely broken so you will have to wait for the next beta release.

  7. ViceRabbit says:

    Umm.. I downloaded this addon and everything was imported but its not showing up, im in windows 10 edition and I dont know how to run block launcher on pc.. so please help, thank you

  8. Jesse Johnson says:

    do you put it in resource_pack or what??? and does it work with 1.1.4

  9. Devyn says:

    Can you please give me a more detailed explanation of how to add custom blocks into the addon?

  10. TooGoodMules says:

    Any plans to support mobs as well? Would be cool to see their health in the tooltip in addition to their name and what add-on it’s from

  11. EnderDes3rt26 says:

    I have to activate the tricks or I activate them automatically? Please answer me

  12. Ibra says:

    It Can’t Support Android, I Wanna Tried But I Download Mcwin10 It Error

  13. Everlasting_Luck says:

    Put 1.12 in the title geez iOS does not have it


    Will it work with the new village and pillage (1.14) Update?

  15. AgentCPU0 says:

    How would I install this using Block Launcher instead of normal Minecraft?

    • ___ says:

      Use Minecraft Android as normal, although with the beta Minecraft 1.12 update and then download the pack and install it. Now download Blocklauncher and the open it and play.
      To get Minecraft Beta please open this link, ‘https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.mojang.minecraftpe’ and reinstall MC.

  16. Cerega1827 says:

    Nice script. But how could i disable the block state info?

  17. Jackob Bokcaj says:

    I’m using v1.11.1 on Win10, should it work with this version?

    • RealWither says:

      Sadly, this is only for 1.12

      • Jackob Bokcaj says:

        Damn! Well thanks for the reply, it was frustrating the hell out of me.

        I can’t wait for similar addon that works on mine. Coming from Java MC, the Bedrock edition is seriously lacking customizability and I miss my in-game info!

  18. Coolkid says:

    What’s that stuff?

  19. PHO says:

    WAILA for Bedrock! Amazing! Thank you so much for your work!!

  20. Mohamed says:

    Plz how to open the script

  21. Rod says:

    Very cool Addon

  22. B0N says:

    This addon is really cool, but there aren’t that many blocks that get displayed. I hope to see a day where all the items are displayed. Thanks for making this

  23. Anonymous says:

    its kinda buggy, I cant see the block im looking at if its from the top, and not all items are in, and it doesn’t scale for 4k moniters but overall, really good

  24. Jaren Darkwolf says:

    When you can’t play with script addons because iOS.

  25. Anonymous says:


  26. PLASTICALAN2198 says:

    how to use it?

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