Published on February 16, 2023 (Updated on February 15, 2023)

Wolficreature: Whale - Addon

Dale a tus océanos un toque más profundo con estos asombrosos mamíferos. Agregue ballenas a su mundo, obtenga grasa para comer o haga velas. Sorpréndete con su increíble canto. más mejoras próximamente.

EN : Give your oceans a deeper touch with these amazing mammals. Add whales to your world, get blubber to eat, or make candles. Surprise yourself with its incredible singing. more improvements coming soon.

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Really thank you bro, your addon is very good too!
Giant phantom jellyfish
You can breed it with cod. and bucket the babys. if you kill it will drop slime balls or can drop its head wich can emit light.
I love these addons they bring one mob but it looks great has 1or more uses!