yCreatures Add-on V2.0.2

yCreatures, an amazing super complete add-on that brings even more fun to your Minecraft worlds!!

This addon contains 100 new animals for your game, some cute, some not so friendly, but all amazing and super fun, with various varieties of animation, behavior, models and textures.

You may also be choosing to install yCreaturesPlus, a slightly more complete version, which works better on win10, xbox, and phones that don’t tend to have lag in the game, as it is a heavy version with many biome enhancements, like many. grass, lots of seaweed for the seas, new large and complex biomes, if your game does not run properly, and your phone is not a little stronger, we recommend you install only yCreatures !!

Creator Channel (Brazilian): yBrothers

Creator Twitter: @GabrielCas29007


Mcpe master

Add-ons for minecraft

And in NO other add-ons app! It is unique to MCPEDl, disregarding this requirement can cause various problems.

It can NOT be published on other sites or create applications!

Always leave credits !!



Explore, and have fun with this amazing add-on!!

Check out changelog to see all the changes from yCreatures v2.0.2 !!


V2.0.2 News:

African buffalo! The vote made by the creator of the add-on on twitter won, and is included in this update!


ALL felines (lions, tigers and others ..) now have new models! Check out some …

yCreatures Plus !!

It contains an incredible new generation for your world, with new texture, biome improvements and the biome: Elephant graveyard!

WARNING: It can cause a lot of errors and crash on weak devices!

Elephants, ostriches and camels can now be ridden using a saddle!

Several animal babies added!

Some animals now have interaction with each other!

Various animations added to some animals!

About yCreatures!

yCreatures can be used in versions 1.14, 1.15, 1.16!

yCreatures has 100 new animals found all in their due biomes throughout the game.

Some animals you can tame, make them follow, make them sit down, and they protect you!

Meet some animals shown below!


From flower to flower, pass the hummingbird! collecting sweet nectar and always traveling looking for beautiful flowers!

You can feed them with various flowers and breed babies!

Cockatoos! beautiful and sweet, you can tame them using pumpkin seeds, so they will follow you!

Chimpanzees are playful, neutral and live in the jungle biome!

Coyote! Looks like a fox, but has a great wolfhunter spirit! You can tame it using raw rabbit meat, it will follow you and above all protect you!

Barn Owl! Great rat hunters at night by the Taiga biome!

You can tame it using raw rabbit meat! She will follow you!

Manatee! Docile and playful, they are easily found in the jungle rivers with their groups!

Offer them seagrass to tame them!

Octopus! Doubtful creature that lives by the great seas, are super sticky on some mobs with their tentacles, and have amazing movement!

Piranhas !! Great water scavengers! will eat whatever they find ahead.

They live by the great rivers of the swamp!

Here are the new bears! You can tame it using honeycomb or salmon, which is also your favorite food! Do it before he attacks you! They are passive for a short time!

Orangutans have had their texture updated!


In the image below, we see a gavial corcodylus, the first of three other alligator species in the addon !!

We can also see the alligator turtle !! this fierce predator of fish in the swamp!

Orangutans !!! How beautiful they are … And so colorful!

You can have your own playful monkey! Just always keep his trust for you

Here are two examples of antelopes!

Bongos and Oryxes are beautiful savanna animals, and also found in the African jungle if you choose to install yCreaturesPlus!

Wow!! Bisons, these huge oxen are found by Taiga Nevada and Tundra!

Sometimes they are not as friendly as they seem, always be careful !!

Chameleons are so cute !! You can find them everywhere, and they can also change color!

Camels … Capybaras, are very different, even in such size and behavior!

Capybaras can be found by the rivers of your world.

Camels roam together in the desert with their great herd!

Deer !! The couple always walk together through the great forests and woods, you can find them with their little puppies too

Emu, This great bird is everywhere, you can find them across the plains ….

Koalas !! They are beautiful creatures found in the eucalyptus forests! You can offer them bamboos and have them as a domesticated animal!

There is also a variant of Albino Koala!!

Dik-Dik, maybe you didn’t know these animals, but they are small mammals found in the forests, they are playful, and fast, approach carefully !!

Tigers !! Feral feline inhabitants of Taiga! Be careful when approaching, and if they are fast you can get them tamed by offering a steak in exchange for protection!

Penguins! This is just one of the other species in the addon, they have a very varied behavior.

Check out some more images of other animals present in the addon, you will be impressed with the variety!

Let’s check now some of the whale species present in the addon !!

Big, strong, and tame!

You can also sail the oceans, riding a whale!

Small animals such as meerkats, flippers, otters and playful monkeys can be seen in their respective biomes!

Create a jungle village to attract monkeys !!

Rhino, an animal found in savanna biomes, spends most of its time grazing, and you can tame them using wheat!

Some other animals such as snakes, kangaroos and lemurs are also present !!

These are some of yCreatures animals!

By downloading the add-on you will see much more, notice the amazing animations, behaviors and textures!

ANIMALS! (Beside, food to tame them) Note: In some cases only babies are tamed


Moose, carrot

Alpaca, apple

Gazelle, wheat

Tapir, melon

Bongo, wheat

Manta ray

Ostrich, potato

Axolot, seagrass

Whale, salmon

Beluga, salmon

Bison, hay block


Oryx, wheat

Pink dolphin, salmon


Calango, beef


Camel, wheat


Kangaroo, carrot

capybara, apple


Beaver, apple


Deer, wheat



Koala, bamboo


Owl, rabbit

Crocodile, beef

Gavial Crocodile, beef

Dik-dik, wheat

Elephant, cake


Squirrel, sweet berries

Feneco, sweet berries




Skunk, egg

Giraffe, carrot

Wildebeast, wheat




Hyena, bone

Hipoppotamus, apple



Alligator, beef



Komodo dragon

lion, beef

lioness, beef

lemur, sweet berries

lynx, beef

otter, salmon



Giant whale, salmon


Narwhal, salmon


Jaguar, beef



Red panda, bamboo

Panther, beef




Beach penguin

Sloth, bamboo


Rhino, hay block


Meerkat, salmon

Anteater, apple

Alligator Turtle


Tiger, beef

White Tiger, beef


Whale shark


Toucan, melon seeds

Bear, honeycomb


Zebra, wheat

Liger, beef

African Elephant, cake



Manatee, seagrass

Coyote, rabbit

Cockatoo, melon seeds

Chimpanzee, melon


Barn owl, rabbit


White shark

(Also some texture variants, female or male, which complete 100 animals in all)

More creatures will be added soon !! News are coming!

Models worked by:




Changelog View more

New features! 

- Added the African Buffalo!

- Added Caracal!

- Added Puma!

- Added the Panther Nebula!

- Desert Caravans added!

- Cats now have new models!

- Lions and lions now appear as a family in the savannas!

- Tapir, mole, alpaca and armadillo have a new model / texture!

- Eagle and vulture can now fly and land!

- Vultures are now attracted to carcasses of zebras!

- Axolotts can be caught using a bucket of water!

- Jaguar, black panther, lynx, caracal, liger and tigers can be seated when tamed and follow the player!

- yCreatures Plus is back, with improvements to biomes, new texture, new generations and biomes, including the elephant cemetery again!

Technical Changes!

- Hummingbird moves wings faster!

- Vultures pick up items from the ground now, preferring rotten things and food!

- Carcasses of zebras work correctly after their death!

- Koala animations fixed!

- Sloths perform animations when climbing trees and blocks!

- Fixed an error that caused giant whales to stand in the water in an upright position!

- Moles don't break blocks anymore and only kill ants!

- Some scales and shadows of tidy animals!

- Whale shark swims correctly!

- Cockatoos are now much less likely to lay eggs!

- Animal loot now follow the pattern: "Big animal = 2 to 3 meats or 2 to 4 hides", "Small animal = 0 or 1 meat"!

- Animals are more likely to breed!

- Snakes can spawn in the desert during the day!

- Some improvements for certain animations and textures of some animals!

- Malaysian tapir removed!

- Removed the hedgehog and the Hamster (They are now in DomesticPets)!

New features! 

- Added the African Buffalo!

- Added Caracal!

- Added Puma!

- Added the Panther Nebula!

- Desert Caravans added!

- Cats now have new models!

- Lions and lions now appear as a family in the savannas!

- Tapir, mole, alpaca and armadillo have a new model / texture!

- Eagle and vulture can now fly and land!

- Vultures are now attracted to carcasses of zebras!

- Axolotts can be caught using a bucket of water!

- Jaguar, black panther, lynx, caracal, liger and tigers can be seated when tamed and follow the player!

- yCreatures Plus is back, with improvements to biomes, new texture, new generations and biomes, including the elephant cemetery again!

Technical Changes!

- Hummingbird moves wings faster!

- Vultures pick up items from the ground now, preferring rotten things and food!

- Carcasses of zebras work correctly after their death!

- Koala animations fixed!

- Sloths perform animations when climbing trees and blocks!

- Fixed an error that caused giant whales to stand in the water in an upright position!

- Moles don't break blocks anymore and only kill ants!

- Some scales and shadows of tidy animals!

- Whale shark swims correctly!

- Cockatoos are now much less likely to lay eggs!

- Animal loot now follow the pattern: "Big animal = 2 to 3 meats or 2 to 4 hides", "Small animal = 0 or 1 meat"!

- Animals are more likely to breed!

- Snakes can spawn in the desert during the day!

- Some improvements for certain animations and textures of some animals!

- Malaysian tapir removed!

- Removed the hedgehog and the Hamster (They are now in DomesticPets)!

- Several animals are now tame.

- Camels, African Elephants and Ostriches can now be ridden using a saddle.

- Antilopes now have more body movements, head and new animations and behaviors.

- Added cockatoo eggs.

- Zebras, white tigers and orangutans now have stripes properly.

- Spawn rule redefined for all animals.

- Savanna animals now appear properly.

- Meerkats can now ride wild boars.

- Cassowary now has new animations, behavior and new texture.

- Aquatic animals are no longer running in the water.

- Several animals now have more head movements.

- Tidy aquatic animals speed.

- High speed of some land animals and birds tidy.

- Whale is smaller now.

- Giant whale is now really giant.

- Added drinks for various reproducible animals.

- Antelopes now avoid water.

- Jellyfish now have animation and apply poison when the player approaches.

- Moles only dig land from time to time.

- Pavao and tapirs had their scale modified.

- TEMPORARILY removed elephant cemetery biome.

- Koalas, opossum, alligator, crocodiles and komodo dragon now have walking animation.

- Some animals have a loot table again.

- Hummingbirds now spend less time on each flower.

- New animation for Orca.

- Rhino can no longer be motado.

- Domesticated cats no longer follow the player, they only defend him within a certain distance.

- Carcasses of zebras disappear faster.

- Piexe-Boi survives longer out of the water.

- Eagles can attack mice and chinchillas.

- Decrease in seaweed by the ocean.

- Adult chimpanzees now carry their babies.

- Bison and antelope appear in large groups.

- Added animation for whale shark.

- Fixed collision box for some animals.

- Many bug fixes related to animal behavior and animation.

- Various improvements made ...

- Added tag (yCreatures) in all spawn eggs of the mobs for easy identification. 

- Renamed "spawm" to "spawn".

- Removed biomes from yCreatures with the exception of the Elephant Cemetery.

- Elephant cemetery now spawns very rarely.

- Elephants are no longer running through the water.

- Swans no longer sink into the water.

- Spawn regulated for all animals.

- Removed the zookeeper.

- Resolved possible crashes that could happen during the game.

- The texture features of yCreaturesPlus are now part of yCreatures with no need for alternative downloads.

- World features like more grass, more kelps are smaller and more stable.

- "Axolot" has been renamed to "Axolotl"

- "Hipoppotamus" has been renamed "Hippopotamus."

- Ostrich no longer turns its head.

- Translation of animals into Spanish.

- Improvement in bird behavior.

- Komodo dragons no longer inhabit water.

- White Shark can attack seals, walruses and is now stronger.

- Added Liger Spawn Egg!

- Walrus animation is now better.

- Tapir remodeled and re-textured.

- The player no longer crosses SOME animals.

- Koalas no longer break blocks.

- Many important and old bug fixes!

- Resolved game crash issue while rendering add-on biomes!

- Added the Cockatoo!

- Added the Chimpanzee!

- Added to Suindara Owl

- Added Coyote!

- Added to Piranha!

- Added the Manatee!

- Added the Hummingbird!

- Added the Octopus!

- Added to Lioness!

- Added the White Shark!

- Some animals had their scale neat!

- New texture for the Orangutan!

- New model for Grizzly Bear!

- Added animations for Sharks!

- Added new biome: Tundra Alpina!

- Added new biome: Hot Mountains!

- Savanna Flooded Biome has been remodeled!

- yCreatures Plus now has more biome enhancements like mushroom island and sunflowers field!

- Number of increased spawns!

- Owls now attack mice!

- Komodo dragons no longer attack each other!

- Bongo and Antas don't let go of their heads anymore!

- yCreatures bees have been removed!

- Add-on updated to 1.14!

- Squirrels don't attack other animals!

- Tidy animal spawns of common yCreatures!

- Hyenas now spawn correctly in elephant cemeteries!

- Some aquatic animals no longer bug the surface of the water!

- Whales, killer whales, and more can move into the water as they die eventually!

- Vulture wings have been fixed!

- And more!

- Added Liger as a result of raising a lion with a tiger!

- Added the eagles!

- Added African Elephant!

- Asian elephant now has its tidy scale!

- Whales and aquatic mammals now jump in the seas!

- Orcas with fun animations!

- Some animals that didn't have drop now have!

- Resolved crash that occurred while rendering add-on biome

- Added the elephant cemetery biome!

- Improvement in the start panel!

- Some animals can already turn their heads and observe the player and the environment.

- Fixed some spawn errors.

- Fixed some animals scale.

- Added swimming animation for seals!

- Many bugs fixed.

- Grizzly bears are now like polar bears!

- Improvements in various animations.

- Improvement in some models.

- Improvement in some textures.

- Fixed bug of some animals sinking in the water!

- Added baby version of animals that did not have!

- And some more changes!

- Added more sounds!

- Added new block: Ash Block

- Many bugs fixed.

- News and improvements for yCreaturesPlus (1.13 betas).

- Spawn of corrected yCreatures animals.

- Bug of animations of some aquatic animals have been fixed.

- Added simple drops to animals.

- Added sound to most animals, the rest turns soon.

- Nametag can now be used on most animals.

- Almost all animals are already leachable.

- Mouse added.

- Made some improvements in some animations.

- Camels, ostriches and rhinos can be used as a mount.

- Zebra doesn't die alone by being in a lowland biome.

- Added improvements to the zoo Zookeeper!

- Many bug fixes!

- Some animal textures have been updated.

- Improved some flying animal behaviors.

- Panorama and texture are now only available on yCreaturesPlus.


The link works correctly, if in doubt check the option below the downloads: "learn how to install through the link"



Supported Minecraft versions


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687 Responses

4.15 / 5 (361 vote)
  1. bro why is there a prietocraft texture pack in, i cant disable that texture pack

  2. BlessedPath877 says:

    Do You mind if i use this in a modpack

  3. Carlosgamer says:

    Eae cara, estava vendo seus addons e aqchhei eles incríveis. Que aplicativo você faz eles? Me responde por favor !

  4. maincra says:

    Fantastic addon, only one thing, can you make the grass block don’t be a complete grass block pls?

  5. Beam006 says:

    Make all animal​s has at least idle, hurt, death and step sounds plz

    • Guest-4354561596 says:

      Could you please make more animals rideable like bison rhino moose big cats etc it would make the game feel amazing it would actually make sense to tame these animals since they dont follow or protect you still amazing job

    • SimplyWillow says:

      Yes lord please do lol, they have the worst sounds.

      • SimplyWillow says:

        Good if your want a variety of animals but horrible quality. Most of the models suck, with some of the models even missing limbs or breaking/glitching. The sounds are unoriginal (Used sounds already in Minecraft.) The animation is trash, and some of the animals barley have a animation (EX: The sloth.) And the animals don’t do much. Some literally don’t even move and most of the animals that fly can’t stay in the air. Before you make 100 animals make sure the animals you have are good quality. Overall feels like a very rushed and outdated mod. I am not trying to be salty but I am trying to point out the faults so that they can be fixed in the future. Overall I would not recommend

  6. Guest-8288973682 says:

    I got some of the new stuff but I didn’t get the new reptiles and penguins, why?

  7. Guest-2472195402 says:

    I love this addon and I love animals. The first time I downloaded this I didn’t get all animals because I didn’t know I had to use experimental gameplay. And the new cat models are amazingly cute. It’s just can you maybe for the next update add more species of monkey and lemurs. Such as the red ruffled lemur or capuchin or golden lion tamarin an so on and so forth. And would like to see one more big cat, cheetahs. But putting all that behind, I still think it’s the best animal addon ever, better than mo creatures

    PS there’s been a spelling mistake in the addon ( Humboldt penguim)

  8. Guest-8615686496 says:

    Can I see a dingo tamarin Tasmanian devil warthog peccary Anaconda gibbon and civet

  9. Guest-5441483809 says:

    This is an amazing modd/addon if you want to add more creatures to your world and have a bit more fun with taming other things other than just dogs, cats or horses which, but the taming food and taming strategy is a bit outdated. With some of the animals you have to breed the grown up ones to get a baby of that animal then tame the baby which actually makes sense, but the breeding food and the taming food aren’t exactly what they say on this website. Someone should either make a wiki for this mod via testing everything and keep it updated, or the person who made this mod should update the info on this page as they update the mod. Even so this is an amazing mod and I support the creator and hope for more in the future.

  10. Great mod. The link was easy enough to navigate thanks to the video…I hope you continue to develop and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

  11. Guest-3153378654 says:

    I absolutely love this, but I did not get the seal or otter. 🙁

  12. Guest-6123959894 says:

    I’d really like to see a reindeer, quokka, some macaws and a cheetah and nebula panther is actually called clouded leopard
    But still best add on ever

  13. Guest-4271719530 says:

    It’s very good Mod but I didn’t get any Crocs and gator and Snapping turtle too. Any one know what could went wrong(playing on my phone on version 1.16) I hope next update can fix this.

  14. Guest-6512109355 says:

    Please, you can ad in the next update the pangolins? This cute animal exists, and can roll up into a ball and cans climb! (Too can are cute like the big cats and the bear?)

  15. Guest-9069945687 says:

    Please, please, please, in the next update you can ad the cute SlowLoris? (That can climb, like the real life asia cute primate animal)

  16. Guest-4450371393 says:

    Please, please, in the next update you can ad a roll up animation for the armadillo? (That can roll up into a ball)

  17. Guest-3510827182 says:

    Please, in the next update you can add a new model for the red panda? (Like the big cats, bears and the pangolin)

  18. Guest-5945774429 says:

    Please, in the next update you can add pangolins? (That can roll up, can climb and are so cute, like the big cats/bear)

  19. Guest-2332273954 says:

    Great add-on!
    I would like to see changes to the models like the emu, chinchilla, hamster and some others. I think this will make the add-on even better!

  20. Guest-7560660816 says:

    Excelente addon Gabriel Castro, los diseños de los animales están muy bien hechos, mi favorito es la nebulosa pantera, y el nuevo bioma del cementerio está fenomenal, espero que sigas mejorando y que tu trabajo tenga mucho éxito, te deseo lo mejor,. Sugerencias podrías agregar al borrego cimarrón y al Anguila eléctrica, nuevos insectos y animales marinos, se que te toma mucho tiempo fabricarlos, pero se que lo lograrás. Muchas gracias por este magnífico addon, gracias Gabriel Castro.

  21. Guest-2218882206 says:

    cool add ons

  22. Guest-2915141379 says:

    Hi the alligator isnt in d addon for me i dont know if its a bug but pls help

  23. Guest-1095671537 says:

    Ini sangat bagus

  24. SettingThingsRight says:


    Remove all the ()

  25. Guest-8849150252 says:

    Gregory and gamers subió tu addon a otra página e incluso puso link directos

  26. Guest-9951149983 says:

    Can U Pls Instead Put Instead Of Link Vertise Use Ad Fly ?

  27. NickTheFoxy says:

    Can you add a Fennec Fox? Please add this animals, because these foxes are my favourite animal in they part. The Fennec Fox was spawn or live in desert biome and can tame for that foxes.

  28. Raptorman67 says:

    People who are complaining about the African wild dog it lost the vote 😂😂😂

  29. Guest-3198877024 says:

    Plz plz plz would someone tell me how to open the mcaddon file? I’m on my iOS 13 iPad. When I download the addon, a mcaddon file appears and when pressing on it, it takes me to Minecraft, then says invalid zip archive. Plz if u can help out or provide the resource and behavior files cuz it’s easier

  30. Guest-5534807248 says:

    pero salvage africano (african wild dog ) porfavor

  31. Guest-1945798916 says:

    It works in win10? because every mob of the addon is invisible for me

  32. Guest-6400091564 says:

    Entrem no canal dele no YouTube e vejam como baixar pelo linkvertise é bem fácil o nome é Ybrothers

  33. Guest-9482664720 says:

    Can you please add the resource and behavior folders into one MCPACK folder? Us iOS users would like to get this!

  34. Guest-8374510421 says:

    What’s the difference between the plus version and the normal version?

  35. Guest-1740623748 says:

    Here’s the link but its only a plus version
    Just write “w” at the beginning

    And btw linkvertise are garbage lmao

    • Tom139O says:

      This is unfair and you are stupid… Creators need to make money, and you are a piece of trash for doing this

      • Guest-8322690328 says:

        shut up money hungry creature

      • DTechGamer says:

        Tom1390 is right. They’re hard-working on the add-ons they make. Then they submit it but they only got nothing because the people only want the great add-on they make but they don’t care about the hard work of the creators like JuliusScizzor.

      • Guest-1874402783 says:

        And you’re a piece of jerk too tom1390 the creator understand our situation that we don’t have money to buy those in the marketplace!! You don’t have a rights to call the creator stupid you greedy jerk

    • Guest-2981337636 says:

      Dude your being a jackass,personally I agree, I don’t like linkvertise but the creator of this mod has put in hours and hours on this, It would take like 30+ hours to make this and he just wants to make a little money off of this and your over here like, hey guys lemme be a “good guy” here’s the link. Its like going to work at a job and you don’t get payed for the work you did in the past month. How would you feel? Jackass, you can say you dont care but your actually just a horrible person for doing that. Honestly hope you get fired from your job if you even have one.

      • Guest-8680037493 says:

        I might have taken that a bit far but as a person thats making a mod myself, It takes a lot of time to make a addon, and how rude you are to others just makes you even worse of a person :/.

  36. Guest-8449762356 says:


  37. Guest-9854431009 says:

    Please don’t make the link that ask us to download an app. Plus it 500MB

    • Guest-4679299672 says:

      Please dude, just use adfly, I feel unsafe and don’t have antivirus on this thing, I don’t want to do this stupid download or read anything. just use a normal link like everyone else

  38. Guest-9210443844 says:

    Can someone please just post the MediaFire link? The stupid linkvertise thing doesn’t work for me. I literally can’t get past the “app download” part, even when I downloaded the app.

  39. Guest-2604633655 says:

    will the orcas get a new model?

  40. Guest-3402264127 says:

    Excelente addon, excelentes diseños y animaciones, nuevas criaturas muy bien hechas, me gustaría ver al Quetzal, Anguila eléctrica, Coatí y Puerco espín. Muy magnífico addon.

  41. Guest-8698345284 says:

    Please consider take out the moles mob they digging under land make it messy.They mess up farm sand structure 😣😣😣 (really piss of people with OCD)

  42. Guest-4075058322 says:

    Bruh the link doesn’t work I downloaded an app and run it for 30 sec nothing happened

  43. Blue Raptorex 16 YT says:


  44. Bjakkzzz says:

    Agree with Guest-2947311685.
    Its a good update for able use forthe animals wtih scissors, buckets and tame and loot.
    Ive also witness that this addon doesnt work well with other adds.

    What addons work with this one? 🙂

  45. Guest-8583207145 says:

    I think i havent seen a Fox or a bear thats missing only 🙂

  46. Guest-2947311685 says:

    Really lovely mod, such full life to the game, thank you so much! such a great idea with the meat, small wild meat and great wild meat, thats a good idea intead makin every specific meat drop, just some animals doesnt drop anything.

    I hopefully can ask kindly you to put time for more able drops.
    Ive experienced that regular basic animals Cow, pig, Sheep, chicken and horse gets a bit rare with much of the new ones in suggestion make more optinal drops from different animals and able to use bucket for milk.

    Heres some suggestions.
    – Feather
    – Use Bucket Milk.
    – Bones
    -Furr ( Sheep ) from other animals too for able to make the basic craftings.
    Could always use of a different drop color 🙂

    Again its a lovely addon i have this for my game <33

  47. Guest-5062163957 says:

    Lovely mod. Only suggestion I could think of is it would be nice if the birds dropped feathers.

  48. Guest-2873514841 says:

    amazing addon! but one thing, a snake bit me and all of a sudden all of the asian elephants turned on me so i dont know what all of that was about

    • Guest-7016098767 says:

      Hey anyway you can help me? I got the mod on my Minecraft but I’m not seeing any oof the animals or like the drops and stuff ya know. So do you know why?

  49. Ok, first of all, to download this, you have to watch a 5 minute video and then if that wasn’t enough, you have to get a literal exe file that won’t only download the add-on but I’m pretty sure it’s going to download random games so you get extra money which is just stupid. Then, when it finally installs 3 anti virus apps and 4 random games, when you finally add it to your world, most of the mobs have barely any animations, annoying z fighting and a tiny hitbox. Some of them even aren’t pushable and look ugly, noisy or higher resolution than vanilla and it doesn’t look realistic at all just extremely ugly. And I know you copied my orca’s code but I won’t request your add-on to be taken down because I didn’t really make it I just modified the dolphin.

    • Oh and, before anyone says this has 10 times more shares than mine it’s just because of the amount of mobs it adds, that’s what most people care about, still doesn’t mean it’s good

      • Blue Raptorex 16 YT says:

        You modifided the dolphin for orca on your addon

      • Guest-9354038318 says:

        Why are you so negative. First of all linkvertise doesn’t download games unless you allow it to. Literally in the download you just have to click decline? He’s added mounts and rideable animals, variety is good. And its quality is good as well so I don’t know what your talking about. I understand that if you critique a bit but you just came here and shat on this addon. Thats low man, I would’ve checked out your mod but you seriously stooped this low to shit on another creator, thats just sad man.

    • Guest-1645170166 says:

      Moles are annoying. I love the concept but the rete of them spawning is so irritating. Most of my builds often get destroyed because of them.

    • Guest-5925558850 says:

      I didn’t need to watch a 5 minutes video for download the add-on, I just read and article. Also, I was redirected correctly for MediaFire after I waited for the 10 seconds, it’s not his fault that you can’t go through linkvertise, and the add-on is under construction and development, just check the creators Twitter, he will update this add-on and his other add-ons. And don’t say someone copied you without any evidence or proof.

    • Guest-6025440990 says:

      stop being salty

    • MinusCraft says:

      can u stop being salty

  50. Guest-6433739646 says:

    Hello Gabriel. May you add this to your yCreatures add-on example please add an idea like food chain or web chain because for this example, the deer must be attack by the Lion and the cat must attack the mouse. Please add this idea

  51. Guest-2235725267 says:

    Fix the bug where the beluga whales get stuck on the surface of the water.

  52. Derik3466 says:

    The new animals are being born in place of the old ones, and the new ones do not drop anything, thus leaving the Player without food or xp …

  53. Guest-2239080782 says:

    get rid of the mole its ruining everything

  54. Guest-8133242980 says:

    use a normal link you twat

  55. Faddedreaper says:

    great mod, however i’m probably not gonna get any of your other new ones because c’mon dude just use mediafire and not some random website on the internet like link vertise

    • Guest-2451626736 says:

      Everyone here use adfly and it have the same problem as linkvertise, bro, just follow the instructions and wait just for 20 or 10 seconds to be redirected to MediaFire.

  56. cuau says:

    The mod is pretty good, I just hope they keep adding more animals, with their respective interactions.

  57. Guest-5575604112 says:

    Ok so Zebram is a dead zebra with strange code… Not a super cool mount,

  58. Guest-5079649982 says:

    Can you update this so the crocodile,gavial,alligator,hippo,Axolot,alligator snapping turtle and Komodo dragon be in this addon

  59. Guest-2576468901 says:

    It says internal server error

  60. Guest-8607646721 says:

    U addon so best but why mob tamed not follow pleas fix this n famale mob not drop item

  61. Guest-5169968618 says:

    Just a question, when is the next update coming? Just Really excited for it.

  62. bunz432 says:

    Plss adfly link

  63. Guest-1390811138 says:

    Love this add on so much, but could you make the lead work on the animals?

  64. Guest-1774546639 says:

    Lovely, but can you make the animals act more like animals and less like bored tourists at the beach? My world has a lot of water, and many of the animals do nothing but sit in the water, occasionally bouncing. It looks stupid.

  65. Guest-9405456193 says:

    Also can u add a animal net in the add-on so u can tap the animal and it will immediately go in the net and if u can add it pls make it craftable so that when a player is in survival he can get the animal and lastly can u make the animals drop meat because it’s getting rare for old mc mobs to spawn

  66. Guest-7980092189 says:

    The add-on is really cool can u add more birds soon like condors different eagles, and different species of the other animals and the whale shark doesn’t move and probably different kinds of turtles too

  67. Guest-2695124950 says:

    the eggs do not spawn anything

  68. Guest-7686865795 says:

    this is great! but there’s no axolot spawn egg (i’m in creative) and the way the whales? move is kinda wonky. they’re always a bit out of the water, and i always see them, like, standing, ig, straight up.

  69. Jebthebillioner says:

    Where crabs?

  70. Guest-4830798489 says:

    Thank you for the koala. I love koalas

  71. Guest-4755224765 says:

    could you change the texture of fox?

  72. Guest-4021299934 says:

    I love it! Everything works and looks quite realistic. But I miss more interaction with some animals. for example, if alpacas could be sheared like sheep and they would have more colors of wool, because only white is a little boring… Or option to play with tamed orangutan etc. I think it’s worth using this modification anyway. I also recommend domestic pets from the same creators 😀

  73. Guest-9553963359 says:

    For anyone having trouble uploading to Realms!!!
    Para cualquiera que tenga problemas para subir a Realms !!!

    One of the Marketplace updates is using the same UUID as the Resources for ycreatures. Update the UUID for ycreatures resource pack and it will work just fine on Realms!

    Una de las actualizaciones de Marketplace está utilizando el mismo UUID que los Recursos para sus creatividades. ¡Actualice el UUID para el paquete de recursos de ycreatures y funcionará bien en Realms!

    Perdón por el español imperfecto, estoy usando el traductor de Google 😀

    Gabriel, this thing is awesome man! I love your modeling, everything looks so good! 5 stars!


  74. I can’t tame or ride any of the animals that you mentioned that we can ride and tame. I love the textures though, and yes, I installed the behaviour pack and it doesn’t work. Please fix it for Windows 10 Edition.

  75. Guest-5158757349 says:

    Beautiful addon, the textures are amazing. but the stats of the animals feels like you have just put anything down. also if you dont add new resources/armor/weapons the 30/150max health is pretty high, nvm the health the attack damage of sum animals go up to 30…which i dont think youd have a chance only if you had enchanted diamond armor. sum fixes in the files like the behaviour of the animals made the addon perfect!

  76. Guest-6958096572 says:

    Eae mano, queria sugerir uma coisa, a toupeira, ela vive quebrando meu mundo os blocos de terras ficam dropados no chão é lagando meu mapa, ele poderia andar de baixo da terra mais sem quebrar os blocos isso alem de ficar feio no mapa fica lagando amo esse addons então pensar sobre a toupeira pfv

  77. Guest-1870842000 says:

    Textures do not work In bee update. Did work previously

  78. Guest-7946583859 says:

    Crocodiles and alligator turtle dont work even though the json files r present

  79. Guest-4184966551 says:

    This is a great addon! It’d be cool if you added white tigers, a rare sight indeed, and maybe saber tooth tigers, it’d be cool if some mobs dropped some specific items somehow or not relating to them, like for example; you kill a saber tooth and you get the necessary material to craft a new set of armor. And about rare animals, what about red crested tree rat, angel shark, or spoon billed sandpiper? Sorry if I’m asking for way too much, but those are just suggestions anyway. Keep up the good work ^^

  80. Guest-5021406471 says:

    Everything is pretty cool, but the tamed Creatures dont follow me or is this normal? If they would follow me it would be perfect!!

  81. TheMinecraft Whale says:

    I really like this Add-on but some minutes after i put it in my world it crashes and then y can only reopen the world if i remove the Add-on

  82. Guest-5914395425 says:

    Someone can help me? I tried to combine the yCreatures, yFarm Craft, yFantasy, and yBiome addons in 1 world. when the world was first created, it run normally. When I tried to open it again, it’s immediately force close. Does anyone know how to fix it? Im using minecraft PE 1.14

  83. Guest-6231494108 says:

    Can someone please tell me how to ride or put the saddle on the animals. Also this addon is bomb 🤯🤯❤️❤️

  84. Guest-9177399540 says:

    I’m in trouble because moles dig the ground. Is there a way to kill it with a command?

  85. AggelSparda says:

    I love it, but I have just one problem. And is the annoying Mole :c
    I know it’s part of the addon, but I hate when traveling around my world and the dirt is griefed badly, in my villages, structures, etc. Maybe you can put it in a specific biome, cause in plains, they spawn a lot of them.

    Nice addon btw, models are 10/10.

  86. Guest-5203545713 says:

    hopefully you’ll add some reindeer. and i have a lot of other animals in mind for you to add. but this is an amazing addon.

  87. Guest-1504755069 says:

    Your addons are awsome, if u could add them all together into one pack that would insane

  88. Delicacy_privacy000 says:

    Love it. No words. Just an idea….. Can you add a variety of penguins?

  89. Guest-3290109254 says:

    Why do I not have all the mods in the addon can someone please help me i like the addon a lot but I don’t have any of the other mods

  90. Guest-2353812465 says:

    @Gabriel Castro
    It’s Cool! I Hopefully you make a Capuchin Monkey/Colobus Monkey/Lion Tamarin Monkey and Snow Leopard, Honey Bear, Iguana, Weasel, Bird Of Paradise, Tasmanian Devil, Wallaby, Tigon, Galapagos Tortoise, Reindeer.

  91. Guest-1821890021 says:

    Man, este é sem duvida 1 dos top 10 mods para Minecraft! Como posso domar o macaquinho nesta ultima versão?

  92. Guest-6215307815 says:

    I love the complement very well achieved the skins and animations of the animals.
    but I would like that the zebras can be mounted and I would love for them to do something like the pc mod that can cross the horses with the zebras and breed a zebroid and these can be given potions and transform them into unicorns, pegasi, etc please do something like that

  93. Guest-7791770317 says:

    Por favor pueden añadir el tigre dientes de sable que se pueda domesticar y que te siga y defienda? por favorrrrrr plssssssss

  94. Guest-4495558824 says:
    just write the w

  95. Guest-4994397783 says:

    Add cheetahs,porcupines,dingoes and water buffalos into the game

  96. Guest-1501315283 says:

    Hi, I love this AddOn but I can’t install it on my Nintendo Switch, how I did install it, please?
    P.S.= Sorry for my English but I’m Italian.

  97. Guest-8304720642 says:

    did both things on the link and download still didn’t work. Why are MCPE mod makers so bloody greedy?

    • Guest-6528903311 says:

      Fine. You make an addon, spend days upon days on it and then make it ad free aka don’t get paid for weeks of work.

      Do it. I want to see it. Failure to do it will automatically make you an idiot for technically saying this creator does not deserve to be paid for such a big and detailed addon.

      • He does deserve to be paid however you don’t deserve a random uninstallable anti virus

        • Guest-1093291391 says:

          Dude you dont have to install a antivirus and, you can uninstall it how stupid are you? You can literally click decline to not download the other stuff I’ve used linkvertise so many times and never got a single extra program with my download.

  98. Guest-7805656231 says:

    One of the best addons of minecraft ! It work really well ! I just compared zoo craft addon and this one and this one is far better but however need obviously amelioration because some animals in zoocraft have 1 better noise or better texture
    . I find that the tiger and the lions are a bit weird and could be made differently a bit like the lions in zoo craft maybe or mo creature .. it would also be nice to make some color variant to animals like the hamsters who are all greys and change some noice like the ostrich

  99. Guest-5024527976 says:

    This addon is amazing but why crocodile are really strong and why crocodile are not afraid of hippo. Crocodiles are afraid of hippo

  100. Guest-2493219013 says:

    Great Job! This Add-on is amazing! Especially with ESBE 26 Shaders! But Can you please add an Animal Book, it list facts about the animal you interacted with. It tells you about what Biome it lives in, variation, how to tame it, and health!

  101. Guest-1619617674 says:

    for me some of he mobs ex the crocodile is not in the addon is this on my part or what?

  102. Guest-7108015141 says:

    Absolutely love this add on! Only thing I would love to see in a future update would be to have animal nets to be able to catch the animals!

  103. Guest-2755348748 says:

    Primero de todo felicitar al creador por semejante mod. Muy bonito y con gran extension de animales, pero, no dan ningun material? Rompe la experiencia de juego, ademas da problemas a la hora de cazar para buscar comida o lana para crear camas…. porq solo salen mobs que no droppean NADA.
    Aparte de esto, el enlace es HORRIBLE. Y aun decidir pasar por el aro y hacer todos los pasos…. una vez descargado el mackaddon NO FUNCIONA error de zip no valido….

    Podrias añadir el link de .resource pack y behabiour para añadirlos directamente desde documentos?
    Gracias, aunque sinceramente creo que ESTO NO LO LEE EL CREADOR

  104. Guest-5561060852 says:

    Look at articles and watch a video to download? This is disgusting.

  105. Guest-5094681484 says:

    Para que funcione en Realms tenéis que tener todas las versiones instaladas 1.5 1.8… Etc A mi me funciona!!!!!! Olee oleee

  106. Guest-4154268514 says:

    Antes funcionaba a medias en realms ya no funciona nada alguien sabe porq?

  107. Guest-3423337154 says:

    I really love this addons but i think it lacks something, When you kill any ycreature it doesnt drop anything except XP, Btw, Goodjob for this mod

    • Guest-2525657054 says:

      Upon loading up Minecraft, I had lines and lines of error messages, and more came up after I made a new world for this add on. I think some of them said something about a render controller if that helps. I’m on 1.14.30 btw

  108. Guest-6479820294 says:

    How about Orangutan How to tame pls

  109. Guest-8793119912 says:

    How do you tame the elephants and ostrich, i was able to tame the camel with wheat, but I don’t know how to tame the elephant or the ostrich to ride them!

  110. Guest-7797909701 says:

    The Whale Shark Has Animation But It Doesn’t Move At All

  111. Guest-5102716317 says:

    I’ve download the .mcaddon file from the linkvertise website, but when I click on it, It redirects me to Minecraft and tells me that it’s not a valid ZIP Archive. What should I do now? I really wanna play this

  112. Guest-6655178744 says:

    Piranhas are honestly the best. They kill anything that dares to touch the waters edge. going through the water collecting the drops of their kill spree is super fun cause they attack you as well and it adds a risky addition if you’re playing survival.

  113. Guest-4683618032 says:

    Make an dinosaur addon pls alsoo love this addon

  114. Guest-1890897907 says:

    look I need this in my life but I can’t download chance it plz

  115. Guest-2856217723 says:

    Gabo, llevo intentando bajar este addon desde hace mucho tiempo por que se ve padrísimo, pero ya que lo exporto a Minecraft, me dice que el ZIP no es válido. He seguido todos los pasos del tutorías y todavía no soy capaz de bajarlo correctamente.
    Por favor ayudaa 🙏🙏

  116. Guest-4203967601 says:

    Remodel vanilla animals plz

  117. Guest-5032129436 says:

    Was wondering if you could make the Octopus a standalone add on?

  118. Guest-6759439758 says:

    Plz add direct link

  119. Guest-5288667507 says:


  120. Guest-9271839960 says:

    I don’t know how to use link direct it wants me to use the premium but I don’t have that

  121. Guest-4003009796 says:

    Make them drop meat or chicken( and a little xp )becuase they cause less cows and sheep to spawn

  122. Guest-7179381246 says:

    Amazing!! Add butterfly :3

  123. Guest-5332993512 says:

    Ok, what. The new whale shark can’t even swim, can you please fix this?

  124. Guest-9834186349 says:

    Please, add the link for the ycreaturesplus

  125. Guest-1084543374 says:


  126. Guest-3262927790 says:

    Gabriel por favor, o alguien, sabe porque no funciona en Realms? AYUDA!

  127. Guest-3240704901 says:

    Can You Dont Upload This Addon in Redirect

  128. Guest-8590811665 says:

    The best addon!

  129. Guest-1891831262 says:

    it would be really nice if you added a net for all the animals

  130. Guest-1231545406 says:

    you cant even downoad

  131. Guest-1408878632 says:

    the add website dont redirect me to mediafire

  132. Guest-3024237775 says:

    Muy bien add-on el mejor que he probado sigue subiendo más cosas

  133. Guest-8806705350 says:

    Keep up the good work this is amazing I hope you can add more creatures in the future and also I hope you can make the bison much smaller because they are so freaking large

  134. Guest-5259805647 says:

    The best creature pack I’ve seen, a huge thanks and keep going! 🙂

  135. Guest-6108306895 says:

    Pourquoi j’ai pas les alligators les crabes et plein d’autres animaux

  136. Guest-6879666345 says:

    POR FAVOR QUIETEN LOS ASQUEROSOS TOPOS, es muy bueno todo, pero los topos arruinan las zonas planas de los mundos

  137. Guest-1545950292 says:

    Love love love, but the eagle making red-tailed hawk screams make me think I’m playing in a spaghetti western.

  138. Guest-3559467484 says:

    I love this add on, but I do not love the link. It would be nice if you could change it to adfly. Other than that, great add on! Both versions worked fine for me.

  139. Guest-4208853374 says:

    there are some missing mobs. Please fix it!

  140. Guest-4011901557 says:

    Hi, I loved this addon. You could put mammoths and hammerhead sharks if

  141. Guest-9140894353 says:

    Hola Gabriel pudes agregar peros salvages africanos?

  142. Guest-4560289689 says:

    Hi i was wondering if you could fix the moles. Because im making a zoo and all i see is huge holes in the ground then when i fill them up for my new exhibit they make more.

    • Guest-4705082385 says:

      Maybe try switching the ground for cobble and then putting green carpet. I find it works for me but if not then you might not be able to. Or, you can do an underground exhibit for the moles and build a small park above it to cover the holes.

  143. Guest-1196064458 says:

    More rideable/tameable animals please.

  144. Guest-3058434721 says:

    Chrome blocked the download cause it’s unsafe, what do I do????

  145. User-1867828370 says:

    A lot of missing textures.

  146. User-3847193078 says:

    hey just wanted to pop in and say great job on the mod most mods come and go but yours seems to stay, its well built and probably does more than any mod on bedrock atm, keep it up i want this mod to be one of the greats for bedrock

  147. User-6337260634 says:

    Is there anyway you could have the lions able to sit or stand still?

  148. User-7561083674 says:

    May you please fix the spawn rate for everything? Everything seems to spawn very rarely. Please fix this.

  149. User-5734322356 says:

    I only have one problem and it is with the sharks that they appear in groups of 3 or 4 and if you manage to kill them, others appear almost immediately, and they lower the life of two gospels with iron armor … fix please I like it a lot but it became difficult bus

  150. User-7091743289 says:

    On xbox one. Mod keeps corrupting my save. The Cloud save takes forever to dl and sometimes wont work. On 1.14 and have experamental and cheats on

  151. User-2305089745 says:

    I think you will join Chinese, right?

  152. User-9394802581 says:

    Would it be possible to make the vanilla animals not as rare? I really love this add-on but finding cows, pigs and sheep is nearly impossible unless you go to a village.

    • Guest-8131833751 says:

      You might have to use the /summon method. You might not be able to though, and if not, either go to villages and stock up or use /give @s _____ spawn (I think that’s the command?)

  153. User-9978933389 says:

    Can you make the add on only add the animals and not the biomes? Please just make the biomes a seperate add on.

  154. User-7651738186 says:

    Wondering why it says import failed on my Minecraft?

  155. User-4208617960 says:

    Little joke for you all, don’t like it, deal with it.
    When Minecraft gives you less animals, make more animals.
    Seriously, this is awesome. Dr Doberman out

  156. User-6744159729 says:

    Can you PLEASE add back the biomes??? I really loved them and it would be fun to have them back!

  157. User-5863221270 says:

    Can you fix some of the animals please? Some of them don’t have animations like the Komodo dragon

  158. User-5858037130 says:

    How do you get it?

  159. User-4092975784 says:

    Can t
    You add African wild dogs and Tasmanian devil and lion cub

  160. User-8114882852 says:

    Add African Wild Dogs and i’ll download please!!!

  161. User-1782055718 says:

    It says that it is dangerous so I cant download it. Do you know why

  162. Jonathan says:

    You need to add nets to catch the animals I think I would love this add-on even more if it had this feature!

  163. Animal Lover says:

    Can you update This Addon Like Animals In Minecraft Marketplace

  164. XDXD_GaMeS says:

    Você podia colocar alguns pets

  165. Ana Karolyna says:

    Parece bom agora que atualizou mas antes que eu baixe este complemento queria perguntar: os animais estão com som agora?

  166. Snowy says:

    This addon is really fun!!!

  167. Axel says:

    The only problem I have is that I don’t get cows or obey
    Or another animal that is not the complement
    If anyone can tell me if normal animals come out

  168. Raimie says:

    Is those animal can be leash?

  169. Abe says:

    Where’s the ydino ican wait them

  170. Khant Bhone Bo says:

    Can you make dinosaur mod like this that will sooo coool!!

  171. iappreciateu says:

    you can very clearly tell I’m a bit can of Spinosaurids 😁

    If you do,please make the Giganotosaurus slightly smaller than say, Argentinosaurus, but bigger than other large carnivores? Sorry if I’m asking a bit much 😀

  172. iappreciateu says:

    Please make a version that adds the experimental gameplay mobs,but doesn’t include the biomes?
    I would really appreciate it!
    Also maybe add a dinosaur addon,here’s a few
    Giganotosaurus, Allosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Deinonychus, Kentrosaurus,Baryonx,Suchomimus,Spinosaurus,
    Dracorex, Sinoceratops, Memenchisaurus and Daspletosaurus.

    • Guest-4278817049 says:

      some more, Stegosaurus,Tyrannosaurus, Utahraptor, Struthiomimus, Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus, Oviaptor, Pachycepalosaurus, Nigersaurus, Dryosaurus and some cenozoic animals! Mammoths, Hyenadon,Smilodon, Wooly Rhinos, Daeodons, Terror Birds.

  173. WildDemonLord says:

    This addon is the best animal addon I have ever used! I love it! However, there are two things I would like to be changed. If you can, may you please change the spawn rate for all animals that way they all spawn instead of just a few in each biome? Also, please change the map factor to it, like make an option to download that part of the addon. I rather my world be a normal Minecraft world instead of changing into this addon’s worlds. Please and thank you.

  174. Minecraft Critic says:

    Wonderful addon! If you could just make it where I can put a lead on the tiger after I tame her, that would be good.

  175. ProGamer55 says:

    Plss add Guinea Pig

  176. ryan says:

    it is very good but it keep crushing me I don’t know why please help me

    • Pokiloki says:

      Same, keeps crashing after a while sinceI installed on Bedrock 1.14 server. Note: I do not have experimental mode turned on so I do not get the experimental creatures.

  177. Berkas says:

    Hi! This mood looks absolutely lovely but I am having a little problem- it seems that everything downloaded correctly, but all the textures are missing. The egg spawns are fully black and when spawning an animal, you can hear them or attempt to sit on them but they are simply invisible.

    Any idea what this could have caused? It’s definitely something on my part.

    • Berkas says:

      So, turns out that the first time around, i forgot to turn on experimental, my bad- but even after turning it on and creating a new world, only some of the creatures show.
      Mostly the water animals, who also seem to behave correctly. (I already know i love narwhals the most, you did such a great job on them.
      Some birds also spawn, like bard owl, but they are unable to fly.

      I really have no idea what to do now, but even if I was permanently stuck with only few of the mobs, i would be happy anyway. They are expertly well done!

  178. Anonymous says:

    Add more animals like cheetahs and leopards and also more flying creatures

  179. Anonymous says:

    Can you make the animals drop items. This will really improve the game and make it better in survival.

  180. Kevin says:

    Add dragonflies termite dragonflies pumas new ladybugs plants and a new biome that is swamp

  181. Sjdjd says:

    Add roadrunners Canada geese

  182. Anonymous says:

    Maybe make it so you don’t need Experimental Gameplay to get the Hyenas and all of that?But great job!

  183. REAPER7 GAMER says:

    It used to let me download when the add on first came out now it’s just a file please just do a download to Minecraft media fire link please it would be very nice and helpful

  184. REAPER7 GAMER says:

    It used to let me download when the add on first came out now it’s just a file please just do a download to Minecraft media fire link

  185. Antvenom says:

    I love the mobs but can you please get rid of the custom Biomes? Please only put them in ycreatures plus.

  186. Arshil says:

    Please make a direct addon download, I can only get a zip from this download which is literally useless on IOS

  187. Abdulrahman says:

    It will be better with sounds of the animal

  188. Anonymous says:

    Can you please change the design of the komodo dragon it a bit too big and its green too but in real life it has a grayish colour

  189. MemeulousFan66 says:

    It doesn’t work,it kicks me out,it looks good though

  190. Meh says:

    This addon is AMAZING, but I do have some suggestions
    Upsize the orca, the orca is VERY undersized. In real life, they can grow up to 8m! So please upsize the orca
    Upsize the whale shark, the whale shark is smaller, which is good, but it’s also a bit too small, just make it between the middle. Not so small but not too big
    Give more animations to more animals, some animals doesn’t have animations and it kinda makes them boring
    More freshwater mobs. Minecraft really lacks life in freshwater, so would be awesome if you add more freshwater animals

    • Meh says:

      Ok ignore the old comment, I got better ideas
      Add more freshwater mobs
      Upsize the orca
      Add animations to more animals
      The shark has a little bug I just found, once it’s on land, it’s gonna die anyway even if you return it in the water
      Change the whale shark’s behavior, give it its own behavior instead of just the dolphin behavior

  191. Anonymous says:

    Why does the ostrich let goes off its head I hope you can fix it

  192. a 8 year old that’s really serious for some reason and not just super cringy like all the others says:

    Can someone give me a link on a way less complicated and mobile friendly web to download from? I really want this but… What the hell am I supposed to do after I do everything the website tells me too? Exactly.

  193. Emish says:

    No lo puedo bajar,por favor ayúdame,la verdad esta hermoso este Add-on y quisiera tenerlo,mis amigos me lo recomendaron,por favor :c

  194. SteveMaple228 says:

    this addon is gettobg better and better. hey, on the next update of your addon, can you make big cats like tigers and lions sit. please?

  195. Anonymous says:

    Can you add more creatures like cheetahs, leopards and baboons but still I really love this adddon

  196. Pedro says:

    por favor agrega un perro salvaje africano y te amaré

  197. SOTC says:

    Olha aí um BR marcando presença. Baixando agora!

  198. Fadtry says:

    Não consigo baixar o complemento, porque ele continua indo outro aplicativo que não é o Minecraft. Você pode corrigir isso.

  199. Kevin says:

    Add snail.komodo fly

  200. Cory Baxter says:

    Great new update, I’m liking the updated orangutans. Next will you do a Dinosaurs pack? I’m sure that would be super popular and maybe you should apply to join the marketplace since you have talent.

  201. Anonymous says:

    can’t download

  202. Unanimous says:

    I got yCreatures during 1.0.2. When I try to get 1.0.3 of says “duplicate detected.” Do I have to delete 1.0.2 out of my files to get 1.0.3?

  203. David Rothschild says:

    Please fix the ycreatures link as it gave me ycreatures plus, I don’t want the biomes as they make my phone lag and look terrible.

  204. gil says:

    Just search mcpe monster and download it

  205. BrutusBossNL says:

    Very nice job on the mod. Can’t wait for the next update!

    For all those whiners:
    It is not possible to add direct links in the comments…

  206. Wero gb says:

    Please add tammeables and rideables mamooths or elephants

  207. Shmeeb says:

    SOMEONE PLEASE put the mediafire link in the comment section.

  208. Kegan says:

    Where are the otters 🙁 I wanted this cause I wanted otters you make me sad 🙁 but good job on the mod

  209. Bob the manager says:

    Make a direct Mediafire link dummy, I’m not gonna read stupid articles and watch videos in a weird language, so please make a direct Mediafire link.😠

  210. eruhfvhbritgh says:

    can you make this a direct download please

  211. I AM A SNAKE 🐍 says:

    The liger is not there…..

  212. Confused says:

    Help I’m confused. I was playing and noticed an ENORMOUS stripy shark in the distance. I screamed. It was MASSIVE. About 6x the size of the big whale. I’m very scared and confused? There’s no spawn egg for it? It also disappeared after about 3 seconds. Help me

  213. more people would have it if it was a direct link says:

    Just make the link a direct link to the addon -_-

  214. Anonymous says:

    The download link is absolute cancer. I’m not going to allow notifications, download some scummy adware and pretent to read some article in a foreign language in order to MAYBE get a download link for a minecraft mod. I think mcpedl should disallow trash url shorteners like the one used here. I would rather go through five adfly links than deal with this. Because at least adfly doesn’t make me install crap.

  215. Anonymous says:

    BAD Link help in duch i dont know duch

  216. Paulo says:

    Façam um addon sobre dinossauros,vcs iam conseguir trazer algo q muitos querem

  217. Trey the Idiot says:

    very Great Add-on but theres one problem, the sharks (not including whale shark) don’t have the moving tail fin animation, pls fix this

  218. James charles says:

    Why did you disable vanilla mods? They don’t spawn at all with this mod?

  219. Rolan says:

    This add-on is really awesome! I now know how to download it now. First, I go to my computer then mcpe dl. Next, Search what add-on I want to download. Then, I click the the download link in mcpe dl until I go to the media fire where I download. Last, I click “Bookmark this tab” in mobile bookmarks. I go to my tablet, to bookmarks then search media fire. I can do that because my tablet and computer have the same account. That is how I directly download the add-on. Btw your add-on is awesome, I will download the new update.

  220. Idk says:

    I cant even download it because when i read the arcticle and head back it makes me redo it! please change it to ad fly and i promise you will get way more downloads

  221. Alina says:

    Okay so, I love this addon but I tried downloading it and Minecraft says that it keeps failing to download and that it can’t recognize the packs name. If you could look into this issue I would really appreciate it.

  222. Lonestar says:

    Does this change or replace any vanilla aspects or entities?

  223. HirwrC says:

    This download link is even dumber than adfly… It forces you to add the site addon, enable notifications and to watch a video. Not downloading until the link changes.

  224. Mohamed says:

    Hey i updated it but i dont have the liger vulture and egeale this was fourth time i tried to update it can you please help because i really want the latest version

  225. Danielclassic says:

    Hey, your mod is amazing! But I have a request for you, can you also add the Common Snapping Turtle? And also fix this thing where you cannot name the Alligator Snapping Turtle, if you can accept, then thanks!

    Have a great day!

  226. PLEASE FIX says:

    Story time
    Ok I live in a swamp and when ever i went into the water I would get killed by something until one day I lured it onto the land and figured out I’d was a huge gator!!!!!!but please make alligators more common in swamps as they are way to rare

  227. Pangolinpro says:

    Me encanta este addon, lo único malo es que algunos animales como los canguros no atacan pero en la vida real si te hacen daño pero, no hay más problemas, ¡es el mejor addon de Gabriel castro y me fascina!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  228. Pangolinpro says:

    Añadan pangolines y también pongan glotones.🐻🦔

  229. RPFrankenstien says:

    sorry dude it will not pass the redirect without letting them send notifications and watch a video and something else or buy some direct link thing so guess i’ll do without but it is a good looking mod.

  230. Ale789 says:

    Please add more acuatic animals: great white shark,fishes and more

  231. Aidan Patrick Takace says:

    Hi! I have 2 questions. 1, is there a way you could put which mobs are tamable on the list of mobs? Like for example, put “lion (t)(beef)” or some other way to signify whether they can be tamed or not, and what by. And my second question, when using summon with custom name commands, it would seem that the mobs revert to a smaller size rather than their normal. Any suggestions on how this could be mended? Thanks!

  232. Rolan says:

    I rather ad-fly than linkredirect. Because it’s much easier. This is the instruction.
    1. Click deny when they ask to allow notifications.
    2. Wait for five seconds and click skip ad on top right.
    3. Repeat number 1.
    4. Wait 15 to 25 seconds.
    5. Now it directs you to download site and click download.
    It doesn’t need money and it doesn’t have any virus.

  233. Rolan says:

    Can you please change the how to download link? Because when I click the download link, it’s different from the video. I need to see some articles and watch other videos and more. Please because I want to try this beautiful add-on.

  234. TylerSuperSonic says:

    Hey so, this addon is amazing and I rate 5 stars, also can you fix the elephants glitch it’s not there I tried experimental gameplay and it still doesn’t work also could you add leopards, snow leopards, white lions and mountain lions? That’d be awesome!

  235. TylerSuperSonic says:

    Hey so, this addon is amazing but the elephants are not there is tried experimental gameplay and there still isn’t a spawn egg this addon is great so I rate 5 stars also could you add leopards, snow leopards, white lions and mountain lions? That’d be EPIC!

  236. TylerSuperSonic says:

    Hey so, I can’t find the elephants in creative inventory I tried experimental mode and it still wasn’t there 😭 if you could fix this that’d be great I love this addon so I rate 5 stars 🙂 also could you add white lions, leopards and mountain lions? Those would be awesome!

  237. Animal says:

    The addon is broken and would not let me download it. 5 stars I will add when fixed

  238. Dottore Strano says:

    Can you make the King Titan from ark please

  239. Kira says:

    Add new foods for the animals for example like acorns for the squirrels

  240. ParisPanda1 says:

    Hey, can u update this addon as soon as possible? The new update broke it.

  241. Unknown says:

    It’s good but where’s the birds?? The flying birds??

  242. Snowy says:

    Hi I really love this Addon but I always get lagged out of my world I hope you can fix it soon thx

  243. Raven_Of_Carnage says:

    Could you use a different site? Each time it takes me to a redirected site. It’s easy for two steps but every time i read an article it reloads the original page and says I need to do the last two steps again.
    So I can’t even download it

  244. Axel says:

    Is there any way to remove the background of ycreatures when entering my world? It makes me very lag when I want to use it

  245. Spence1039 says:

    Hi, I love your mods but some of the animals aren’t there like platypus or penguins and when you go to tame a tiger mother pops up. You can’t move a rhino or camel but you can mount them and can you please tell us what the zoo keeper does? Thank you please respond to this soon

  246. Quieteron says:

    Best Add-on for BEDROCK

  247. Jack says:

    Wow it’s great but I’m sick of asking why not all animals spawn I can’t find most reptiles like alligators! So why not make log about animal facts and where they spawn😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  248. micah hart says:

    Hey I got this because of it saying that it has some of my favorite animals such as a platypus, a croc, and a sea urchin. But when I was looking through there was none of them in game but you said there would be.

  249. Anonymous says:

    There are many mobs i cannot find, like elephants, hipos, crocodriles, etc… would you help me find them? or explain why they are not in the addon?

  250. x1118 says:

    hey, I love this addon and all but there seems to be one mob that crashes my game i dont know what mob but it crashes my game (also i was running with 15 addons this time so that could be it to). So yeah can you please fix it i really want to use this addon.

  251. Jack says:


  252. Leianne says:

    It’s pretty good. I was looking for a bunch of new animal mods lol. It’s just articles and a video.

  253. pixeleddoki says:

    can i use this for an addon pack?

  254. Myles says:

    Maybe in the next update you can add sea lions, pelicans, arctic foxes, and reindeer.

  255. gamer6969 says:

    Lol u atupud u donr have to pay i have y creatures inralled foe free using his method

  256. M says:

    Stupid install link almost gave me ADWARE

  257. D1no says:

    i have to ask something can i upload this to an app because i love this addon and i want people to this this addon

  258. depanto says:

    still no drops from the animal ,at least make them drop exp

  259. Beacon says:

    Actually I downloaded this recently and here’s a tip. When it sends you to a website after you already were on one head back to that previous site. I did and it worked really well. The only problem I have is a need for a tutorial video on what I can tame, ride, etc. Hope this helps.

  260. Simon says:

    The download process is too complicated, I can’t even access it because of all the crap it makes me go through to get to it.

  261. Devariel says:

    I have a problem at link
    There are text “please disable adblocker”

  262. Brine says:

    Y is the wale shark soo huge and the blue wale so small and jelly fish are transparent and give then more coler and GIVR US MORE SHARKS!!!

  263. OP is greedy says:

    Download link forces you to either buy a premium account or go through a 4 step process which includes installing new software on your computer just to download.

  264. Random user. says:

    It says I have to get linkeverse premium to actually download the addon, can you change it back to mediafire.

  265. Word of the Truth says:

    The new link is not recommended… you will probably not get as many people as you’re hoping due to that. But if you think it works I respect your decision.

  266. Modded Survival Lover says:

    Amazing addon! It works really well with other addons and here are a couple of suggestions

    Yes I am aware that some animals drop meat know but please make it 100% obtainable because some animals don’t drop meat sometimes

    Make it hostile animals don’t attack you if your shifting

    Make the predator animals AKA: lion,blackpanther feline predators Etc to be able to be tamed by any type of meat especially cooked meat

  267. Lucas Escaba says:

    Your “LINK” directs me to a AD, page that makes me buy real state, OR do a stupid survey that costs money, it also SPECIFICALLY says that YOU have to do it to get YCreaturesPLUS OR YCratures. Nobody wants to buy your STUPID Brazilian real state, or ads. There’s no ACTUAL link. I would love to vote this a high rating, but I’m not voting ANYTHING, for someone who wants to steal my money.

  268. Moist Dovahkiin says:

    I love the mod, however the biomed arent speaking with structures. I get a flat biome, rather than the structures you see in the pictures. also I feel as if I only see 5 or 6 mobs rather than the 100? I’m using the plus version as well, and I feel like the drops could differ a little more rather than one piece of meat. the same meat for each animal.

  269. Anonymous says:

    It keeps taking me to a different website than the one in the video so i cant download it. please make it a direct media fire link?

  270. Atten007 says:

    Hey Creator, why are your download links so complicated?

  271. Anonymous says:

    change your link so I can download without ad spam notifs and a browser virus yeh greedy ad farmer

  272. BVB says:

    Add Box Jellyfish and Portuguese Man o war
    The Most Deadly Jellyfish in the world

  273. Илья Федукин says:

    Я знаю этот аддон, мне он очень нравится, только вот исправьте ссылку. А то на выбрасывает и потом полдня грузится и в результате превышано время ожидания!

  274. Gonzapox says:

    Se puede descargar tienen que aser los pasas que le dice la aplicacion

  275. Beau Kuhenbeaker says:

    This add on is awesome I think u should add stray dogs catch them and put them in the pound or keep them as a pet also u should add stray cats same as dogs but naughtier I love this addon keep adding stuff this is my number one addon and the wolves plus addon but half of the animals don’t appear I thinks bc I’m on mobile or idk my iPad is old? Idk but love ur Add-Ons keep working on this one love ya 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

  276. Beau Kuhenbeaker says:

    This add on is awesome I think u should add stray dogs catch them and put them in the pound or keep them as a pet also u should add stray cats same as dogs but naughtier I love this addon keep adding stuff this is my number one addon and the wolves plus addon but thanks for reading!

  277. DatHypocriticalAussieDude says:

    Finally i can recreate the Great Emu War of 1932. But this time, I’ll make sure we win…

  278. Tomzill says:

    Dont work :/

  279. Ya boi says:

    Make everything tameable i beg you, make seahorses and make harmless jellyfish.
    I also want different colors of lizards, jellyfish and seahorses, make the jellyfish glow!

  280. Bruh says:

    You should mob drops

  281. Crystallized willow says:

    Hey, i don’t know why but the link to download throws me into a bunch of ads with no real download link button. I don’t know if its just me or i’m doing something wrong. If anyone knows how to get to the download the real link please tell me. I’d really like to try this mod

  282. Millipede dude says:

    The addon is AMAZING! But there is some bugs you might wanna fix
    When you put the manta ray or the jellyfish in the water, they starts losing health and eventually die! But overall, the addon is amesome!

  283. Cesar says:

    It would be nice to add an encyclopedia type of animals that told you this animal is hostile, can be tamed with meat, eats meat, has 10 life, has 3 damage and so because there is almost no information about animals would be amazing that you would add something like that

  284. Jae says:

    The link is busted

  285. Extrañó says:


  286. TheEpicSoda says:

    Hey so, how do you download the add-on using those links? Since the the tutorial is outdated I would want to know how to download the add-on.

  287. Aidan says:

    Can you PLEASE add a link that us console plebs can use. Preferably mediafire.

  288. Andrei1805 says:

    Hi I rllly like your add-on ! The models of the animals are great ! But I was wondering if you could make the water anymals like die on the shore…idk if you know what I meant but I hope you continue one the add-on with more updates !! Byee

  289. President Cash says:

    Makes villages only spawn around 1 or 2 villagers, makes all other animals depleted to 1 or 2 spawns, no food drops so kind of impossible to survive. Please fix the spawn issues. I love the cocept but it seems its not fully survival friendly yet.

  290. Frederic Nuyts says:

    How to install mods in IOS 13?? Please, I don’t now it

  291. Frederic Nuyts says:

    How to install mods in IOS 13??

  292. Frederic Nuyts says:

    Como se pueden descargar mods en minecraft PE con iOS 13??

  293. Yeet says:

    The download takes me to a different link that is not your link called newstees. I love this mod but I can’t update it because the link doesn’t work plz help.

  294. Mathew says:

    Why the heck does it redirect me to a Lazada each time I try to download? I can’t find a continue button

  295. Ahhhhhh says:

    You should add gaint squid

  296. X says:

    Are they naturally spawn automatically if i use this addon in my existing world without the ycreatureplus.?? Or i need to spawn them manually..??

  297. Kiyra says:

    How do you tame the elephants??

  298. ElectricDragon says:

    Mk i feel like the whale shark is Way too big and the giant whale isnt big enough……

  299. Logan says:

    When I download it it just takes my to a vpn scam please help I’m begging😭😭😭

  300. PIPELON1612 says:

    Awsome add-on but i am having problems tryng to download the update, please change the link

  301. Anonymous says:

    It would be cool if u added chimpanzees and gibbons🙃

  302. Klifd says:

    When i tame rhino they didn’t follow me please fix it

  303. Drako says:

    My only issue is none of these creatures seem to be dropping anything i dont know if i just installed it wrong or what.

  304. Link is broken says:

    Your link is not working. It brings me to a page different than yours that says click on submit to get your link. I also have used your link before to install previous mods you have made so I know how to use it. I have tried on my iPhone and Xbox but the link didn’t work. Also great job on the mod I installed it before you updated it but I can’t install the updated one because the link is broken.

  305. Farm says:

    Ça ne me laisse pas télécharger l’addon
    No me deja descargar el addon
    It’s not letting me download the addon

  306. PrasthioKarim says:

    Tolong tambah kan saat kita bunuh hewan tersebut akan mengeluarkan item atau daging kulit dan lain lain, mungkin kalau di tambah kan itu akan lebih bagus ad-Din ini thanks😁(please translate your leanggue to indonesia)

  307. Magic says:

    First of all this mod is absolutely fabulous. I’m really amazed by the variety of the animals and how well made the models are but I dont know what to tame any of them with! Is there a place I can check to see what eats what? I need a breeding and feeding guide please.

  308. Tsvetomir says:

    Cant download, one link gets you to another website, the link on that website gets you to a third, and so on until broken link…

  309. Kyle says:

    turn on experimental gameplay in 1.13 for an own spawn egg

  310. Ari says:

    I don’t give you 5 star bcs the animal don’t make a sound

  311. Gibbzy88 says:

    Great addon but I only have one issue with the Komodo dragon. Komodo dragons are brown/gray not green, could you please fix this. Other than that great addon

  312. Stichyboy10 says:

    Pls fix the link took me to a highly inappropriate Russian website about teenage girls

  313. Dinoking2007 says:

    Can you make blocks for the biomes

  314. Julion says:

    Can u make block to plz for books and were the kola animation

  315. Koylas says:

    how I can tame raccoons!? it seems with sweet berries bcs with them they come close but they dont eat :c help plz

  316. Iya says:

    This is TERRIBLE there is NO “Installation” button ANNNNNYWHERE so you CAN’T get it, really disappointed 😡😡😒

  317. Please Help!!! says:

    Ok so I would like to start of by saying this is an amazing addon, I love it so so so much. You really did an amazing job with all the models of the creatures, and I would love to rate 5 stars. However, everything was fine, but then all of a sudden it started crashing my game, and I don’t know why, and I’m really sad about it because I was in the middle of making a zoo and now I don’t know what’s happening, please help!!!

  318. Nilanjan says:

    Please add anaconda or python and eagle only 3 animals I’m begging Gabriel Castro please bro we need giant anaconda and eagle

  319. FNAF STAR 2019 says:

    Excuse me mr.JBrothers but the addon is not giving me all the animals, if it’s a glitch can u please fix it, Email me if you got the bug fixed. [email protected]

  320. Farhan14809 says:

    I thinks these mobs doesn’t have sound.

  321. Bob says:

    If u use redstone the game crashes

  322. Tsuya says:

    This is awesome i thought gonza or the other great addon makers are gone no more good new entities addons but you made a record breaking addon that rivals other like carnage(this is also a good addon) anyways can u make loot drops because i need alot of meat u know

  323. TNT Yeeter says:

    How do you make jungle villages to attract monkeys?
    Also can you tame them with a certain food item?Great Mod by the way I hope I can put it on my realm so me and my friends can play.

  324. Anonymous says:

    Can someone give me a link to the page to install it? It isn’t working for me. Thanks!

  325. Sounds boi says:

    Add Sounds to the Add-on it will Be Better With animal Making Sounds Noises

  326. Kotd says:

    Is there any breeding in the addon? If not, can u add it

  327. Sniper2903 says:

    This is one of the best addons I’ve seen in a while, awesome job. The entities are surprisingly detailed and the animations are just awesome and smooth. I do hope that you add structures at some point where a Zoo Keeper can spawn. It can be a wooden hut with a cage or two next to it. I would also love to see “Hunters” which will hunt down any mob and they can spawn in some sort of tree house which you can loot.

  328. Sniper2903 says:

    This is one of the best addons I’ve seen in a while. Lots of animals with a surprising level of detail compared to other “creature addons” and do I even need to talk about how good the animations are? This addon is just purely awesome and the new biomes and retextured grass is considered a bonus for me. A few suggestions that I could give is being able to saddle and control animals. Also, I would love to see a structure where a Zoo Keeper would naturally spawn and the structure can be a type of stone house right next to a cage where a random animal could spawn. I would also love to see a mob that can be called “Hunter” which is hostile and can spawn in a hut-like structure with loot inside. Finally, do you mind adding new armor and weapons please.

  329. Stickymoloch says:

    Finally, I’ve been waiting,and it has finally come.KOALAS!!!

  330. depanto says:

    no loot drop after killing the animal ? , can you add it ? its kinda meaningless if we kill them

    • Ur mum says:

      Why do you want to kill them? Just enjoy it and don’t be salty just because there isn’t loot drops. There’s over 100 mobs and it probably took him days if not weeks to make this so be happy it even exists

  331. Anonymous says:

    Can you add more taming features

  332. Isaiah says:

    Here is something good to add maybe give the snake a animation and make a baby lion a cub and also add more reptiles.

  333. Anonymous says:

    So what can and can’t you tame

  334. RyLupSy says:

    Plsss add drop for any mob
    And why default mob is can’t natural spawn
    I wan use this for survival

    • Oof says:

      First of all, they can naturally spawn, you probably haven’t enabled experimental gameplay and/or have a low end device. Second of all, you should be grateful for this mod even existing in the first place. This mod is only a couple of days old and it takes a few to add drops for every mob, so there is literally no point crying about it yet.

  335. World says:

    Please add lion tiger odder wild and beast animals add some health they died instantly i enjoy it good well but u need to update their life i hope lion tiger lioness blanphanter they fight each other and i hope they kill all mobs or animals to prey please replay my comment im excited for next update goodjob

  336. Boba beads says:

    Make animals rideable?

  337. Bobby Schroeder says:

    Can u make animals rideable?

  338. Greks says:

    why can’t I download it, it sends me to shortlink and I do what I have to do but still asks me to repeat, bullshit

  339. Came raee says:

    Seria legal se desse pra domar formiga com açúcar

  340. Mark says:

    How to make them sit??

  341. DillagertheVillager says:

    Tame red pandas with bamboo, feed them with sweet berries after tamed.

  342. UnluckyL0gic says:

    I love this mod, i’ll use this in all my worlds from now on! My favorite mobs are the Lion, Deer, and Giraffe. I love the detail on them!

  343. Anonymous says:

    When is the future update

  344. Gracie says:

    Hey I love this addon it’s pretty much a mod! Can you make more of the animals rideable, such as the zebra and camel, and also add sounds. Other than that I love the animals!

  345. Ana Karolyna says:

    Why they doenst make sounds?

  346. 4Sanitydogman186 says:

    Add guinea pigs

  347. Minecraft says:

    Can u please add sea horses and other fish species keep up the good work man and please try to add animal noises and fix the texture on them a lil bit and make it easy to hit them 😂

  348. Y33T says:

    This Addon was quite incredible the mob models where very well done. However the only few complaints I have with it is that the bear is way to big. It should be big however not that big it also causes it to glitch off of the screen when looking up at it. And I would also make the narwhal horn/tusk/tooth bigger because it is way to skinny and strange looking the way it is now. Thank you for taking time to read this and create this well made add on. I look forward to your future projects.

  349. Anonymous says:

    Can you add spider tarantulas please and scorpions

  350. Anonymous says:

    You addon was the best

  351. K1ll3rbr34th says:

    Tried to install on xbox, got the behavior pack working, but the resource pack will not work or register. I see its missing a manifest when compared to other packs, or some sort of json file. Tried on 2 xbox and same issue. Upgraded back to 1.13, didnt help at all. Plz lemme know what i can do. Thanks.

  352. Destruidor says:

    The animais atack

  353. NoJoTo says:

    Hey, the first download link simply takes you on a url shortener loop. (It never gives you the media fire link.) Try removing that one, as the second link works.

  354. TheLucky0ne says:

    Suggestion: Curly tailed lizard: a medium sized lizard who spawns on the beach and the swamp; neutral and tameable

    Also add drops!

  355. GamingWithYassin says:

    Please make a dinosaur pack and add like 30 dinosaurs if that’s possible, ok?

    Also, I just wanted to thank you for making this Minecraft add-on, so yeah thanks!

  356. Ky says:

    Great addon but some of the animals in the list are missing alligator and alligator turtle to name two but there are more as well thought maybe you didnt know

  357. King Ferguso says:

    wow, great addon i like it

  358. Matth says:

    TMJ <3

  359. SeranaXx says:

    Kinda wished you left the side grass blocks out of this… It conflicts with my texture mod =P

  360. Anonymous says:

    AMAZING ADDON! My only wish is that it adds more dolphin species, the whale shark is sized down, and a basking shark. Also some of the animations look copied but I’m not complaining.

    Also I was about to say, “ hey! You stole the monkey, flamingo, etc from the tropical addon!” Until I realized that you made that one

  361. Sniper2903 says:

    I love the little details you put like the grass block having all sides grass or grass plant spawning more often and the animations are so smooth. I suggest you put sounds though. Looking forward to future updates.

  362. Anonymous says:

    super addon mais ca serais le fun si ont pourrais nourrir les animaux cars jai essayer de donner du blé a un animal il me suis mais ne mange pas

  363. Ixorna says:

    I Went To Download The ” yCreatures Plus ” Mod Because I Have The Windows 10, And The Description Says It Works Better And It’s More Complete.
    Anyways, I Clicked The Link To Download It And Not Only Did The Download Site Show Me Loads Of Porn But It Got Stuck On The ” Getting Link ” Section. I’ve Been Waiting For Ages And It Hasn’t Been Working. I Really Don’t Want To Get The Normal.

  364. Fishing says:

    Please where do crocodiles spawn

  365. Donald Trump says:

    Great! The only problem I have is that, the bear doesn’t fit the vanilla bears.

  366. sharklover1011 says:

    ShArKs! yay!

  367. EEEEEeee says:

    Sir I have big brain idea!

    What if you made the whale shark have a solid hit box so when it’s surfaces you can walk on it, this would be really cool and if you want I could promote it on YouTube if you did this, it would also be handy for a map I’m making

  368. Anonymous says:

    It says axolot but the Addon is good

  369. namvn says:

    you add cheetah,

  370. Anonymous says:

    Holy cow this addon is super good and it’s really simple to download it’s just takes like 1min to download not hard at all just watch the video

  371. HideHere156 says:

    Amazing addon but no loot drops seems like regular cows are replaced meaning leather beef and milk are rarer than emerald more rare then you picking up obsidian with a wood pickaxe but i like it keep it up we really need loot and xp

  372. Danial says:

    Great addon
    This really shows the potential that addons could have and how they can surpass mods
    Also can you make all of the mobs tamible.
    I hope this addon can be like the mo creatures of bedrock edition and get updated regularly

  373. Flakcikey says:

    Можете сказать а какого приложения вы создали этот мод или аддон?

  374. Flakcikey says:

    Через какое приложения вы создали этот мод или аддон

  375. PRABH says:

    I am not able to install this please help me

  376. Anonymous says:

    There should maybe be new items too maybe certain foods and maybe even something for killing some of the animals

  377. Paulo Joshua Tan says:

    Please make an addon for 1.12 and 1.13 called the ycreatures prehistoric and there should be a lot of prehistoric animals such as
    Wooly rhinoceros
    American lion
    American mastodon
    Giant sloth
    Platybelodon and other more please im willing to wait please if you made that im gonna be the happiest person right now😁😁😁😁😁😁

  378. Mr. Ian says:

    Hello, I appreciate your work here, it’s a very nice mod. I’ll just tell you what I’d love to see in it too; did you play with mo’creatures in classic Minecraft 1.6? It had do many crafting recipes and items like fur and a consequent armor… Also werewolves or reptile armor, and so many other things…. At least give me fur for armor and lions claws or shark teeth for a sword!

  379. HirwrC says:

    Why are the biomes so gigantic? They don’t even give a chance to let normal biomes to spawn. Can you please reduce their size? Also, no trees are generating in new biomes for me. Is this some bug of 1.12. or am I doing something wrong? Otherwise I enjoy the animals a lot. Keep it up 🙂

  380. Andrew says:

    This is an amazing add-on! It’s so good and there’s a great variety of animals. Please keep on creating and making quality content!

  381. Marco says:

    i was wondering i downloaded it and it doesnt come up in resource or behavior packs

  382. CodeH says:

    Can’t Find The Eelephants…Info?

  383. Gem_Wolf says:

    This is the best animal addon I have ever seen. However, I would like to know if it is possible to make takes animals stay or sit. If not, please add in an update. Thank you!

  384. Junior says:

    Gabriel não ligue ele está dismerecendo seu trabalho quero ver ele fazer um addon com mais de 100 animais com modelos texturas e animações minimamente decentes e com sons com as limitações que tem na criação de addons hoje

  385. CJanimallover11 says:

    When I installed this mod some of the mods that you have pictures on are not there for an example: elephant, alligator,hyhena and hippos

  386. CJanimallover11 says:

    Hey good mod but what’s the difference between the ycreatures and the plus one

  387. TooCoolForSchool says:

    Why does the plus version only work on 1.13?

  388. Donovan Bravo says:


  389. HelloImLexy says:

    How can I feed the red pandas?

    The addon is so cool.

  390. BobTheRobMan says:

    Umm was really excited to try out, but link doesn’t work 😕 kinda bummed but oh well

  391. Anonymous says:

    This is an amazing Addon but I have a few problems. Please make the animals breed able, even the ones that you can feed only have hearts appear and don’t actually breed. Also please make custom drops for the animals, that would be amazing! Also a lot of smaller animals are spawning but not as many of the large ones, maybe fix spawn rates?

  392. King says:

    Great start, but none of the mobs have any drops or sounds. I’d recommend adding those. Also the whale shark is way too big. So is the regular whale.

  393. Anonymous says:

    Link isnt working rly want to try it iut

  394. Tiny Dragon says:

    I loved it but u need to work on the animations a lot and it crashed my game 🙁

  395. MISAEL says:

    Não tenho inveja de Minecraft de PC meu celular é um j2 Samsung e pega muito bem os biomas e os animais sem travamento obg

    Sidenote: armadillos and cute pangolins? UwU I love my rolly armadillos and armored pangolins they so cute maybe add different varieties of pangolins too like the savannah ground pangolin and tree pangolins. Giant/Ground Pangolins can hold up their front body surprisingly well with just two stubby legs.

  397. Boi says:

    It doesn’t work for me, By that, I mean that the link to download it doesn’t work. I don’t know why but, Yeah. It doesn’t work.

  398. Anonymous says:

    I can’t find the elephant, alligator, penguin, hippo, etc… in my creative inventory . Pls update.

  399. Nani says:

    Great addon this needs sounds and loot

  400. Donovan Bravo says:

    Cuál es la diferencia entre y creatures plus y ycreatures?

  401. Donovan says:

    Cuál es la diferencia entre ycreatures y ycreatures plus?

  402. Bruh says:

    This is great, I think it would be cool if you made a Dinosaur pack.

    Esto es genial, creo que sería genial si hicieras un paquete de dinosaurios.

  403. poplegos says:

    the link doesn’t work

  404. GoldenDemon says:

    This is truelly Magnificent! This blew my mind. every time i scroll down. my mouth gets bigger and wider LMAO

  405. Cash says:

    Works great, needs food drops as it basically wipes the rest of the animal pop out. You will starve with this.

  406. Anonymous says:

    Can you send a direct link throught the comments please? The link for yCreaturesPlus isnt working. (Im on android s8.)

  407. 👏👏ModReview says:

    It’s a great mod that brings Minecraft to life but, the animals dont have any custom sounds, or at least most of them And, the animals dont drop any loot, witch means they’re basically useless in survival And, some animations are better than others. If you fix those three things then this mod will be an easy five star!

  408. Unknown User says:

    Make The Website Work Or Else

    • Naenae says:

      Or else what? It does work, you just don’t know how to use it because you’re a braindead 8 year old, thinking you’re solid because you wrote a bad review about something the dev can’t control.

      • Catteni says:

        some of the redirects literally don’t work and you have to reload multiple times… why are you responding to every post like this? seems like you may just be the mod author under a different name trying to get paid by adfly… one of the shittiest ways to distribute mods

  409. Exo says:

    No animal sounds? And i dont like the Animation 🙁 btw good work hope for Updates

  410. BIGBRAIN says:

    You must have spent alot of time on this. I always wanted a addon like this before. Thank you for making one.

  411. Owen says:

    Please use a better website this one now is not working

  412. João guilherme says:

    Ea castro sou eu o João guilherme seu inscrito adorei o addon

  413. Yeet and delete says:

    The link doesn’t work for me 🙁

  414. THEMAX says:

    Amazing quality content, with great models . There are a few drawbacks (such as some models (whales and some other animals) that ain’t detailled enough in my opinion) as well as a lack of marine animals and flying animals . Would be nice to see eagles, falcons, pigeons, hummingbirds and such animals.

  415. Person says:

    add African wild dogs

  416. Random Guy On Wifi says:

    Add a African Wild Dog Plz

  417. KevTowner says:

    The link of the plus version does not work :’//

  418. Andrew says:

    the link is not opening for me help!!

  419. Elf pup says:

    I cant install it. Please make it mediafire

  420. Jambastion lord says:


  421. BoxCatMC says:

    Amazing!!!! This addon is really well made!

  422. Leandro souza says:

    Very Cool

  423. ParisPanda1 says:

    Nevermind, I figured out the link and got it installed and this addon is A M A Z I N G! There’s so many different animals and the world generation is beautiful. Thank you for making this. <3

    My only complaints are that the animals usally don't drop stuff when you kill them, and when you are hitting them they sound like when a player gets hit. Also, the hamster's textures glitch a bit. Other than that, this is an amazing addon.

  424. Drake says:

    I finally got this mod it is very cool 😎

  425. Mario says:

    Mamma mia take this

  426. TheLucky0ne says:

    Is it adfly?

  427. Drake says:

    How do you bookmark in the website

  428. Drake says:

    I can’t download this mod😩.

  429. Anonymous says:

    Could you maybe add Ents like from Mo’Creatures or Amazing Mobs? Would love to see your own take on them.

  430. Kris says:

    All i can say is good job

  431. GamingWithYassin says:


  432. b̤̈ï̤g̤̈ b̤̈ö̤ÿ̤ b̤̈r̤̈ë̤ẍ̤ẗ̤ö̤n̤̈ says:


  433. Rorro says:

    In which biome can you find the hamsters?

  434. ParisPanda1 says:

    hey, xbox user here, i tried to install this but the link didn’t work. can you use another website, such as mediafire for the download link?

  435. Harrythemagician13 says:

    my animal mob idea! Wobbegong Shark- it Spawns on Coral Reefs And it Can Camofluged in The Sand if on the Water anf it Attacks Tropical Fish And it is Passive To The Player it Drops Raw Cod on Death Anaconda- it Spawns On that Biome that you Made that looks like A savanna that has Water it Attacks Caybaras black-banded sea krait- it Spawns On Coral Reef And it Attacks tropical Fish which its Attack has Poison on it

  436. Kiba says:

    This is one of the only animal mods I was able to get that had all the animals they say they did, it would be really cool if you could try to make a dinosaur or a dragon mod because all the other ones are old or broken but this is a great mod

  437. emilia says:

    omg i love it! was a little difficult to download at first but WOW! ur so talented for making all of these animals and all of it!!

  438. Mohammad gaming says:

    Good addon is working i love whale

  439. Namcn says:

    Very well, you should try to upgrade further: improve animation and upgrade images

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