Yummy Food Addon: Recipe Update

Pie’s, burgers and Nightmare meat? Yep, the next update for yummy food is here! Thanks to all of your suggestions, there is now 47 food types! So install the addon and enjoy your meal with friends.

New! Recipe book!

Note from Dev.

Some of the textures and recipes may change in future [ example: Uncooked pasta]. Remember to enable experimental gameplay. All suggestions will be added one day, I will go a bit slower on updates before I burn myself out.

Answers to common questions

The creative menu: At the moment the only way to get food is threw crafting and /give command. I can’t add them to creative menu, unless I make them spawn eggs, but that can get messy, so I choose not to use them. I am trying to figure out a way to do it! Hope you guys understand

Please do not use my pack for map making! 

What is in this pack?

Item list from first picture:

  1. Black Tea
  2. Green Tea
  3. Coffee
  4. Coffee Bean
  5. Coffee Plant
  6. Sweet Berry Jelly
  7. Sweet Berry Jelly Sandwich
  8. Sweet Berry Donut
  9. Chocolate Donut
  10. Raw Donut
  11. Plain Donut
  12. Sunflower oil
  13. Cheese Pizza
  14. Fish Stew Pizza
  15. Mushroom Pizza
  16. Meaty Pizza
  17. Tomato
  18. Tomato soup
  19. Mining stew
  20. Cheese
  21. Bread Dough
  22. Biscuit
  23. Bat Wing
  24. Raw Calamari
  25. Cooked Calamari
  26. Raw Horsemeat
  27. Cooked Horsemeat
  28. Trail mix
  29. Raw ravager meat
  30. Cooked Ravager meat
  31. Nightmare Meat
  32. Shulker meat
  33. Beef burger ( & horse burger)
  34. Brownie
  35. Carrot Pie
  36. Salt
  37. Uncooked Pasta
  38. Cooked Pasta
  39. Meatball
  40. Spaghetti
  41. Fried Egg
  42. Fries
  43. Omlette
  44. Potato Pie
  45. Sweet Berry Pie
  46. Sushi

TIP:  Some foods may give effects!

Recipes book!

Watch this video to see all the crafting recipe’s


As this early stage of the pack! ,More updates will come soon! Be sure to leave a suggestion in the comments!!

Changelog View more

No new food items!

Replaced the how to play, with a recipe book for my addon!

Added new food types.

Updated the youtube video recipes

Updated images

> Added new mob: Mud Pig

> New food and recipes added

> Added power food and more gameplay to collect food!

> Fixed the formatting of the post.Β 

>Pictures scale now 100%


CLICK DOWNLOAD: Download both files!

Once installed, double click on it.

Minecraft will launch ,and install it for you

MUST: Enable experimental gameplay!

Enable pack at your world's behavior packs and resource packs


Supported Minecraft versions


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63 Responses

4.31 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. Rageless3412 says:

    I have created a new DISCORD server, for me to communicate better with you guys! This server is mostly for news on updates, upcoming content, questions and support of my content. Be sure to join the server to be updated on all this, and to leave suggestions.

  2. Guest-3559158686 says:

    Hello, I’ve been trying to download the pack but,it’s saying there is an error for both downloads and it can’t be imported..

    • Rageless3412 says:

      Thanks for reply!

      1. If you are a pocket edition user, it might have a effect.

      2. You have too much world / texture packs / behavior packs

      3. Your minecraft is outdated

      4. Another bevavior packs / texture packs are disabling the pack. You can remove them and see if that works.

      5. There is already a previous version of pack on your device. Remove it and try again.

      6. Try reinstalling the pack a couple of times. I saw that minecraft sometimes do this.

      7. No Storage / Cache

      Hope these solutions will work!

  3. SpotTheBuck1 says:

    At one point, this add on removed chunks at a time when I load back into a world. Could you fix this? Otherwise the add on is great and I would give five stars

    • Rageless3412 says:

      Hmm, I’m not sure if a addon (not talking about my own, any addon) could do that, because it has no generate function into it or any thing that effects the loading / generation. I will check into it, thanks for the feedback. It might also be fixed in the new nether update!

  4. Guest-6296751709 says:

    Hey The pack itself is great but could you add a recipe book that’s not a video please and thank you!

  5. Guest-4708956605 says:

    Can you fix/change how that if you use a milk bucket for dough, can we not lose the whole bucket?
    I don’t want to waste 3 iron for a dough piece, For now, I can probably make an iron golem farm.

    Maybe also, can we get bottles back and bowls back when we eat/drink?
    Anyways, good addon! I’ll think of a few suggestions later/tmrw.

  6. Guest-5266159431 says:

    There is a bit of a problem, The Buttons still have the “Chat”, or “HUD” And stuff like that, But the pictures are fine

  7. Rageless3412 says:

    Hey Guys! I see that some of you are struggling with the pack. Remember to delete the previous versions of the pack, if you have it. If you have problems with it not working, please test the pack without any other addons or rresource packs. And when using multiple addons, make sure this addons has priority, it should be on top of list, even on the resource pack. Hope this will solve some problems

  8. Guest-4526998974 says:

    Hi I really want to use this pack but when I try to import it, it says failed to import πŸ™

  9. Guest-4739034436 says:

    Not sure if it’s me, but I think the link isn’t updated. I don’t have any of the new things you added. I think I may have not updated it correctly, though I’m not sure…

    • Guest-2990029087 says:

      Nevermind, I think I figured out the problem.

    • Guest-3553482662 says:

      Same for me. No recipe book.

      • Guest-2311765030 says:

        Hey, I’m the guy who had the problem. So to fix it you have to go to the world, go to behavior/resource pack, then tap/click on the green check mark of “Yummy Food Addon”, then you should see “Refresh” and “Delete”. Make sure you “delete”

        Then you should see the new version of Yummy Foods Addon (if you downloaded the newer version).
        If you don’t see the new version or any related to the addon, redownload it.

        Hopefully that will help you and isnt too confusing to read

  10. blueboi08 says:

    i sad these never work

  11. Gli7ch says:

    I can’t make the coffee bush πŸ™

  12. Guest-5455418073 says:

    What happened to the honey tea?

  13. Guest-6422870551 says:

    Hi so I am on iPad and I really want to use Yummy Foods 2 but I can’t get it! I have the first and I got it from the app addons so can you add it there to so I can get it! Thanks!

  14. -TGHQ- says:

    Nice, but the only problem is that you make dough out of water and flour, not milk and wheat.
    I recommend changing it so you can make flour out of wheat, then you add a water bottle with the flour and that makes dough. Also change it so you make cheese pizza with the Dough instead of bread.

  15. Guest-9311484183 says:

    Can you authorize me to reprint this Addons to the Minecraft China.What I need is business authorization.

  16. Guest-4630875087 says:

    Could you add Pancake

  17. Guest-5178862999 says:

    Hi can you put chicken wings in pls

  18. Guest-7972215455 says:

    You can put the food in creative invertory and add egg tacos burgers and pasta? Is very good addon!

  19. Guest-9976578510 says:

    can you add them to the creative menu

  20. Rageless3412 says:

    Hey guys! Thank for suggestions, I have a long list of items to add. I won’t be checking new suggestions until I release the ones that was already given to me. Btw thanks for suggestions, you guys awesome!

  21. Guest-1561191576 says:

    I like but could you add egg for Breakfast?

  22. Guest-2584803501 says:

    More suggestions for foods
    More on the exotic/weird side though
    – Something relating to phantom membrane or “meat”
    – Ravager meat?
    – Ender Dragon/Shulker meat?
    – Wither Rose based food, maybe a combination of a crazy stew with all/as many of the flowers combined together (might not be proclaimed as “yummy”)

    Maybe they can be all be combined into one as an “exotic” food, giving possibly cool effect

  23. Guest-7514740756 says:

    I noticed a problem with the dough recipe. When I’m trying to craft the “dough” with a bucket of milk and wheat, it uses the whole bucket.
    TL:DR – I lose the bucket when making the dough.

    • Guest-2271301928 says:

      (Same guy from before)
      Suggestions for foods:
      – Fries? (potato + sunflower oil?)
      – Brownies (cocoa beans + sugar + dough)
      – Burgers (cheese, ham/pork, steak, etc)
      – Pasta?
      – Sushi
      – Pie (sweet berry, potato, carrot)

  24. Ftere says:

    In real life you eat horse meat. Why not do this in Minecraft?

  25. Guest-6650069341 says:

    Will we get any noodle based foods/soups?
    Also, how about omelettes? πŸ˜€

  26. Guest-1259669411 says:

    Meatballs pls πŸ™‚

  27. Guest-2341827434 says:

    I have a suggestion, Tea. like you use flowers and a bottle of water and it makes tea and to make it sweet tea add sugar or honey!

  28. Guest-6828144467 says:

    It’s not working for me. I followed all the instructions. Im on windows 10

  29. Guest-7466852089 says:

    Maybe add some teas or coffees. Like include fern or leaf blocks from trees. If you can, maybe try to do it with the brewing stand. :0
    Maybe add sugar cookies or biscuits and chocolate bars too.

  30. Guest-5378715860 says:

    Is the bottled sweet berry jelly supposed to have the eating particles and sounds? I can’t seem to actually consume the food. Nice add-on, I’m looking forward to it.

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