Published on September 15, 2023

Zombie Apocalypse Addon

When the moon turns blood-red, the real terror begins...Prepare to enter a world where the nights are darker, the rain more sinister, and the undead rule the day. The "Zombie Apocalypse" addon for Minecraft Bedrock Edition takes the horror genre to another level by introducing a chilling environment and deadly foes.



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Jesus why is there a perpetual blood moon and permanent blindness effect?
I had to uninstall as it was unplayable
If the blood is blood moon, it's just because it's a texture.
do they spawn automatically or will I have to spawn them in?
They spawn randomly
Looks brilliant, major suggestion that only one other zombie add-on has done, and a lot of people would play if you added:
Add a feature where all zombies within render distance will follow you no matter what, whilst ensuring not too many spawn lagging your game, this would improve the enjoyment overall, making it more zombie apocalypse like.