Published on February 03, 2022

Zombie Mode

If you get tired of living as a human in survival, reincarnate as a zombie!This add-on allows you to change the player's status and make it feel like a zombie!Enjoy a different survival than ever before!cautionThis add-on probably has a lot of similar things. Maybe there is something exactly like this add-on. But I'll just say this.This add-on is what I thought of from scratch and does not refer to any other similar add-ons. In other words, it's completely original.If you find another similar add-on, please download it as well.Have fun comparing



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Mod of course not bad, but you should remove hunger, add a transformation mode after a zombie bite to their animations, models, the ability to become a regular player again, and so that all this does not replace either the textures or the behavior of the main character.
mod is good, I just wanted the creator to make a system that doesn't need to eat to regenerate an HP