3D Mobs for Bedrock

This pack makes 11 different mobs look more 3-D. It includes creepers, skeletons, husks, and many more! Keep in mind that i will be improving the pack and adding more mobs every once in a while. If you see any thing that looks broken or unfinished comment and I will fix it. Also note that the texture pack might not work if it isn’t first priority.

Mob Changes-

-Skeleton, Wither Skeleton, And Stray- Added 3-D Rib Cage and Skull (Can change skull to be completely hollow by pressing the gear on the texture pack)(You may also have to restart your game it to apply.)

-Creeper- Added 3-D Face

-Bee- Added 3-D Legs, stinger, and antennae.

-Husk- Added Brain and Mouth

-Wolf- When angry mouth opens (Temporarily removed)

-Shulker- Added 3-D shell

-Chicken- Added 3-D feet

-Cow- Added 3-D udders and ears

-Snow Golem- Added 3-D buttons and improved face (while sheared)

-Spider- Added more realistic pose

+ Also made shield handle 3-D.

Changelog View more

-Added Cow ears

-Temporarily removed wolves

-Fixed Installation problem

-Fixed Hollow Head Skeletons

-Got rid of unneeded cubes in the Wither Skeleton and the Stray

-Added a better pose for the spider

-Added Subpacks! (Option to change the skeleton's head to being completely hollow) 

(You may have to restart your game when you change the subpack!)

-Fixed the height and texture of the stray.

-Fixed the wither skeleton's eyes.

-Fixed the Stray's rib cage.

-Improved Skeleton Model

-Fixed Description



Supported Minecraft versions




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45 Responses

4.71 / 5 (21 vote)
  1. Guest-1491398859 says:

    Hey if you could please make the saddle and hooves for the horses 3d it bothers me so much but other than that I give it 5 stars and keep up the work

  2. Guest-5645918905 says:

    I need help, I have problems with the texture of the flame I can’t make certain parts transparent in the texture it looks black

  3. Guest-8089585041 says:

    Tengo un problema nose si me puedasayudar con una textura de la llama estoy realizando una textura por lo cual las partes transparente no si ven transparentes viendo que en la imagen si son transparentes

  4. E_N_D_E_R says:

    Hello,Mr author, can I use your model to make material package template, I will indicate the author of the model 😃

  5. Guest-4111167054 says:


  6. TheHouse027 says:

    Make 3D doors, trapdoors and ladders. Please!

  7. Guest-7047445807 says:

    Hola creator. I cant download the file on the given link can you pls send or verify another link. The link you’ve given direct us to an unknown website. Pls creator fix this ty. Im so in loved with your work btw ^_^

  8. DTechGamer says:

    Can you make it compatible on Minecraft beta? Because the tamed wolf is invisible. And add fangs on spiders/cave spiders, and bats. Also make the enderman have curved limbs. That would be awesome!

  9. Guest-2776984552 says:

    What is a husk ? Thanks for this better-making Minecraft addon

  10. Guest-2567004169 says:

    Add 3d pig tail

  11. DTechGamer says:

    Can you make it compatible on Minecraft beta? Because the tamed wolf is invisible.

  12. Guest-2859260941 says:

    Great addon! Can you make eyes of hostile mobs are red ? That will look more better

  13. Luz10noch0_The_Enderm4n says:

    Add angry bee, pollen bee and angry pollen bee textures to be 3d

  14. DTechGamer says:

    Thanks very much for the update!😁👍👍👍⭐⭐⭐⭐

  15. Anonymous says:

    Be sure to SHARE this pack with your friends!

  16. Guest-9024340578 says:

    Simple but awesome. The vanilla mobs are way too “flat”. 😀
    Make the cattles’ tails 3D as well!

  17. Guest-6379729889 says:

    I really love this. I’m searching for this on every websites and I think this is the first one for bedrock. Please make another resource pack with 3D blocks/crops like flower, rail, etc. Thank you for making this…

  18. DTechGamer says:

    Very great texture pack! Could you make the skeleton, wither skeleton, and stray have hollow skulls? Also I love the creeper very much! In the next update, I want to see more detailed spider. It’s abdomen is bended. The legs is longer and in acute angle. And the position is fixed when climbing.

  19. Guest-5865979515 says:

    very very very very very nice!

  20. Guest-6560166481 says:

    You should make the mobs more detailed too like for example making the bees smaller, get rid of the cube body with a more round shape!

  21. vStormXz says:

    Pretty Awsome, Could You do also a
    32×32 version? Would be nice☺️

  22. Guest-2500364125 says:

    Cool, but the snow golem looks strange cuz his nose is out the pumpkin so looks kinda strange

  23. Guest-5638758953 says:

    You should do more mobs, but the texture looks really cool!

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