Published on October 09, 2023 (Updated on December 03, 2023)

Apocalyptic Clothes Addon | v0.0.2

What do you think about giving your character a style in your world? Both survival and a zombie apocalypse! Make your own style and show to your friends. Looks really cool using Aplok Guns or Project Walker addons!

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  • Added Stonecutter recipes for survival (with iron ignot).
  • Added PTBR language.
  • Renamed add-on name “Crafting Dead Clothing” to “Apocalyptic Clothes”.


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Dear Gabriel Aplok,
I am tanklesscamp658, owner and developer of Crafting Dead Addon in Minecraft BE,
You are using some of the textures from our Crafting Dead Addon, and i want you to remove or replace it with other textures.
Our addon is protected by DMCA, so i hope you should take some action with your addon soon. We do not want to use some strict rules to take down your content.
This comment has been removed
Does the juggernaut clothes work with juggernaut armor in aplok guns??
I think what he meant that the recipe (iron ingot) is cheap for other outfits.

For what I can suggest, You can make a specific recipes on crafting table/furnace to create a balanced recipe item for the stonecutter.

Craft an Iron plate on the crafting table then use that Iron plate on the stone cutter.
Bro thank you so much, I've been looking for an addon like this for years now. 🙏