Published on April 28, 2020

Better Herobrine Add-On

Hi guys, it's me again, Rio Eyo. Let me introduce another add-on to all of you. Meet Better Herobrine! This Better Herobrine is different from Herobrine Add-on you downloaded before!

This Better Herobrine will make your game more challenging because of the new feature of Herobrine. It flies around and summons ancient zombies and lightning bolts.



  • BetterHerobrine v1.0.1.mcaddon
  • BetterHerobrine

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Ok you mind if I ask for the map you used?
Nice Add-on
Amigo, excelente addon, solo intenta que sea algo mas grande, con gotas, mas mobs, una dungeon grande en el nether, y que se genere naturalmente, planeo agregarlo a una serie, gracias
Would be cool if he had more health and attacks but this is nice!
That's really awesome! The particles, the animations, zombies, etc.
Hi Ako Po Ito si Arvy Jay Malit Nakita ko na Po napaganda 5 star for this ms.rioeyo hehehehe
Hahah Filipino panga lol!
Hashanah Filipino kayo musta
Is there a way to generate it in survival mode?

I plan to use it in a series with addons
Hola, muy buen addon, solo me gustaria pedirte de que si puedes aser un addon grande, que no solo agregue un jefe y un enemigo, tienes un gran talento y creo que podria salir algo muy bueno si ases un addon grande
It wont work and it looks SO COOL!!? (help)

What do I do?????????? (I rated 4 stars because i live it but it won't work
i wonder why it doesnt work on you.This is tested about 10 times, and all working. What is your munecraft version by the way.
Guest-1052813181 May 03, 2020 at 7:50 am
Herobrine is attacking me but I can’t see him
I love this but I have one suggestion can you make where herobrine attacks villagers since I want this to be compatible with other add-ons