Published on June 30, 2020 (Updated on February 22, 2021)

Beyond the Portal (Find the Button)

This is the Beyond The Portal: Find The Button

by manifest

This is a find the button map which celebrates the release of the all new 1.16 Nether Update that launched early June 2020!

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Beyond The Portal Changelog v1.0.9 (The Re-brand)
I've moved everything over from my old 'alienboy' account to the new 'manifest.' account so expect frequent-ish updates from this point forward! (thanks MCPEDL team)

  • changed the necessary text in-game to fit with the re-branding
  • changed feature image
  • changed showcase images (they're now direct gameplay)
  • fixed animated sign at spawn
  • fixed a few other bugs


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Wow! the map was amazing! ^^)/ Thank you and keep it up! <3 can't wait for the next update :D
The OUTERSPACE SANCTUARY Discord server is now available to join (! Here I'll be posting updates, sneak peaks and taking suggestions, as well as this the server is user friendly so come and have a laugh or listen to some tunes.
Where's the button in the third room? I've spent 3 hours looking and am about to give up
lol me too xD the parkours are hard for me.. ;w;)
Search harder my friend ;)
Havent Tried It Yet But Looks Cool So Far Just A Question Im On Xbox One Would I Just Put The File Into My World Files? Or Extract Than Put In In The World FIles
Cheers man! I'm not sure about the xbox thing but I'd assume so mate, I'll include a zipped version with the next map update just incase so keep an eye out
Yes i got it thx for telling me about the zip
This Is My Account Now I Cant Wait For That To Happen Thanks For The Reply
(sorry for late reply also)
UPDATE: Ok Seems Like Your Right With Some Research I Could Try Renaming It Maybe To See If That Works
So cool I really love the map bc of the nether update(My favorite update can't wait to see the next update!!!!!!?
THE UPDATE IS HERE! Featuring 5 brand new stages, this update brings forward changes that really enhance map gameplay and make your experience playing more enjoyable! Enjoy what I have created and tweet me a screenshot of you playing @notalienboy!!
Cool map!? , I am wondering what shader do you use in the picture...?
Thanks! For the pictures I used the ESBE 2G shaders which are on MCPEDL! Hope that helps g
I now have a patreon! If you want early access to future maps and map updates then consider supporting me here, ! If not that's fine but for those who do you will receive a variety of perks over the coming months!
kool map - can't wait for the update!
Cheers! The first update is almost ready to be uploaded and comes with some big changes and a variety of new stages so keep an eye out!
I am a YouTuber, and my brother also wants to be. I said he could post a video on my channel. He wants to play an adwenture map, and this will be perfect. ??
Let me know when it's up I'll check it out :)
Great map, a bit short, but I know you are working on it. Keep up the great work ?
i love it! so much fun please make another one!
Thank you! Working on a map update as we speak so keep an eye out for it!
Great map, could do better
like lighting up the map more it was very dark
and that lodestone wall with signs?
right behind the wall theres a opening where u missed netherrack
Appreciate it! I'll get right to working on those and they should be sorted in the next map update :)