Published on January 16, 2024 (Updated on February 21, 2024)

Block Hunt - Classic Hide and Seek Minigame

Introducing Block Hunt! The classic Minecraft style hide-and-seek minigame where hiders conceal themselves as Blocks in order to blend in with the environment while seekers try to hunt them down and eliminate them as Hunters is now brought to you, by ExamineCat and xItzBeastyx2829, in the form of a fully vanilla Minecraft map playable locally with friends via LAN or online via Xbox Live, Realms, etc.

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Block Hunt v1.1

Gameplay Changes:

  • Added the Terminal. 
    Hunters can now choose to restart the match before hiders select their block, and they can also view Information through the Terminal.
  • After 3m are left, Blocks that get killed and become Hunters should now receive Eyes of Ender and not keep Echo Shards.

Information Changes:

  • Added the version and News buttons. 
    Version button gives basic information about the map, namely its creators ExamineCat & xItzBeastyx2829, and the number of players currently playing. News button opens up the latest announcements and changelogs.
  • Added a new rule to let hosts know that they must set their in-game language to English in order for the map to work as intended.

Other Changes:

  • Implemented other small tweaks.


  • Submission was disabled due to incorrect detection of pop-ups, which are turned off on all the bstlar links. Is it due to the Discord task in the Older Versions (Archive) link?
    (Block Hunt v1.1 changelog has been kept due to having been relatively recent.)


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

GreatCelestialAncestor February 07, 2024 at 6:26 am
Its not importing even if you use file explorer or archiver
Try WinRAR, it recognizes .mcworld files and allows you to open them in Minecraft. Make sure the file extension is .mcworld and not .zip. If the file extension is .zip, you would have to extract it and place the folder in your minecraftWorlds folder. If the file extension is, remove the .zip part.
GreatCelestialAncestor February 06, 2024 at 10:36 am
How to import it directly to world without using zip cause it doesn't work on either zarchiver nor file explorer
What do you mean exactly? If you want to import it automatically use the .mcworld as opposed to the .zip. Make sure the file ends in .mcworld, I'm not sure why sometimes on Android it can show as or something. Make sure to rename it if it doesn't end in .mcworld. You can also rename the .zip file to .mcworld, and it should work. I recommend WinRAR if you're on Android since it does recognize the .mcworld and allows you to open it using Minecraft.
can you make this map playable in single player mode
Thanks for the suggestion. I could possibly make a new map that is single player based Block Hunt, though not sure I could add a single player mode for the current one since it's set up for multiplayer. Single player would only be able to support the player being the hunter having to hunt down blocks since making it so that you can hide as a block in single player would more than likely require some addon or modded type AI entity that is able to try to hunt down blocks in a similar way to a player. I hope this answers your question. :)
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are having issues with turning into blocks, make sure the host's in-game language is set to English.
🌎🇺🇲Jøřğə Ğãŕçía Ģómēž🇺🇸🌎 January 17, 2024 at 6:49 am
Is not working because of version.
What version are you playing on? The minimum compatible version is 1.20.50 (Bedrock).
Wait my bad if I said 1.12.50, I meant 1.20.50. It says it correctly in the list of supported versions though. I tried editing the previous comment, but I'll leave this clarification here in case it didn't go through.
Make sure the host's in-game language is set to English.