Published on August 26, 2018 (Updated on November 30, 2020)

Find the Pressure Plate

Find The Pressure Plate is a Minecraft map made by Examinedcat669 in which there are multiple levels with hidden pressure plates. Your objective is to find these hidden pressure plates. It is the same concept of the popular Find the Button maps, but with pressure plates. The map includes 12 different levels with each one being set in a different environment. For example, one level is set in a cave like environment, and another on a nice beach.


  • Level 1: The Forest
  • Level 2: The Cave
  • Level 3: The Desert
  • Level 4: The Cold Taiga
  • Level 5: The Nether
  • Level 6: Cooling Down At The Beach
  • Level 7: Candyland
  • Level 8: The Wild Jungle
  • Level 9: The Stronghold
  • Level 10: The End
  • Level 11: Extra (Unlocked by finding all 5 pressure plates hidden in the level selection lobby.)
  • Level 12: Cave Game Level (Unlocked by winning 5 rounds of Cave Game Minigame.)
  • Cave Game Minigame (A minigame in which you have 30 seconds to mine in a 5x3x5 area to find the hidden diamond ore. Once you find it, mine it to win the game.)

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  • Changed the download links to Linkvertise links.
  • Changed the installation description.

Find the Pressure Plate v1.5.1

  • Patched a hole in Level 8, which allowed players to go out of bounds.
  • Renamed "Important Information" to simply just "Information".
  • Changed the number of the pressure plates in the level selection lobby from displaying as "(number of pressure plate) / 5" to "#(number of pressure plate).
  • Implemented other small subtle changes.


Please note:

  • The download links are shortened with Linkvertise.
  • You will not be required you to download anything or turn on notifications.


  1. Click on the download link for the file you want to download to be taken to Linkvertise.
  2. Look for the free access with ads button, and click on it. If you have premium, you may click on direct access with premium instead.
  3. If you clicked on free access with ads, click on discover interesting articles.
  4. You have to wait around 10 seconds or less, and then you can click on the X at the top right of the small window.
  5. Click on continue to be taken to Mediafire.
  6. Once you are in MediaFire, click on the blue download button.
  7. Wait for the file to download. If you get any pop ups, close them.
  8. Import the file to Minecraft.


  • The .mcworld file will be automatically imported to Minecraft when opened if your browser, file explorer or device recognizes it as a file that can be opened by Minecraft.
  • The .zip file must have its contents manually extracted, and then manually placed in your minecraftWorlds folder.

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4.64 / 5 (11 votes)
Dude. This game is probably the MOST WELL-MADE minigame I've played in a long time, this map is extraordinary and I loved every second of it, thanks for making this.
No problems best find the something world i ever played and love your shiny derp skins keep up the good work 10/10
Pls fix the world mine minecraft never work again inthinks because of virus and also bad news i cant delete the world pls help???
Hello! Why doesn't the world work? It's not a virus. Why doesn't it let you delete the world? Has the world already been imported to Minecraft? If it has been imported to Minecraft it should be able to delete it by scrolling all the way down in the world's settings to the option that says delete world. You can also do this in the game's setting in storage. Also, what device (Android, IOS, Windows 10, Xbox) are you using?
you should be able to*
in the game's settings*
I made a few spelling mistakes my bad.
I like the secrets ,good job the map is very entertaining
Trying to download this map but can't find how to?
How was it that you were not able to download it?
I bet all of them without him isn't so i don't know how people eat because are struggling to complete. Great map!
But thanks for saying the map is great!
Hey very nice map! Most of the levels were easy, but I still enjoyed it a lot more than a find the button map, I also beat the extra level! I rate this map 5/5
Made a review of it below:

Great map! ?
Thanks! I’ll make sure to check out your video!
You are not creator
That was indeed me. For some reason, since the comment is old it doesn't have my profile picture nor the creator tag.
Level 10 IS IMPOSSIBLE. What hole
Climb up the obsidian towers, and look for the hole you couldn't get to from the low ground.
Can't find plate in level 6. Which hole
One of them. Make sure to look carefully.
level 11 is tedious
You mean The Extra Level? Just make sure to walk on the diamond block path until you reach the parkour.