Published on May 25, 2021 (Updated on June 10, 2021)

Challenge Dream (Parkour Gauntlet)

Have you ever seen the recently trending videos about doing skilled stunts to challenge the minecraft youtuber, Dream? This map lets you flex your skills to also challenge dream in a game of parkour, aim, crafting and more. 

Opening the map, you will be inside the small lobby encased in barriers with three options to choose from. You can choose easy mode, medium mode or hard mode to play. Each of these modes have their unique set of courses that gets hard but not too hard if you practice it enough. 


Easy mode puts you in the left corner of the map, setting your spawnpoint until you finish the course. You need to do minor wall jumping, slimeblock parkour, airborne dodging and some normal jumps between lava to get to the finish line and push the button. 


For medium mode, you get a change of scenery in the right side od the map, the all jumps now get a little harder and you have to smoothly go through four entrances of the glass pane section. Then you jump through a few normal jumps with fence Neos to get you to the sealantern section where you get launched high and try to grab a water bucket mid-air to save yourself. 


And now for the most difficult mode, you start off at the very bottom all the way to the top. You'd need to do a circle of wall jumps with consecutive neo jumps that lead you to the ladder course. After that you will be on the vrying obsidian platform which will give you a special snowball that lets you ride it, make sure to throw it at the target above you. Then you use a trident to get more height, shoot an arrow on a target block, craft a slime block midair, land the clutch and press a button midair to receive a water bucket and make it to the finish line. There are various command blocks and barriers in each section to assure players do not cheat and exploit. 

Here is a short video going through how you get through the courses from easy to hard mode. And yes, it is all possible on mobile or controller. You can make this into a challenge video to prove your skills. 


There is now an option for players to return to the lobby if they'd like to try something else that isn't as difficult. New sound effects have also been added once teleporting into a level and finishing it. 

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Updated the download link to a different site domain and added minor changes to description. 


In downloading, just press skip ad, block all incoming notifications and it will go to mediafire after a minute. Then press the file and import to minecraft. 


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please make more of this
Link dead pls reupload it I really want to play it
nvm It worked gonna test it now
The map is good, but the hard mode way easier for me than the normal and easy modes, I could not even finish easy and normal, but I beat hard mode a lot of times and even completed it in F5 mode
Dream sucks, 1 star, also i hate this parkour, its so ez, get good
This is POG and i am downloading rn, but also, can we talk about how GOOD u are at parkour? like omg
wasn't expecting you here lol